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Queen Anne cottage build in the late 1880s, Eureka Springs, AR. by Rural Explorer
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Queen Anne cottage build in the late 1880s, Eureka Springs, AR.


So I went to Eureka Springs, AR this weekend which if you haven’t been, is a town consisting mainly of houses built into hillsides with porches. Look it up, its dope. It also has the best Mardi Gras parade in Arkansas, thanks to the large amount of multiple story porches and decks!

I photographed this beauty, a porch that has a terrace leading to an overlook porch! Incredible!

The upper porch is great, spacious, what decoration there is is sparse, but looks very fitting for the space. Honestly, this porch is so classy I can’t even think about what I’d do on it if I was blessed by the great gods of outdoor seating to sit on it. Like this is a porch so good you have important lifelong memories on it and shit.

Next up lets talk terraces. First off terrace is a great word. Second off this is a great terrace. But who cares if its good or great, its a terrace! It takes you somewhere! Where does it take you though? Grandmother’s house? Heaven? A bar with 3 dollar gin and tonics? Yes basically all of the above. So I wasn’t able to go down the terrace as there was a gate and the porch/terrace was a private residence, but it overlooks a holler. Imagine yourself sipping mimosas on a nice Sunday morning with a significant other or a friend, talking about how great nature is and temporarily how you aren’t so scared about the universe and the abyss and chaos and the ultimate heat death of the universe and stuff like that I barely understand!

Which is my ironclad segue into drink recs, mimosas for sure! Screwdrivers are acceptable too, but not for the overlook, keep that for the plebs on the upper porch. All in all Great Porch 9.9/10

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