euro champion

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> i wonder how yoi's second season will be in terms of competitions and their champions, because right after the grand prix come the nationals, then the european championships, then the four continents championships and finally the world championships, just to speak of the major events in figure skating. if victor's timing his comeback for the russian nationals, does it refer to the nationals of the current season (which is HIGHLY doubtful, since he doesn't have programs ready) or next season's? and if it's next season's, who will have won the other competitions of the current season? will yuuri be the 4cc champion? will yurio be the euro champion? who will be the world champion? and why wouldn't victor time his comeback for the next grand prix instead of the nationals, since the grand prix is the very first major competition of figure skating season? on which competition will next season focus? seung gil did mention that the 4cc would be fun after watching jj's 4Lo in the gpf, was that foreshadowing? i need to know<p/></p>
We came across Cristiano and his friends in the same restaurant. It was really by chance. I went to say hello and congratulate him for Portugal’s win at the Euros and the Champions League. We made fun of each other.
I just joked like that because I needed time to get over the defeat in the final. But, honestly, it’s not because he beat me in two important competitions and that he scored a hat trick last weekend against us that my opinion will change. I have great respect for Ronaldo.
—  Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid/France NT)

1st Image (2004): At the young age of 19 (youngest player to ever play a final at the time) and breaking onto the scene with stellar performances throughout the tournament, he and his star-studded Portuguese team came up just short in the final on their home turf to the underdog Cinderella story of Greece; ending up in tears of heartbreak and pain.

2nd Image (2016): Leading and carrying a team of youngsters, forgotten names, and role players all the way to the final against the host nation (who for many were favorites to win it all prior to the start of the tournament) - only to find himself injured in just 20 minutes of action and forced to sit out the rest of the match. Witnessing his teammates from the sideline deliver with all the passion and fight that he led them with up to this moment. This time, the tears were of relief, joy, and nightmares erased.

I’m usually neutral to begin the Euro’s, but by the end I usually end up leaning towards certain teams, for this final however I was ok with either team winning initially, but I found myself reminiscing about my experience watching euro 2004 as a kid and how badly I wanted C.Ronaldo and Figo (some of my favorite players) to win at that time; those emotions were ignited again and I just had to hope Portugal would defy all odds and pull it off somehow.

Congrats to Portugal, and congrats to C.Ronaldo for getting his first international trophy. This is the reason I watch sports, for these beautiful narratives, it’s amazing watching certain careers and storylines unfold over the years.

One of the first things i did on 1 January was to make a list of the good things that happened in 2016 and that made me feel better.

- Finished the 2nd year of college
- Saw Portugal being the champion of Europe
- Ended up everything with the boy i liked (we never dated but our relationship was toxic for me) and thank god i moved on
- Thanks to that, half of my anxiety is gone :)
- I managed to control the rest of my anxiety better
- I don’t panic anymore when i am presenting to the class (i just get a little nervous)
- i am not a perfeccionist anymore on school projects (it’s a good thing, for real)
- Sakura Clear Card Manga
- Cardcaptor Sakura new anime was announced
- I saved money
- And bought a new and cool phone - Thanks to YOI, my art got recognition - I made a completely original deck of cards - Booked my trip to London - Had an amazing Christmas time with my friends - Skated again (and i still know how to make half spins xD) - Tried a ferris wheel for the first time (is that how you say it in english?) - Got a lot of inspirantion to draw fanart (thanks YOI!) - Finished my collection of Cardcaptor Sakura mangas. - And i learnt how to love myself :)

And that’s it, tbh happened a lot of good things in the middle of my problems :)