@onthighsbelongtotaemin God damn it rofl I’m not satisfied with it because it’s been forever since I used colored pencils, but here she is for now. I might redo it eventually but right now I’m pooped. :P This is really the only part that’s done, but I did do more and gave up, but I did include Onguns and Onthighs so mwahahahaha (under the cut)

You can see where I stopped caring. XD

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dear lord,

i know its been a while but i really need you. not cause my life has become a pile of crap but that i really miss you. i really miss talking to you. i hate having to deal with this alone and i know this is my punishment for leaving you and turning to drugs and other bad things so here i am, begging you to forgive me for my past deeds. i know its a bit late but its better then nothing right? i love you lord and i know you’ll forgive me cause you love me so i wont have to worry right..? sigh. hopefully you read this with all the other peoples problem.