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If you consider all the trauma and shit Mycroft went through in his childhood, it makes what his parents say to him at the end of the episode all the more fucked up.

Their parents clearly didn’t understand Euros, and Euros in turn must have thought they were stupid too. According to Mycroft’s account, she cut herself and her parents thought it was a suicide attempt. It doesn’t seem like she gave them any reason to think otherwise. However, she told Mycroft the truth. In fact, it seems like the only one she talked to with any mildly serious regard was Mycroft.

Who is supervising the children when they’re playing? Not Mummy and Daddy Holmes, young Mycroft.

When Redbeard aka Victor went missing, it wasn’t the authorities or the Holmes parents who asked Euros where he was. Mycroft says “we.” As in, he too was sent to ask her where the little boy was. Their parents couldn’t get her to talk, “She knows where he is.” “We can’t make her tell us, we can’t make her do anything.”

She continued to tell Mycroft, the song is the answer. But after he couldn’t figure out her song, she told him the truth. She told him it was “drowned Redbeard.” Imagine young Mycroft being told by his sister, that the little boy HE had been supervising during play dates with Sherlock, was dead. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have felt completely responsible for that.

And then Euros burned their house down. He probably would have felt responsible for that too. And responsible for every single thing that happened after.

Unlike Sherlock, he never forgot that trauma either. Sherlock turned it into a lost dog story and forgot he had a sister entirely. But through the entire ordeal and through all the years after, Mycroft knew it was a human being, a kid, missing and dead because of his sister. He also had to live with the knowledge his sister burned down his home, and was then carted off by the authorities.

Then all the years of Sherlock’s drug use, where the heck were the Holmes parents then? We only ever see young Mycroft looking after him, in any way he can, while trying to be successful in his chosen career. I’m surprised Mycroft didn’t turn to drugs himself with all the stress and responsibilities piled on his shoulders!

So for Mummy Holmes at the end of this episode to tell Mycroft he should have done more, and that’s he’s limited. Like, fuck off. He basically gave up his childhood and his life to raise Sherlock and Euros. He feels responsible for the death of Victor, for his sister’s madness, for his brother’s drug use. Like, seriously. He could not have done more if he tried. He was willing to die so Sherlock wouldn’t lose his best friend again.

I just, someone hug Mycroft please. I have all the feels right now!!!! Also sorry if this isn’t the best written thing, wrote it on mobile!


This woman, this character one of the only highlights of this series.

Sians amazing acting and matching the character omfg fangirling attack i dont have words… she made perfect Holmes, didn’t she?


3 characters and we really didn’t saw it at first…AMAZING.

And then there’s Eurus i again dont have words, Sian truly fits this role and creates so real Holmes. Thank her and creators for this.



Euros killed Redbeard

Like Sherrinford in canon, Euros was the oldest of the Holmes’ siblings. When Sherlock was very young she started showing signs of being mentally unstable. Then one day she killed the family dog Redbeard. Animal abuse is a classic early childhood sign of a sociopath. Sherlock’s parents tried to protect Sherlock from the truth by telling him that Redbeard was sent away to a nice farm (as was stated in one of Moffat and Gatiss’ interviews). Shortly after they sent Euros away to a mental institute called Sherrinford. 

Sherlock is traumatized by the dog’s death. He justifies the situation by telling himself the dog was put down. He was young enough to change his memories to fit what he wanted to remember. But somewhere deep in his mind he knows that the connection between his dog’s death and Euros disappearance from the family is linked.

The family never mentions Euros to Sherlock again and Mycroft tells him stories about the “East Wind” which are actually symbolic of his scary older sister.

This is why Sherlock associates Redbeard with the “ghosts” of his past and why the dog is one of Sherlock’s pressure points and why Mycroft has ‘Redbeard’ written in his notebook about Sherlock.

Mycroft is still keeping tabs on Euros. Mycroft says in tld that “Sherlock gone rogue is a legitimate security concern” and “the fact that I am his brother changes absolutely nothing”. He then hints that he has done this before with another sibling… Euros. As a murderer is also a legitimate security concern and Mycroft also uses his position as the British Government to check up on her.

We are led to believe that Sherrinford is the 3rd brother when it is actually the place that Euros is kept. Mycroft regularly ‘calls Sherrinford’ to check that his sister is still safely imprisoned there.

Lady Smallwood: “Do you still speak to Sherrinford?”

Mycroft: “I get regular updates.”

Mycroft: “And?”

Mycroft: “Sherrinford is secure.”

He is saying that Sherrinford the institution is secure but his security team doesn’t see that Euros is actually with Sherlock that night. Mycroft thinks Sherlock is just on drugs.

What about the “Miss Me” note?

Euros was working with Moriarty from the beginning. Remember how is TRF Moriarty had Sherlock’s entire life story. Mycroft tells John that he was the one who gave this information to Moriarty. But for someone who is always trying to protect Sherlock this is very out of character. It was actually Euros who gave the information. Mycroft knows this but is still trying to protect Sherlock from his sister’s existence.