Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself

1) I was born in Bergen County, NJ (teaneck nj). Moved around 5 times within the same county (palisades park, paramus, fort lee, ridgefield, leonia) until i moved to Central, NJ when i was 11 years old.

2) My longest relationship was 2 years. Shortest was 2 weeks, but i don’t even count that. 

2) I might have experienced almost every kind of extracurricular activity possible. i think my mom wanted me to be some super kid. growing up, i had lessons in: swimming, ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, tap dance, hip hop dance, tennis, softball, violin, viola, piano, snowboarding, ice skating, gymnastics, cheerleading, bowling, rock climbing, basketball, tae kwon do, skiing, archery, golf, etc. - i forgot 50% of these things today..

3) I used to draw & paint everyday for 10+ hrs/day before and during college. I kind of miss it..

4) My hair color changes when the seasons change haha

5) I love food, korean, italian, chinese, japanese, mediterranean, etc. Only thing i can honestly say i’m not picky with is FOOD. I kind of want to start a food blog.

6) I had this random obsession with pandas ever since my first trip to the zoo when i was 8 and i came face to face with a baby one but now i love red pandass

7) My memory is like an elephant’s. I can never forget a person’s face or their first impression on me. This sucks because when i watch a scary movie i the scary images stay in my brain. wahhhh

8) I have four piercings; 2 on each lobe. I used to have a cartilage but that closed up. i might get it re-pierced & a couple more 

9) A lot of friends and ppl i know come to me for relationship advice, and I always feel like I give out the right advice, but I can never follow my own advice when it comes to my own situations. Thankfully there haven’t been any “situations” in a long time. phew!

10) I have too many interests, i might be the most curious person you meet; i find inspiration in everything, i’m easily amused, I love interesting designs, architecture, and landscapes, i listen to every genre of music except heavy metal, and people know me as “the girl who never sleeps” ☺