Tari’s Top Ten Favorite Big Damn Kisses

The Big Damn Kiss, AKA a kiss that is Serious Business.  Usually a First Kiss, often resolving the Unresolved Sexual Tension and frequently conveyed with much fanfare and music swelling. XD

  • #4 - Renton and Eureka (Eureka Seven)


These beautiful children.

Renton loved Eureka from the moment he set eyes on her.  Eventually she realized she loved him too.  The strength of their feelings powers a giant alien robot.

And at the apex of the story, with their first BDK, they power it up so much they save the freaking world.

The Nirvash speaks to them for the first time, as it tears the rifts between the worlds that will allow humanity and the Scub Coral to coexist together, and thanks them, telling them to go show the world the way to peace.

Renton and Eureka watch it disappear, then turn to each other.  “Let’s go home,” Eureka says, and Renton agrees and they kiss again, midair, as they slowly float back down to the planet–and home.