Astro Reaction: to you returning their sweater after it no longer smells like them

MJ (Myungjun) :

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He would look at you confused as you handed him back his sweater – the one he had been desperately searching for just a few months prior. With a slight blush to your face you would tell him why you had taken it and why you were giving it back. At first his face would remain passive before he suddenly started laughing at you, finding your dilemma so cute and borderline ridiculous. Next time he went away you’d find a whole outfit on your bed – socks, pants, shirt, sweater, everything, all his own clothing, with a note  “For when you miss me.” 


Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

He had been on a mission for days looking for that sweater and had asked you before if you had seen it – you had said no. That’s why once he saw you with it he’d call you out, hollering at you, telling you to get your butt over to him instantly. He’d explain to you that he needed that sweater for an interview or something but once you explained why you were handing it back his lips would part in awe before he’d put that chessy smile of his on his face. He’d be so touched and immediately give you another sweater to replace it – spoiling you was his second job.

Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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He would see you walk towards him wearing the sweater and would initially be confused as to how you got hold of it. Once you explained to him why you had it and why you were returning it, he would be slightly embarrassed, as he had been caught off guard. But then he would grin, smiling at you brightly. “You missed me that much?” You would hit him on the arm lightly but he would pull you to him, cuddling you in his arms. From then on he’d let you take whatever you wanted from him when he was away, not caring at all if his favourite hoodie went missing next.


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He’d be a bit bashful himself and soon you were both blushing. You blushed because you were very much embarrassed. He blushed because he was so touched that you loved him and missed him that much; he couldn’t handle how cute your actions were. The fact that you had just taken his clothes not a problem at all. To play off his bashfulness he’d crack a joke to remove the current, slightly suffocating, atmosphere, “I’ll trade one of my sweaters for one of yours!”


Rocky (Minhyuk):

You’d come to him an arm stretched out with sweater in hand. At first he would be confused as to why you were giving him his sweater. Upon noticing his expression you would immediately explain to him your problem. He would start laughing instantly, a full on laugh, teeth and everything. He would take the sweater from you putting it on, claiming that the issue was now solved and then immediately hug you; continuously commenting on how cute you were before whispering in your ear “You don’t need a sweater, you just need me.”



He would not have noticed, at all, that you had taken his sweater. Truthfully this wasn’t your first time taking it either, it was your fifth, however he was leaving soon and you didn’t have the time to take one from him, so you asked. The child would be genuinely confused thinking you were giving him the sweater to help him pack, “Thanks but it’s going to be a bit too hot there for that.” You would giggle at his comment before bashfully explaining the real reason you were giving him his sweater. Upon hearing you he’d slowly grin before wiggling his eyebrows playfully “I’ve got loads more.”



Astro Reaction: “Were You Waiting?”

Characters: Astro / Reader
Genre: Fluff
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Myungjun (MJ):
He would have been out with one of the boys, probably Jinwoo, at a cafe when he saw you. He noticed that you keep glancing at your watch; two cups of coffee on your table. After half an hour, Myungjun sees you sigh, packing your things. You’d apologize to the waiter, who had been a bit annoyed with you. He recognizes the look on your face as embarrassment and immediately walks up to you, smiling.
“Honey~ were you waiting long?”

The two of you would get closer as time goes on, despite the fact that he wasn’t your date.

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Jinwoo (JinJin):
Like Myungjun, he was at the same restaurant as you and had been for well over half an hour. Jinwoo would notice how you kept glancing at the door and would feel bad for you. You had obviously dressed up, expecting somebody; disappointment radiating off of you. He couldn’t deny you attractiveness, although he blushed a lot when one of the boys pointed out that he was staring. When you had been sitting at your table alone for an hour, he finally stood up and went to you.
“Hello, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re alone. Is this seat taken?”
This man boy would try to be smooth but would fail, stumbling over his words cutely. It wouldn’t take long for you to feel better after being stood up.

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):
Unlike his hyungs, Dongmin would actually witness you being ditched by your date. After watching your date leave, he would see how hurt and embarrassed you were. Upon noticing the amount of people who were staring at you, he’d walk up to your table, guiding you toward the exit.
“Forget him– let’s go get some coffee. I know this great cafe down the road.”
Although you’d be a bit wary when he walked up to you, you’d warm up to him after realizing that he was just being nice.

*i’m screaming omg eunwoo is a perfect human being i swear*

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Bin (Moonbin): *am i the only one who was confused over his name*
When he walked into the restaurant with the boys, he wouldn’t immediately see you. He’d only notice you after they walked passed your table. Astro just so happened to sit behind you, so he was able to hear you talk when your phone rang. He’d eavesdrop without noticing, raising his eyebrows at your angry tone. When he found out that you were stood up he’d leave his own table, confusing the hell out of the boys, and sit across from you, smiling awkwardly.
“ It’s nice to meet you I’m Bin, but you can call me Moonbin.”
“Um, I–”

While you appreciated the thought, you’d probably send him back to his table after seeing how awkward and subtly stressed the boy was. Before you left, you’d ask for his number, claiming you wanted to buy him a drink in return for trying.

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Minhyuk (Rocky):
Honestly, Minhyuk went to the almost empty cafe because he had a bit of a headache and didn’t want to talk to anyone. His mindset would change when he’d notice you quietly crying at your corner table. Literally no one else was in the cafe except for a few workers behind the counter. Slowly, he’d walk to your table and cautiously sit down.
“Hey, are you okay? I’ll buy you a drink, what do you want?”
“It’s fine–”

After ordering two hot chocolates, despite your protests, he’d listen to your story. He’d do his best to make you smile, his headache the last of his worries.

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He just wanted his burgers when he and the boys arrived at the fast food restaurant. He’d notice you sitting across from a guy who was on his phone. Sanha would probably be a bit weirded out; why were you so dressed up at a fast food place?? When he was nearly finished his burger, the two of you began to argue over the quality of your dates. After the guy dumped his drink on you, storming out, he’d make his way to you to ask if you were okay.
“Oh my gosh, that was so rude of him… are you okay? Wait of course you’re not okay, you just got a drink dumped on you–”
He’d get nervous and shy after realizing he walked up to an attractive af person, but he’d still be worried about you.

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‘You & Me (Thanks Aroha)’

Do you remember us from that warm spring day?
We couldn’t hide our awkwardness
It was my first time feeling that way
Everything was so beautiful, especially when I looked at you

When I’m with you, things become sweet
I can’t believe it

I’m your sunflower, you’re my light
I’m happy because we’re looking at the same place
I hope we’ll be together and create our own story
Wanna walk together? On this flower road ahead?

you you you and me and
you you you and thank you
you you you
Our pictures that we’ll draw out together
When I’m tired and struggling, I think of you
I thought of something good, it’s you all

The reason I fell for AROHA, listen up
Problems I thought were easy, you solved for me
You made me strong and came to me sweetly
You make my heart feel so calm

I’ll be good, I’ll give you more love so you’ll be surprised
I’ll give it all to you guys
Let’s be forever, until the end
It’s what we felt when we first met, it’s destiny
Let’s be together, let’s make heaven together

Each moment feels like a movie
I’m getting curious

I’m your sunflower, you’re my light
I’m happy because we’re looking at the same place
I hope we’ll be together and create our own story
Wanna walk together? On this flower road ahead?

Do you remember? The day we first saw each other?
We were so shy back then
When I see you, I feel so happy
Whatever you want, I’ll always be with you

When things get complicated
I’ll sing a song for you

Wanna walk together, one step, two steps, three steps?
I can only be happy if you’re by my side
One step, two steps, three steps, whenever you’re feeling tired
Wanna walk together? On this flower road ahead?

you you you and me and
you you you and thank you
you you you
Our pictures that we’ll draw out together
When I’m tired and struggling, I think of you
I thought of something good, it’s you all

Reacción: ASTRO cuando te oyen gritar desde el baño porque te ha venido la regla


Vendría preocupado hasta el baño y se empezaría a reir en cuanto le dijeras lo que pasaba. No se podría creer lo exagerada que eras y simplemente seguiría con lo suyo.


“¿Estás bien jagi? ¿Necesitas algo?" 

A Eunwoo también le causaría bastante gracia tu reacción, pero también se preocuparía un poco al saber que te había llegado la regla y te ofrecería ir a comprarte compresas o comida que se te antojara.


"¿Todo bien ahí dentro jagi? ¿Por qué has gritado?”


Se pondría a reir a carcajadas por tu exajerada reacción, aunque al igual que JinJin no le daría mucha más importáncia que eso.


“Pero… ¿Segurísimo que estás bien? ¿No necesitas nada? ¿Es solo que estás en esos días…?”


Probablemente gritaría de vuelta porque le habrías asustado.