euphoric feeling

Honestly I’ve felt really happy all day (even though I was stressed about a test I still had this euphoric happy feeling) and I wasn’t sure why

Then I got really thinking about it and realized that this is the first semester of school that I’ve really been doing well across the board. I’m staying on top of all of my work, and I’m doing well on assignments and tests.

I’m honestly so excited to go to school everyday which is SO different from every other semester, where I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning.

I honestly don’t know how I turned it around but God damn I’m happy that I did.

not to get wildly specific but you know that feeling of euphoric vindication you get when you’re driving the correct speed and someone is riding your ass trying to intimidate you to go faster and you don’t do it because you don’t believe in living your life recklessly to appease other people so they get in the next lane over so they can speed up in front of you but karma grabs them by the throat and they get stuck behind someone going under the speed limit so they have to drive back behind you because you’re an adequate driver and you know what you’re doing and you can feel the guilt + shame permeating their vehicle as you just continue listening to your music of choice and safely heading towards your destination like lmao i would die for that feeling


(noun) A Norwegian untranslatable wordforelsket is defined as the euphoric sensation you feel when you are first falling in love. The feeling is characterized by feelings of anxious anticipation, giddy nervousness, and intense happiness, which point to the beginning of love.

  • literally: pre-love
  • person: idk you don't really seem mentally ill? like it seems like youre super happy most of the time
  • me: bOYYY IF YOU DON T
The Signs As Beautiful Foreign Words Associated with Love

Aries: Meraki- Greek // doing something with soul, creativity, or love

Taurus: Onsra- Boro Language of India // loving for the last time; that bittersweet feeling you get when you know a love won’t last

Gemini: L’esprit de escalier- French // the inescapable feeling you get when you leave a conversation then think about all the things you should have said

Cancer: Yuanfen- Chinese // a relationship by fate or destiny

Leo: Saudade- Portuguese // the feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost; a haunting desire for what is gone

Virgo: Kilig- Tagalog // the heady-sublime rush you experience right after something good happens, particularly in love/dating. Like running into your crush, kissing someone for the first time, hearing someone you love tell you they love you too for the first time

Libra: Forelsket- Norwegian // that overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love

Scorpio: Ya’aburnee- Arabic // this phrase translates to “you bury me” ; the hope that the person you love will outlive you so you can spare the pain of living without them

Sagittarius: Mamihlapinatei- Yagan // a wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves

Capricorn: La douleur exquise- French // the heartbreaking pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Aquarius: Kara sevda- Turkish // meaning “black love” this is a lovesick term for when you feel that passionate, blinding love for another person

Pisces: Koi No Yokan- Japanese // the sudden knowledge upon meeting someone that the two of you are destined to fall in love
Forget About Feelings, Real Love Is A Deliberate Choice
My wife and I have known each other since high school, but didn't date until much later. We had only dated a couple of weeks before we realized that we w...

If I could teach the world one thing, it would be this. Learn this and teach your significant other this. 

After the butterflies, after the excitement we choose love and family.

“No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice.”

“One day, you will realize that real love isn’t just a euphoric, spontaneous feeling—it’s a deliberate choice—a plan to love each other for better and worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. Of course, you don’t choose who you’re attracted to, but you definitely choose who you fall in love with and (more importantly) who you stay in love with.”

Hugs are stress buffers that help to boost our immune systems and enhances coping skills during stressful situations.
Psychologically they help keep us from worrying endlessly about our morality, and releases a neurotransmitter in our brains that causes us to feel like whatever pain we are going through is not as large scale as long as we are with the one hugging us. It also releases the Happy Chemical in our brains that in large doses can make us feel euphoric.

What was the point of telling you this?
Oswald has been hugging Ed as often as he possibly can. This is helping him cope with the decisions he is making in order to have Ed to himself, and it is helping Ed’s psychological state. Maaaagic bird hugs.

when Tina fucks you juuuust right....

FUUUCK…yesss. do any of you know that feeling once you’ve built a tolerence up and it’s harder and harder to get that high you want? And then you get your hands on a fire batch and finally do enough and finally feel it after chasing it for so long? and it hits youu so good it’s so euphoric and exciting to feel it again and like your brain and body has an orgasm?

yea me too. right about now its fucking amazing #SPUN

Captured By The Game p.3

AN: Another part of my Nessian Escort AU. Thank you for all the lovely messages about this fic! It definitely prompted me to write this faster ;)

In this one, Cassian and Nesta spend some time by the seaside. Less porny and more on the feels side this time. Hope you like it!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Edit/Sneak Peek

Cassian can’t quite believe she’s here with him.

He’s not exactly sure what he expected when he invited Nesta to spend a week away with him but as always, she managed to surprise him.

She said yes.

The elevation he feels, this euphoric flutter in his stomach gets crushed as soon as he realizes it must’ve been an offer too lucrative to refuse.

But then again, why does he care?

He’s never been one for attachments, Rhys and Az the only family he’s ever needed - and those two are a handful already.

But then Nesta Archeron waltzed into his office, all heels and trench coat, and only bare skin underneath. In the most glorious cosmic mix-up to ever grace his life, she barged in and shrugged off her Burberry frock, rendering Cassian mute and his jaw dropped during an important business call. A strangled shriek escaped her mouth as she realized her mistake and she fled from his office as promptly as she appeared, a subtle scent of her exotic perfume lingering in the air.

Naturally, he went after her. And Nesta faced with him her head held high, her composure steel and unwavering as if he hadn’t just seen her naked. Unimpressed with his easy jokes and his confident (although she’d probably call it cocky) demeanor, she proved to be a worthy opponent right from the start.

No feelings, no strings attached, no sharing of their personal lives. The rules were simple enough - the deal was struck.

Only a few months have passed since that moment.

And instead of meeting Nesta in some fancy hotel room as per their rules, he’s taking her to his summerhouse in Maine.

Well, shit.

Perhaps he’s lost his goddamn mind.

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An idea: biracial transboy!Harry - always wears baggy clothes bc he can't bind, his hair is always horrid bc he hacked it off himself one night with the garden shears he nicked from the shed, just another box to tick on the "not normal" scale in the Dursleys eyes.

I love everything about this! It’d also add another layer to Harry’s dislike of his fame and media because of their constant misgendering and use of his dead name. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like for him during OOTP.
A more positive thing to consider though, Harry meeting his new teacher Remus in POA and later learning that he’s trans as well. Remus being a confidant for him, teaching Harry how to bind safely, spells and potions he can use and how to acquire them. Harry learning how much his parents loved their trans friend, that they accepted and supported him through it all. Harry feeling so euphoric everytime people tell him he looks like his father, having friends and chosen family members who love him just as fiercely. :’)

Ritual Aesthetics I Want to Experience

• Listening to “Masked Ball” in anticipation
• Losing your shit when the band first comes out
• Violent headbanging
• Screaming the lyrics
• Dancing like a fucking idiot
• Yelling stupid things to make Papa laugh
• Hearing the first 2 seconds of a song and realising which one it is
• Hearing the crowd sing along
• Papa and the Ghouls antics
• Getting communion
• Confetti getting in every crevice of your clothes
• Losing your voice from screaming too much
• Meeting Papa and the Ghouls for the first time
• Swaying to the melody of Zombie Queen
• When Papa gives The Talk TM
• Post-Ritual depression
• The euphoric feeling of just being at the Ritual

did some thinking
we know episode 1 is called “roger”
(still feels euphoric to actually know something that big for sure)
hinting that roger is going to be at the center of episode 1
what big event happens with roger at the beginning of the golden compass?
his disappearance
so i went back and did some math
roger disappears at the end of chapter 3 of book one
there are 8 episodes in series 1 of hdm
there are 23 chapters in the golden compass
3 times 8 is 24
so that means roughly 3 chapters per episode of the first series (with some room to breath which can only be good)
this math fits too well for the show to be the mini-series that includes the whole trilogy like some sites still claim so i’m still convinced that the 5 series, 40 episodes “rumor”/plan is true, if still not officially confirmed
counting on the same math - that also means that episode 1 will end with the cliffhanger of lyra meeting mrs coulter for the first time (which is how chapter 3 ends in the book) and if that’s true i will lose my shit

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I'm a transguy and have to respond to multiple names but my birth name doesn't hurt as much anymore (more of like an annoyance instead of sadness) and my preferred name I'm starting to feel neutral about instead of overjoyed or scared someone who I'm not out to can hear. Most people just call me by my last name or a nickname so I respond to like 5 names. I'm starting to wonder if my preferred name is becoming familiar to me (I had dreams where I called myself it) or it's not working anymore.

I know the feeling - I remember when being called Sam started to stop feeling euphoric for me. And it was before I had even started using it irl, so I was pretty sad about that and considered picking a different name instead because of that. (Which I didn’t do - I stuck with Sam.)

But in the end, most people’s names don’t feel euphoric for them. They just feel neutral, like their name, without being anything special. And it’s very common for trans people’s chosen names to start feeling that way too.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the name is wrong for you. It just probably means that you’ve gotten so used to it that it’s not longer that special to you.

If you want to switch names again though, you are 100% allowed to do that. Your name is yours, so it is your choice what you do or don’t do with it. If you want to switch to a different name that feels more special to you, I encourage you to do that!