eurasian robin


Hey everyone! I thought I’d drop these off before I pass out haha. I’ve been granted the opportunity to pitch my own animation project for my final this year, so I’m using Fleet! I’m pretty excited. It’ll be a short 30-45 second sequence of him and his brood of orphans, back when he was just a kid himself. I’ll update more on the details as I get into the thick of it, but first I have a lot of prep work to do and a pitch for it to present /rip

Good news is that I’ll probably be done with my nearly internet-wide vanishing act a little sooner than I expected. I’m gonna aim to finish off 1 of my 4 assignments by the end of the week! Ty for your patience. 


Quite possibly the most IMPORTANT thing I’ve drawn meet some of the birbs i see/ have seen in my garden in Melaka, Malaysia :

ORIENTAL MAGPIE ROBIN - Black and white birbs. Magpies basically.

MYNAS - Very Loud and Noisy birbs. There’re three types actually. Usually have gang fights outside my window

EURASIAN TREE SPARROW - Lil brown birbs you see everywhere

YELLOW - VENTED BULBUL - These guys have nested in our house like three times, maybe more. They make really loud chattering noises and both parents are usually present to feed the chickies C: also : yellow butts

BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE - Yellow birbs that we see everywhere here but no one knows their name

ASIAN GLOSSY STARLING - Black glossy birb that has a greenish shine under the sun they haVE BIG RED EYES

ZEBRA DOVE - Common “burung merbuk”, we usually mistaken these birbs for pigeons

ASIAN KOEL - we rarely SEE these but they’re the ones that make loud high pitched “KOOOOEEEELLL” noises in the evening

OLIVE-BACKED SUNBIRD - Very Little yellow birbs with olive green backs. Usually seen around flowering plants flitting about

HOUSE CROW - Not seen near where i live but there are LOADS of these guys in town they are everywhere they rule the streets

RHINOCEROS HORNBILL - I’ve seen them around maybe twice or three times they are Very BIG and they sound like monkeys

PIED FANTAIL - I saw one of these in the neighbour’s rambutan tree THESE GUYS ARE VERY PRETTY they look like they have small white eyebrows if i was a birb i would probably be a fantail they have big fan like tails and constantly look angry

European Robin ~ Rotkehlchen ~ Erithacus rubecula

I’ve posted a similar one before in the very beginning. In 2010, when there still was snow in Germany, I photographed this Euro Robin who was visiting my balcony. Contrary to the American Robin who is in fact a thrush and thus related and very similar (not in looks, but in size, shape and behavior) to the Eurasian Blackbird, the Robin belongs to the family of Old World Flycatchers. They are real “loners”, which is why you can hear them sing even in fall and winter - both sexes sing and defend their territory vehemently before and after the breeding season. 

Northern Germany

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