euro cat

It’s gotten a bit rumpled at the bottom of my closet, but it has never been worn before - even the tags are still attached! Speaking of tags: they might say L on them, but the shirt is cut with a wispy body type in mind. It’s from Redbubble and basically just a grey L-size feminine-cut American Apparel shirt.

Same deal as above - treated badly by my closet, never worn before. Tags read L but it has a very petite waist.

European size 44, very stretchy material though! Also very long, never worn before, but, full disclosure, comes with a sidehelping of cat hair since it’s very nice to the touch and my cat spent the past week sleeping on it. (Also has a very cute bow at the neckline that’s hard to see in this picture)

Size 39 1/2, the heels are 5cm. Worn only once.

I’m looking to give away a couple of my things.  If you’re interested please contact me, my url is! Sorry for the horrible iPod quality of the pictures, I don’t own a camera.

I live in Germany and I don’t need anything in return except that you consider paying some (or all!) of the shipping costs, as I am in a very tight place financially.