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  • Aries & Sagittarius: Mrs. Hudson (temperamental, caring, energetic)
  • Taurus: Irene Adler (sexy, tough, clever, dominant)
  • Gemini: Culverton Smith (sly, sarcastic, intelligent)
  • Cancer: Molly Hooper (emotional, resistant, warm-hearted, sad)
  • Leo: John Watson (rebellious, bad temper, brave)
  • Virgo: Mary Watson (analytical, smart, devoted)
  • Libra: Jim Moriarty (handsome, manipulative, social, changeable)
  • Scorpio: Eurus Holmes (holds grudge, manipulative, brilliant, intellectual)
  • Capricorn: Sherlock Holmes (domineering, genius, wise, introverted)
  • Aquarius: Mycroft Holmes (intelligent, elegant, protective & a lil bit god complex)
  • Pisces: Greg Lestrade (more dangerous than he seems, good listener, clever, stressed)

I played Trickerion the other week at the local game cafe. It was a little overwhelming looking at first but once we got into it, the familiarity of a worker placement Euro began to show itself. You play competing magicians trying to gain the most fame by preparing and performing different magic tricks. It was definitely one I’d like to try again now that I know how it all comes together.

But man it has lots of pieces. When I came back from a bathroom break, I glanced at a nearby table and thought, “What the holy heck are those nerds playing?!” Then I realized that was our table… 

Sometimes you look in the mirror and see that the nerd looking back is yourself.


Commissions are open !

Hey there! I’ve finally opened commissions !  I’m still job hunting right now and I need some way to pay bills and start making a living. But still if I find a job, I would be pleased to continue commissions during my free time !

  • Paypal only ( /!/ Please, choose “NO ADRESSES NEEDED” for payment.  /!/).
  • Full payment before I start.
  • Payment will be in Euro, But I show USD as majority use it. You’ll receive the converted price by mail.
  • I don’t do NSFW (but may do sexy/erotic, can discuss about it).
  • I don’t do mecha or complex backgrounds.
  • I can do gore (but keep the right to refuse if it’s not appropriate).

What I need from you:

  • Send me as much informations and references as possible, screenshots, photos or other drawings.

What you will get:

  • I’ll do my best to give the information of when you’ll receive it.
  • I only draw one character per commission, adding characters cost extra.
  • You will receive a hi-res picture by email.
  • You can upload/repost them wherever you want and use them for anything as long as you credit me and it’s not used for profit. (personal use only).

———— If you’re interested, message me at ———–

Please, use the subject COMMISSION in your email. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask ! And if you like my work, feel free to share it ! Thank you so much <3

I reserve the right to reject a commission request for any reason.

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History [Rafe Adler] [1]

Pairings: Rafe x Reader

Request: none

About: Working with the reunited trio of Nate, Sam and Sully, the reader finds themselves wound up with someone they share a lot of history with. 

Warnings: none

Inspiration: x

Part 2

Originally posted by ughrafe

“Rafe,” you said carefully, feeling your stomach twist and turn into an abundance of knots.

“(Y/N),” he acknowledged, nodding his head. The silence between the two of you was suddenly awkward; it’d been many years since the two of you had seen each other, and you hadn’t exactly left on the best of terms. “You look well.”

You felt heat crawl up your neck as you took in the sight of Rafe in his white tux, and your mind drifted to your once probable wedding. Would he have worn something like this? “As do you, Alder,”

“I was wondering if I’d ever see your face around these sorts of things again,” Rafe admitted, a small smile on his face as he suddenly looked towards the ground, adjusting his grip on his scotch glass. “It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah, it has,” you sighed, folding your arms over.

“Would you like a drink?” He offered, looking slightly sentimental and genuine, and for a brief moment, you felt something set alight inside of you and you smiled.

“Yes; thank you,” you agreed, smiling at him sweetly as he walked away. The moment he was out of sight, you let out a huff of air, feeling your skin turn hot. “Did you hear that?” You questioned quietly, adjusting your earpiece quietly.

“Yeah,” Nate responded first, “Rafe’s here.”

You chewed on your lip, suddenly feeling very torn. The trio had no real awareness of your history with Rafe, though knew you had been somewhat romantic but thought you had lost touch altogether after Sam’s presumed death. 

“Sounds like he’s getting you a drink,” Sam added, “he’s into you.”

“I should hope so,” you thought, twiddling your ring finger. A warm, gentle hand lay on your shoulder and you turned, being greeted with that smug assholes grin again, his hand holding out a flute of champagne for you. 

“Thank you,” you smiled, taking the drink and immediately having a sip. “You know, I was thinking,”

“Yes? About what?” Rafe questioned, turning his body toward you. His gaze was not subtle as he looked you up and down again, and you shifted your arms a little to express your discomfort. 

“I haven’t seen you in forever and we didn’t leave on the greatest of terms, really,” you decided, biting on your nude-painted lip. “And I suppose I should explain everything to you before it get’s messy.”

“Messy?” Rafe laughed. “Why would it get mess-” 

Noticing how his voice trailed off and his eyes darted aside, you turned your head to realise that he’d spotted Sully, who was caught up in a conversation with a woman you didn’t recognise. You felt your heart sink in your chest.


He moved past you swiftly, heading casually towards your companion. 

“Oh. Like, “dead”, out?” The woman asked, her eyes a little wider with curiosity than when you had first stolen a glance from her. 

“Oh, no. More like “retired”,” Sully said with a smile. “Last I heard, he settled down, got married.”

“Hm,” Nadine responded, taking a sip from her drink.

“Well, then he might as well be dead, right?” Rafe laughed, shaking Sullivan’s hand. 


“Excuse me,” you said quietly, stepping aside and taking yourself to the bathroom, fiddling with your hand again before uneasily clutching the marble counter of the sinks.

“Everything alright?” You heard Nate ask. “Sounded ‘messy’.”

“Hmm,” you responded, “I’m sorry, Nate.”

He was quiet for a while. He hadn’t known about you and Rafe, nor had the other two. It’d probably hurt their feelings, after everything. You couldn’t help the way you felt about him, and you desperately hoped that Nate understood that.

“It’s okay,” he said, finally. “He’s not worth your time.”

“I don’t know, Nate,” you breathed out, clutching the marble edges of the sink. “We were engaged.”

“Aw, Jesus, (Y/N),” Nate cussed. “How on Earth did you and him-”

“The auctions starting,” Sully warned quietly. 

“What’re you going to do, (Y/N)?” Sam asked. 

Suddenly you felt extremely dramatic. Here you were, a probable asset to the trio who desperately needed as much help as they could. You clenched your fists and readjusted your posture. 

“Don’t worry about me,” you said, “just get on with the plan. He’s not worth my time, anyway. Prick.”

“Well get on out here, the assholes started bidding,” Sully ushered you. You quickly glanced over at yourself in the mirror before frowning and turning out and heading back towards the auction, snatching up a spare paddle that was dotted around the room. 

“Do we have any other bids?” The lady asked.

Sully raised his paddle.

“We have one hundred thousand euros in the room,” she announced, to which the crowd stared at Sully, and then back to Rafe who lifted his paddle, a lace of annoyance to his face. 

The bidding continued to rise, until Sully began to hesitate. Stealing a glance from Rafe, who noticed you in the room, you lifted your paddle.

“Two hundred thousand euros,” the lady noticed, nodding towards you as a spotlight shone towards you.

“Five hundred thousand euros; let’s get this show on the road,” Rafe said, and you smiled to yourself. It was a small victory and you were going to take it, and-

The lights suddenly shut off, and in your rushed panic of emotions towards Rafe, your feet stood frozen solid, unable to move. As the lights came back on, his eyes turned towards the crucifix which everybody realised with a gasp that it’d vanished. 

In the panicked flurry of the crowd, Rafe immediately made his way towards you and snatched your wrist, dragging you out of sight before throwing his paddle to the ground with a loud clatter.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He spat, his grip still hard on your wrist until you yanked it away. You suddenly felt very immature for the little stunt you had just pulled before quickly remembering why you did it. It was for Sam’s freedom, right?

“You don’t get to talk to me like that, Rafe,” you said firmly, stepping backwards. “We’re done here.”

“We are not done here,” he said, “you don’t get to make the decisions anymore.”

“Rafe, I-”

“We’re leaving,” he grabbed your arm again, pulling you with him. “And there is no way on hell I am letting you go back to that triage of fools with all that you know.”

“What on Earth do you mean?” You asked. 

“Everything I told you,” Rafe’s grip tightened, “everything about Henry damn Avery and his goddamn ship.”

“I know that you might be a little obsessed with his treasure, Rafe,” you shook your head, “but that doesn’t interest me. I’m sorry, but we are done here.”

“You are not leaving without me-”

“Get your hands off of me,” you warned, pushing him. You cursed yourself for having tried to give him a chance not that long ago. What the hell was going on in your head?

“Shit, (Y/N), what’s going on?” Nate asked, his voice staticy and distant. “We need to get out of here!”

“You are not leaving me again,” Rafe said, less angrily, his hair slightly mussed from where he had pulled at it from stress. His eyebrows furrowed together and your breath hitched, the closeness alarming and frightening you. In that brief moment, you made a decision.

“Go without me,” you said hurriedly, reaching for your earpiece. You could handle Rafe, you knew him better than anyone. As long as the trio got out in one piece, you’d be happy. 

“What? (Y/N)?” Sam called.

You ripped the earpiece out. 

“If I come with you,” you took in a sharp breath, “you leave them be.”

Rafe hesitated. “I make no promises.”

You narrowed your eyes, “Rafe.” You warned.

“Look- fine. I won’t kill them,” he said, “good enough?”

Sighing, you realised that’s all you were going to get out of him for now. Nodding your head, you went with him. 

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