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Hallo; I read how you decided your prices and I really believe you could raise them with 1-2 euro, especially the prints they are gorgeous and you deserve it! <3 I can't go to dokomi this year but asked my friend to pick up some stuff from your booth, good luck! :)

Yep, I think I’ll raise them a little bit since I got some tipps from other artists about that! Should’ve asked them before I posted the price list online though, but you’re always smarter afterwards X)
And thanks for buying my stuff lkjslfdj!! ////

Wheels&Waves 2015

ON SALE : 10x15cm,  35mm lab proof print, 20 euros. only via email:

The income of my lab proofs sale would go directly to process more film.


What are all the cool stuffs you can get at Lucca next week?  Also the “Steve’s Line at Lucca Survival guide.”

(Click through the images and check out the captions!)

Last year, Lucca was a very very busy show for me.  (When are one of you mad scientists going to clone me already!)  We actually had event security assigned to us to manage our line.  That was on top of Kat and Lucy doing their magnifecent work as well.  Turns out that it would easier to literally juggle people.

So this time, and unlike most shows, at Lucca we will be doing signups for artwork.   Each morning, we’ll fill up a schedule with first come, first served.  To accommodate the most people, we won’t be doing next-day signups, so get to us early.  We’ll have a rough time-slot estimated for you.  We recommend you check back about an hour before that just to see how the queue has been moving.  The usual limit of two pieces of artwork per trip will apply, so plan your days accordingly.  

If you just need stuff signed, we’ll be doing that in-between.  You may have to stand around for a few minutes, but it shouldn’t be too horrific.  Because we’ve got so many people to accomodate, please keep it to 12 cards or less.

If you just want to buy something, come on up.  No waiting around for that sort of thing, of course.  We love it when people buy stuff.

See you there!

Steve “Mount Doom of Fanservice” Argyle