eureka skytower

Eureka Skytower

Today Host Mum and I went into the city with Lachlan and his class to help with one of their school assignments. They had to give us a themed tour around certain parts of the city. Perfect for me because I’m still learning my way around.

The first tour we did was the ‘Melbourne Sport Tour’. We walked by the rowing clubs down by the river, the AAMI stadium where rugby and soccer games are played, the Rod Laver Arena which is home to the Australian Open for the tennis fans out there, and finally the MCG ( Melbourne Cricket Grounds) which is where Australian football ( aka Footy) and Cricket are played. The MCG is where the football grand final game is played every year ( basically the Australian Super Bowl) and home to the 1956 Olympic games and can seat 100,000 people.

(The Yarra River)

(The AAMI Stadium)

After the sporty stuff we headed to Chinatown for the 'Multicultural Food’ tour. We walked around Chinatown for a bit and when we were hungry decided to stop at the international bakery for a treat. Host Mum and I each got a piece of cake. Delicious!

After Lachlan’s classmates had to head back to the trains to ride home we decided to walk across the river to the Southbank area and go to the top of the Eureka Skytower. 

Fast facts about the tower:
-It’s the highest viewing tower in the southern hemisphere
-It takes just 38 seconds to travel from the ground to the 88th floor.
-It's the only observation deck in the world with 'The Edge’  which is a glass cube that projects 3 metres out from the building so you are basically suspended 300 metres above the ground.

 It was such a pretty day we could see all the way to the mountains and really far out into the harbor. We didn’t go out on to “the edge” because the wait was too long. I still had an awesome time seeing Melbourne from 88 stories high!