euro cat

The "I Love You" Scene
  • Sherlock: Molly, you have a cat, do you not?
  • Molly: can't experiment on it if that's what you're wondering.
  • Sherlock: No, I just want to know. What are some sweet things you say to your cat?
  • Molly: Why?
  • Sherlock: I need to know. For a case.
  • Molly: Oh, okay. Um, I guess things like, 'here kitty' 'I love you' or 'meow'.
  • Sherlock: Thank you Molly, that's sufficient. I knew I could trust you to be sickeningly sentimental.
  • Euros: Damn.

So moths have invaded the match between France and Portugal at the Stade de France in Paris.
Big deal?
Well, hello ML fandom, this is not a drill THERE IS REAL MOTHS IN REAL PARIS.

A Ladybug fan twitter account, @Ladybug_Cartoon, recorded a promotion for Disney EMEA Fall 2015 animation line-up. The promotional video includes scenes of Miraculous Ladybug.

No air date has been officially announced for Miraculous Ladybug by Disney for Europe. The video suggests it may be sooner than the Nickelodeon USA air date, which is December 6th.

It’s gotten a bit rumpled at the bottom of my closet, but it has never been worn before - even the tags are still attached! Speaking of tags: they might say L on them, but the shirt is cut with a wispy body type in mind. It’s from Redbubble and basically just a grey L-size feminine-cut American Apparel shirt.

Same deal as above - treated badly by my closet, never worn before. Tags read L but it has a very petite waist.

European size 44, very stretchy material though! Also very long, never worn before, but, full disclosure, comes with a sidehelping of cat hair since it’s very nice to the touch and my cat spent the past week sleeping on it. (Also has a very cute bow at the neckline that’s hard to see in this picture)

Size 39 1/2, the heels are 5cm. Worn only once.

I’m looking to give away a couple of my things.  If you’re interested please contact me, my url is! Sorry for the horrible iPod quality of the pictures, I don’t own a camera.

I live in Germany and I don’t need anything in return except that you consider paying some (or all!) of the shipping costs, as I am in a very tight place financially.