Some old photos of my sweet, precious, beautiful, flawless, perfect bird children*, and another photo of the gang in the garden later in the year.

Sometimes one’ll land right outside my window and start pecking at it/around the moss for secret bug snacks at 5am, and when I get up to see what’s making the noise we’ll both just… Stare awkwardly at each other before either I go back to bed or they fly off.

*They’re not even a little tame, but seeing generations grow up and visit our feeders has definitely made me feel a little parental of them.

Eurasian/Common Magpie (Pica pica)

The Eurasian magpie is believed not only to be among the brightest of birds but among the most intelligent of all animals. Along with the jackdaw, the Eurasian magpie’s nidopallium is approximately the same relative size as those in chimpanzees and humans, significantly larger than the gibbon’s. Like other corvids, such as ravens and crows, their total brain-to-body mass ratio is equal to most great apes’ and cetaceans’ (Wikipedia)

kirascupcakehouse  asked:

Top 5 favorite birbs?

In no particular order because it’s impossible to say what birb is the best

Cockatiels. Lovely small birds, have had them before, can be loud but are so pretty and fun! They also have lovely voices and whistle well

Chickens. Not only do they make eggs, which are one of my favorite foods, but they’re all pretty and friendly birbs! If i had to pick a birb to have as a pet it’d be a chicken

Harpy Eagles. Beautiful birbs rocking the gray and black color scheme, quite large eagles with lovely crests and great faces from any angle - from the front they look very fluffy when they aren’t in flight or have their crest down!

Pygmy Owls. One of the smallest of owls, they have soft looking faces and often poof up because of the cold weather in their climate, they’re actually so small they could probably fit in your hand!

Eurasian / European Magpies. Common but pretty corvids, they love to live in little groups and tend to their nests together, very cocky birbs but with lovely voices and seemingly great taste for fun and thrill

All pictures where ensured that they are free to be used, so no need to worry~