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Who is firing the gun?

Okay so the gunshot we see at the end of The Lying Detective IS NOT Euros shooting John. I’m talking about this gunshot here -

We see this gunshot twice in the whole episode. Once at the very end - in the heat of the moment the viewer is meant to assume that this is Euros shooting John.

However it isn’t. This is not the very the first time we actually see it. The other time is right at the beginning of the episode. This makes it clear that is isn’t Euros. Look at this, it is the first shot of the episode, and the last shot is clearly taken from it.

The shot begins with the gunshot, then pans down to John lying in bed. 

On my first viewing, having not been paying close attention to the details like i do on a second, i immediately assumed this was John remembering Mary being shot by Norbury. Now, I don’t think it is Norbury. The background is greyish, whereas Mary was shot in the aquarium and surrounded by the colour blue. The blue tank is even behind Norbury when she takes the shot.

Then i realized the most obvious thing - John wasn’t even there when Mary was shot, so this is definitely not from his memory, and is definitely not Norbury.

The second time we see the shot, as I’ve said, is right at the end of the episode after Euros pulls the trigger of her gun. But look here - 

Euros is wearing a ring on her middle finger and has no sleeves covering her wrists. 

In the end shot, we don’t actually see whether or not the shooter has sleeves. However we can clearly see they aren’t wearing a ring. 

And, since we can see that this is definitely same as the beginning shot, if we re-watch it as it pans down, we know that this shooter has sleeves that cover their wrist.

So the question is, who is this shooter? It’s not Norbury, and it’s definitely not Euros. If we’re going with the alibi theory, then it could be John shooting Mary. It would also explain why he remembers it. The other explanation is that it could be Sherlock, but why? If it weren’t for the shot being shown at the beginning, I would have bet that it was Sherlock shooting Euros as she shot John. But then why show this at the beginning as well?

This was probably a bit incoherent as I’m still trying to process my thoughts, so any input is welcome!

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Shades of Ten

David Tennant in costume as the Tenth Doctor wearing his own sunglasses
(…the Doctor’s sunglasses look different than David’s)

Excerpt from DWM 408 by Benjamin Cook (during Planet of the Dead filming)

[…] David is more focused on his shades.  “I’ve had my sunglasses on again,” he tells make-up man Steve Smith.  The specs leave a slight mark on the bridge of his nose, requiring a retouch.

“Not again!” sighs Steve.

“Well, it’s bright,” David grins, “and I look cool in them.”