We’re not allowed to be scared. If we point out attacks in France, attacks in MENA, rising right-wing rhetoric, then we need to calm down. It isn’t the thirties any more, after all- all that kind of thing’s over. And goyim quote Never Again and are so smug, so confident if they were around back then they’d be on the right side of history, and close their eyes to everything that’s happening around them.

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getting a harry potter tattoo is so overdone u dont have to get every mainstream tattoo that turns up on your dash.

Were you there when I was a little kid and sat at the end of my mum’s bed listening to her read the books to me? Because they are some of the only good memories I have with her from then.

Were you there when I was small and dressed up as Hermione for world book day at school?  Because I wanted to announce to the bullies that actually, I was proud of being a ‘boff’ and they couldn’t scare me anymore.

Were you there when I was a teenager and was so sick from starving myself that the hunger pains wouldn’t let me sleep, but the headache was too bad to have a light on?  Because the only entertainment I had through those long painful nights was Stephen Fry reading me those audio-books.

Were you there on the train with me the day my dad died? Because those same audio-books were the only thing that kept me from crying my eyes out in a carriage full of random commuters.

Were you there while I was sat outside my mum’s room at night listening to her sobbing and keeping watch after the second suicide attempt I had walked in on?  Because reading those books were the only thing that kept my head from replaying the worries that if I couldn’t go to work, I couldn’t pay her bills - but if I left her to go to work her next attempt might actually work.

And lastly, were you there when reading those books over and over again taught me lots about grammar and spelling? No - clearly not, because if so there wouldn’t be at least six mistakes in your ask.