June 24th when Cinema was dropped I asked her to be my girlfriend officially!!!! She wanted it special so what better way to do it at something big when our song was dropped!!! :)

I love this beautiful girl soooo much!!!!!! :D We are gonna be together forever for sure!! We are meant to be!! :)

You know

I literally have never been so sure about someone or anything at that matter really, unlike I am with her. I’m so sure she is the one, every day I see more and more that she is the perfect match, and that we are meant to be. Literally the image of her and being around her, and being with her never leaves my mind EVER, every waking moment I spend she is included upon in my thoughts.  This is how I know for sure I’m in love with her.  I’ve never felt so strongly about anything at all and felt so good and so happy and passionate about anyone like I do her. Mmmmm I’m counting down the seconds til I get to hold her again because it truly is the most amazing feeling in the world being around her. I love her sooo much!!! <333

And to think I never thought it was possible but here she is all mine!! :D

She makes me the happiest person alive I swear and she makes me just feel soo good I literally can not get enough. Hell I’m addicted to her ha 

God damn it!!!!

Watching that last post EDC video really fucking hit me hard. Like it seriously was for me the most amazing, the most beautiful, the most fucking epic weekend of my life. EDC honestly was more than just the event for me because it was my first massive, my first EDC, and my FIRST DATE with my girlfriend.  It was literally now that I think about it sooo overwhelming and just soo incredible.  The group of friends I went with seriously could not have been the best group considering I think of them as family and the fact that I spent every single moment with my beautiful girlfriend was just perfect. Literally everything was just perfect.  Soooo many memories were made that weekend that I will never forget.  So I want to thank my friends, even tho some of em don’t have a tumblr, but without them it wouldn’t be how amazing it was because of how close we all are.

And I want to thank my lovely girlfriend for being amazing as she is and for making life as if it was the best day ever possible.  Seriously just the thought of her as soon as I wake up, it starts my day off just right especially once I see that text from her lil sleepy self! Haha But seriously she is the most important person in my life and she means an unimaginable, unattainable amount to me that can not be compared to and I love her at an amount that is just beyond anything possible that she make think she knows but she really doesn’t! :P But again I want to thank you babe for being in my life, for being who you are, for choosing me to walk by your side in life and for making me seriously the happiest that any person has ever made me. Yeea we have our rough times but we always seem to overcome it because of how strong, real, and passionate our bond and love is. Thank you Ariel, you really mean more than the universe for me. I love you with my all and will forever do so until my last breath. Our future is bright and promising! <333

This here is @euphoricxo and she happens to be my lovely girlfriend and the love of my life!!! :D

We have the best skype dates I swear she is clearly the most amazing woman ever and she makes me soooo happy!!!!!

Mmmmm I love you soo much!!!!! :D

Once again

Here we are stuck in the lovely insomniac mode!!! Gotta love it right???? Ha but I saw a movie earlier forgot what it was called but it kinda made me think more about what I’m doing and made me become more appreciative of the life I have and endure because you never know when it could be up. It kinda hit me though because the guy already knew he only had about a month to live and I just thought wow like if I only had 1 month remaining for my life what I would do. Kinda thinking about it just hits me because just knowing the fact that you know when you’re going to die is just wow it’s a fucking bummer.  But the upside is at least you would know and personally I would rather know when as oppose to not because it could be any given time :/

On the bright side though with all that being said it really did make me appreciate life a bit more and more so made me appreciate my lovely girlfriend once more and more so then I already do. Just she seriously has such an impact on my life that it just amazes me still to this day!! She hasn’t been in my life very long but she already has become the most important thing in it as we speak.  She just makes me so happy and gets me feeling in ways I haven’t ever before and I absolute LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha I love her soo much and I will never let a day go by that she lives without me letting her know that. She will never forget it!! <33 

In fact I just left her a voicemail right now because she is sleeping ha figured when she wakes up I think she would enjoy that quite a bit!! :)

Anyways I’m gonna attempt to sleep while I watch a movie on netflix ha au revoir for the night tumblr!! :)

Nights like these

When I sit here listening to trance and chillin wit my thoughts I can’t help but reminisce about the times me and her have shared.  Like everyday she is all I constantly think about yeea I think of other things but she is literally on my mind 24/7 shit sometimes I even dream that I text her or we are talking on the phone but when I wake up no sign of any call or text. Trippy right?? ha trips me out but it also shows me that I seriously must be in love with this girl to even be dreaming about me texting or calling her. This has never happened with any girl in the past, and might I add I also have never felt so strong, so real and so sure about anyone as well!!! :)

Seriously my girlfriend has no idea how much I love her she make think she does but in all reality she really doesn’t but I do know. Ha and it is beyond imaginable. The love, the care, the trust I have for her is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I have never found someone more attractive and more intriguing and so just all around amazing or in my perception, perfect. She literally is everything I could possibly ever want in a woman and with her I feel so connected, so at peace, so at one and right with her.  This feeling I tell you is beyond imaginable and the CRAZIEST thing is that we began here on TUMBLR!!!! Ha no joke tumblr of all fucking places. 

It still amazes me to this day how perfect we really are together, how much I love her, how much I have fallen for this beautiful masterpiece of a woman. Ever since April 14th I look back and things have changed so dramatically and so much I’m so excited for what the future will bring to us. Ha I know for a fact that what me and her have is real and extremely strong that we WILL make it and we WILL last forever because WE ARE meant to be this I am quite sure of.

I love Ariel to an incredible amount that it’s just so hard to not express, I just can’t keep it in ha.

I am truly a happy man and I am truly thankful and so appreciative of having her in my life. She is the best thing that has happened to me! :) <33333

I just love it!!! :)

I just love how in love I am with this girl seriously. I went back to read a long text that she sent me last night cuz I fell asleep sadly :( cuz I just been tired for some reason :/ but yeea when I just read it over it brought tears to me not because of sadness because like it just seriously makes me sooo happy to know that she feels sooo strongly about me and I honestly never thought it could be possible but she showed me different.  I can’t help but seriously be nothing but happy because of HER. She literally means everything and sooo much to me, words honestly cannot stress that enough for me.  I just love this feeling she has me feeling, it’s incredible. 

God damn I love her soooo much!!!!! <33333 I’m seriously in love with her and she def is my soulmate, the love of my life, my perfect match, my dream girl, the ONE!!!!

I’m such a happy man right now!!!! :D

Ha I was looking through pictures of our skype dates and this made me smile quite big ha she thinks she loves me more but she already knows I do!!! :P

I love Ariel soo much!!! :D