HAPPY FRIENDSHIP APPRECIATION DAY!! and chocolates-on-sale day and every-store-is-freaking-crowded day!!

I hope you all are eating chocolate. If you’re not, get some tomorrow. They’ll be on sale and It’ll be great. 

note: its 1:17 am, its late, and this is partially done but i have a midterm tomorrow and just finished my math homework, this is not going to be finished today. I’ll finish it later but I wanted to send u all some greetings.

Happy new year!!

I’m very sorry I’ve been quite busy lately, but I had to take the time to say thank you. This quick doodle does not do any of you justice. Every single one of you, your tags, your comments, your asks, everything, have been a massive support pillar in my life thus far. 

This year has been full of ups and downs, many many stressful pitholes, all of which I have recovered from thanks to all of you. And many others, but all of you definitely played a major role in my life this year and I really, really wanted to just thank all of you.

For everything.

and now, to a brand new start.