Eurielia’s Manga Studio EX 5 Manga Pen Setting. 

So I thought I’d share my manga pen settings in case anyone finds it useful,

As you can see I use the Gpen.

Pen Size - My default pen size is 20. I don’t often change it (for thicker lines I usually just draw a few lines)

Anti Alias - The anti alias option here is unavailable because when creating a new manga document I select monochrome which automatically sets the anti alias of my Gpen set to zero. If your using a colour image option then select the first circle to achieve this.

Stabilization - I never change this setting as I feel the most comfortable with it.

Post correction - I quite often switch between 1 and 2 for this. Very very rarely I’ll use 3, but that’s only when I want a really accurate line.

The tool button at the top right hand corner locks these settings. You can adjust the settings whenever you want, but when you re-select the Gpen tool it will show the locked settings again.

The tool button on the bottom right hand corner has all your custom options which you can use to modify your tool. To have the settings show up in your tool property (above) just select the view button next to each option.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer :)

(these settings can be used in clip studio also cause it the same program)

My Manga Studio sketching tool & example

I use the brush tool with these settings as I tend to sketch fast, and by unchecking stroke/correction I can sketch without getting any delay. I generally use this size, but sometimes i decrease it if I’m sketching something small. 

(when inking over just lower the sketching layers opacity to a minimum)