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TalesFromRetail: When a sale is over I get customers like this one.

I had a kind of ready cake on sale for a while, and had a large stand outside of the store advertising it. Last month the sale was over and the cake was put back on it’s normal price. Yesterday this woman came in and asked for the cake. I told her the price and she instantly got mad.

Woman: But last time I bought it, it cost x euros (reduced price).

Me: Yes, that’s because there was a sale on this cake, which is now over.

Woman: So, you are a liar.

Me: Excuse me?

Woman: You advertise the lower price and then you ask for a higher price.

Me: What do you mean? I don’t advertise any sale right now.

Woman: Oh but you do, you have this large stand outside that says that the cake costs x.

Me: The stand isn’t there anymore. You see when something is on sale…

Woman: You know what will happen if you continue to raise the prices like that?

Me: I did not raise the price, this is the…

Woman: You will go out of business. This cake is way too pricey now. I won’t buy it. I will bake one myself.

Me: Ok, bye!

By: mpourdes

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