euphemia and cornelia

Code Geass Characters in a nutshell:

Lelouch: I kill to make Nunnally happy!

Cornelia: I’d kill to get Euphy back!

CC: I’d kill to die!

Kallen: I’ll kill to avenge my brother!

Suzaku: I’ll kill to make the relationship between Britannia and Area 11 more fair!

Nina: I’ll kill to avenge Princess Euphemia!

Tohdoh: I’ll kill to free my country!

Xingke: I’ll kill to protect my empress!

Lloyd: I’d kill to get my hands on the latest Knightmare Frame!

Rakshata: I’ll kill to build better Knightmares then Lloyd!

Orange: I’d kill for people to stop calling me Orange!

Rolo: I kill

Honestly do not get me started talking about Code Geass because I will 100% launch into a three hour long speech about how each and every character is more complex and well written than most writers could ever hope to create. 

Literally fuck me up @ every character in Code Geass. 

happy national siblings day from the britannian royal family

(Lelou kills Clovis)

(Lelou accidentally Geasses Euphie causing her to SLAUGHTER THOUSANDS)

(and then shoots her through the heart)

(Charles kills V.V. and steals his immortality code)

(Despite Lelou screaming at fake-bro Rolo that he hates him, Rolo sacrifices his life for Lelou)

(Schniezel guns down Cornelia)

(And after an entire series of trying to build a better world for his sister, Lelou Geasses Nunnally and leaves her helpless and immobile)

(and a few months later dies gruesomely in front of her in an elaborately choreographed death scene and she sobs that now she can never be happy)