Endagered : Eurasian Bullfinch by *phalalcrocorax

“Another specie considered as endangered (Vulnerable to be precise) at least in France.
Again, the menace is linked to human activity… they are trapped a lot in order to be sold. Now, it is strictly forbidden… but that doesn’t stop poachers (for example, when I showed this picture and told it was in Paris, I received lots of email asking for the precise place).”

Tomorrow I add the last lights and details, and I’m done with it!

If I find the courage to get back at this. ]D;

(The photo blurs so many details, I don’t know how I’ll get a good picture of it once it’s finished… *sigh* )


Machouette > Au coin! Tout de suite! (èoé)/

Giz > Merfi! X3 Haha! Tu veux qu'on parle de la taille d'écran…? *sort une grande toile qui a pris la poussière à force d'être reléguée au rang des oubliés*

Devouring-silence > Merci! Les cheveux, c'est un peu mon péché mignon… ♥

Akyta > Merci! X3

First layer of the background.
I’ll have to do a second one because it’s not smooth enough. Each time I tried to correct that, the paint was ripped off because of the different speeds of drying and we could see lightest brush strokes. Now the first layer is coloured, it will be easier to get something more homogen. =)