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The twisted and kinky world of Joe D’Amato: EMANUELLE IN AMERICA review

After the French, original Emmanuelle with Sylvia Kristel became a success in movie theaters worldwide in the 1970s, the Italians decided to make a bunch of ‘Black Emanuelle’ films with Indonesian actress Laura Gemser, about attractive women going to exotic places. Sleaze meister Joe D’Amato directed most of these amazing T & A movies, and Laura Gemser’s Emanuelle is an attractive globe hopping and bed hopping reporter-detective-nude photographer who hates clothes. Emanuelle in America is the best of the series in my opinion and it’s definitely one of D’Amato’s most controversial films. It begins with a madman trying to kill Emanuelle because she has snapped a couple of nude pictures of his girlfriend. But she quickly seduces the guy and, after a little hanky-panky, he runs away in shame. The irresistible reporter then goes on a dangerous mission to expose slick millionaires for being sex crazed perverts. 

First Emanuelle infiltrates a harem and goes to a weird party where the highlight is a naked woman in a cake. She then travels to Venice where she enjoys threesomes, girl-on-girl action, sauna sex, underwater sex, orgies, phone sex, a horse called Pedro, a grainy snuff film and everything imaginable while documenting everything with her top secret James Bond camera. And along the way she hops in the sack with euro-cult starlets Lorraine De Salle (Cannibal Ferox), Marina Hedman (Images In A Convent) and Paola Senatore (also Images In A Convent). If you enjoy looking at beautiful women and beautiful places, this is for you. The film even has a few x-rated scenes edited in (Gemser herself never participates in any of them), but Emanuelle also stumbles upon some nasty stuff in this movie – like a woman who is forced to drink acid, Pedro’s tallywhacker and a gory snuff movie. The film actually has a decent story, but it’s not a priority. It’s like D’Amato just said “To hell with it, let’s just make a sick movie with boobies!” A must-see for exploitation fans.

Emanuelle in America
Release year: 1976
Country: Italy
Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Laura Gemser

- A new experience in sensuality
– LAURA GEMSER in the NEW and continuing adventures of EMANUELLE IN AMERICA
– She does it all for old glory!