Even Eurobrun Gets the Blues - Part 09 - Gone Up, Went To The Floor

Roberto Moreno picked another ray of light as, after failing to meet the grid in Brazil, returned to take his car beyond Friday morning in San Marino, where he made an astonishing 24th spot at the starting grid, however his race was short and he had to retire.

The Brazilian was a reason for Eurobrun to hope for the best, as he managed to reach to main sessions in the following three races (Monaco, Canada and Mexico), but not to put it to Sunday. Meanwhile, Langes couldn’t deliver anything worth of mention so far…. in this text…

However, as season went through, other pre-qualifying teams were evolving and trying to find a way, while Eurobrun held its development. Walter Brun was more eager to find funds and time to manage his sportscars venture than to find someone to support his Formula 1 team. Langes, kept only for his money, was almost replaced, but since the team needed to be alive, he was able to score a record of 14 DNPQs in his 14 entries…

The Spanish GP at Jerez was the last time Eurobrun was saw at a F1 track. The team closed after that, not going to the Pacific for the latter races. Moreno then gone to Benetton (and an amazing 2nd at Suzuka awaited for him) and Langes, well… he disappeared from racing radar