Delight Member Profiles


Sub vocal / Rapper

Real name: 박주현 / Park Joohyun

Date of birth: September 8, 1992

Height: 168cm

Weight: 47kg

Eun Sae,  은새

lead singer

Real name: 박지선/Park Jisun

Date of birth: December 7, 1993

Height: 164cm

Weight: 41kg

Yeon Du, 연두

lead singer

Real name: 이연주/Lee Yeonju

Date of Birth: June 18, 1994

Height: 165cm

Weight: 43kg

Tae Hee, 태희

Sub vocal / Rapper / Maknae

Real name: 김태희/KIm Taehee

Date of Birth: August 22, 1994

Height: 169cm

Weight: 46kg

Member profiles

Eun Sae,  은새

  • lead singer
  • Real name: 박지선
  • Date of birth: December 7, 1993
  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 41kg

Yeon Du, 연두

  • Leader, main vocalist
  • Real name: 이연주
  • Date of Birth: June 18, 1994
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 43kg

Tae Hee, 태희

  • Sub vocal / Rapper
  • Real name: 김태희
  • Date of Birth: August 22, 1994
  • Height: 169cm
  • Weight: 46kg

Sumin, 수민

  • Real name: 우수민
  • Date of Birth: September 13th 1993
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 48kg

Jae-won (Jae-One), 재원

  • Real name: 배재원
  • Date of Birth: July 15th 1996
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 46kg

Previous members:

SooA, 수아 [joined the group apparently on July 2013, left after “School Bell” promotions]

  • Real name: 유수현
  • Date of Birth: September 29, 1991
  • Height:163 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg

Kelly [Left the group after Mega Yak promotions]

  • Sub vocal / Rapper / Main dancer / Leader
  • Real name: 박주현
  • Date of birth: September 8, 1992
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 47kg

딜라잇 (Delight) - 내가 없냐! (Hate You!) MV

3. just another love story [jungkook]

genre: angst; fluff(?);

word Count: 2624 Words

AaargHHH!” you wailed, clutching your elbow in despair. Your group members giggled heartily at the sight of your pain, clutching their stomachs due to their never ending laughter. You let go of your arm, rolling your eyes at the older girls.

“That,” Sunmi, the oldest of your group, emphashized “Was hilarious!” she squealed, brushing her blue locks out of her face. You shook your head playfully at her, stirring your cup of hot chocolate.

“How could you just let her get away like that? You could’ve beaten her!” Eunsae, the lead dancer, said, wiping the tears of joy spilling from her eyes. You thought about it for a while, but then shrugged at the question.

“I just didn’t want to let Johyun-unnie lose again.” you replied, taking a sip of the beverage.

“Yah!” Johyun exclaimed, hitting your arm lightly. You giggled, watching them bicker amongst themselves.

Today was one of the rare days your newly debuted group, Sonyeo, got a break.

It had only been a few months since the four of you debuted under JYP Entertainment, therefore you could still go out without being mobbed by crowds of fans, but you were glad. Perhaps those were the last days you could at least pretend to be a normal person.

You were the maknae and lead vocal, only the age of fourteen at the time of debut, and the first at that. Most idols would only debut once they reached fifteen or over, but you had surpassed the national standards, or so they said.

The sound of squealing snapped you out of your thoughts, making you snap your head towards the source of the sound.

You were suprised for your eyes to be met with a small crowd of girls standing at the door of the café, two employees being the only thing blocking them off from rampaging into the small room.

Johyun tugged at your sleeve frantically, tilting your head towards the other girls who were already making their way out of the back door. You grabbed your purse, standing up and rushing over to the glass door, trailing slightly behind the other girls.

Fortunately, you escaped just in time for the girls to push past the guards and run into the room.

Running in heels definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do, making you stumble into a figure in front of you as they appeared from behind a corner. You fell to the floor along with the stranger.

“Omo. Jeoseonghabnida!” you exclaimed, standing back up, bowing furiously at the stranger. To your luck, the stranger just chuckled, assuring you that it was okay before standing himself up as well.

 He scanned your face for a while until he seemed to catch on on who you were.

“You’re Y/F/N from Sonyeo!” the boy exclaimed. You giggled, nodding your head. His baby like face lit up as he pulled an empty napkin and a stub of a pencil from his pockets and shoving it into your hands. “Can I have your autograph?” he asked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck as you took the items into your hands.

“Sure! What’s your name?” you asked, propping your handbag so it was hanging off your elbow.

“Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook.” he said eagerly. You finished signing the napkin and handed them back to him.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jeon Jungkook.” you giggled, petting his shoulder. You looked over his shoulder, seeing your manager waving you over. You looked back to Jungkook. “I have to go now. Bye!”

“Bye…” he murmured, but you were already down the street and into the black van.


You collapsed onto the wooden floor in a fit of sweat.

The music had long drowned out of the speakers, and the only thing now filling your ears was the footsteps of Eunsae as she turned the music off, and the both of your heavy pants filling the room.

You ran your fingers through your now dyed brown hair, struggling to catch up with your breath.

The door swung open before you could register what was going on, revealing the missing two from your group, camera in hand and heading towards you like a comet.

“Waa~ Who is this Sunmi-ah?” Johyun commentated, kneeling down alongside Sunmi in front of you.

“It’s our hard working maknae, Johyun-ssi!” she replied perkily. You pouted, covering your sweaty and bare face from the camera.

“What do you have to say for out one year anniversary today, Y/N?” Johyun asked, removing your hands from your face.

One year had already passed.

How time could fly by so fast.

Two of your comebacks had already finished with a big boom, your fanbase already expanding in size throughout the whole world.

Your billboards were now plastered around town for your latest comeback promotions which had came to and end only a few weeks ago. It was the life you always asked for as a kid, and all the years of hard work had finally been put to use.

“Ne! I’d like to thank all our fans for supporting us since the beggining, and even new fans we love you as well. Please continue to support and anticipate our work and we will do our best to perform on stage and do promotional activities for you the best we can! Gamsahabnida!” you announced, blowing a kiss towards the camera.

“Do aegyo for us!” Eunsae exclaimed, walking towards the three of you from the other side of the room.

“Yeah! Do aegyo!” Johyun agreed, shoving the camera more into you face.

“Ah! I don’t want to!” you whined. The three exchanged familiar glances, which were far too suspicious to not mean anything. They looked back at you, menacing grins on their face, and before you knew it, they attacked you with tickles.

“Do. Aeg. Yo!” Eunsae spat out between attacks. You kicked them off of you one by one.

“Okay!” you shouted, still recovering from the laughs. “I’ll so aegyo! Sheesh!’ you mumbled, watching as Johyun came closer.

“Yay!” she squealed, zooming it into your face.

Taking a deep breath in, you began doing a series of pouty faces followed by a few weird squeaky sounds coming out of your mouth and the muffled ‘aww’s coming from your unnies.

The door swung open once again, this time revealing the face of your manager.

“Girls. We have a meeting.” you all nodded, standing up, grabbing your duffellbags and following closely behind your manager.


The four of you had already changed into your clothes as you walked into the dimly lit room.

As you sat down, you looked up only to see seven young-looking boys sitting across from you, their manager sitting directly in front of yours.

“Let’s get started.”


There you found yourself awkwardly sitting infront of two boys around your age, nervously fiddling with the hem of your yellow summer dress.

“So,” the boy with the plump lips and black hair begun, sticking his hand out at you. “I’m Jimin.”

You looked up at him, obviously aware that he was a few years older than you. The fear and nervousness you felt reflected in your eyes quite obviously as you hesitantly shook his hand.

“This is Jungkook.” he said, pushing the boy hiding behind him to the front. Your eyes locked and you recognized the mop of black hair and pale face before you.

“J-Jungkook?” you stuttered lowly, eyes widening. He quickly lowered his head, scuttling back to his position behind Jimin. Jimin chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah. He’s a bit shy…” he trailed off. “Anyway! Let’s start on this song!”

You nodded, grabbing the piece of paper in front of you.


“YAH! JEON JUNGKOOK!” you shouted, running as fast as your small feet could take you. Your brown locks were now flying in midair, the soft breeze of Summer hitting your skin and you trailed behind the older boy. “GIVE ME MY SONG BOOK!”

“NEVER!” he shouted back, flailing his arms in the air. You came to a stop, pouting as you crossed your arms over your chest.

He seemed to notice, because as soon as you did so, he turned around, a look of confusion on his face. He approached you slowly, scanning every crook and nanny of your pouting face.

As he was distracted, you quickly snatched the pink book from his hands, sticking your tongue out at him.

“HA!” and with that you ran towards the building, Jungkook running after you.

Thanks to your lack of energy from chasing him around the whole yard twice, you eventually slowed down, allowing Jungkook to stealthily wrap his broad arms around your waist.

You instinctively flinched away from his touch, only to send the both of your tumbling towards the ground. 

His body lay frozen on top of yours, his hot breath apparent above your pink lips.


He lowered his head towards your, pressing your lips together before you could continue you sentence, kissing them tenderly, as if you were a piece of fragile glass that needed to be taken care of. To be cherished.


“You’re the cuter one~” you cooed, putting a spot of whipped cream onto Jungkook’s nose. He smirked, at you doing the same onto your pale nose.

“No way. You’re the cuter one~” he cooed in reply, kissing the whipped cream off of your nose. You giggled at him, pecking his lips.

“You guys are disgusting!” Eunsae exclaimed, gagging along with the other members of your two bands.

“You seriously weren’t joking when you said you weren’t dating for publicity.” Yoongi sneered from the love seat. You rolled your eyes at the other before turning to Jungkook and kissing his nose.

He had a look of somewhat guilt on his face, but you couldn’t tell.


With your pizza box in hand, and two refreshing boba teas, you unlocked the door to the boy’s dorm silently with the key they had given you, careful not to give yourself away. It was meant to be a suprise after all.

You set the pizza box onto their counter, moving the pizza onto a plate.

After all the preparations were done, you made your way to Jungkook’s bedroom.

The other members said that he was sleeping when they left with your unnies to movie night, so you were careful not to wake him up also.

Sobs were coming from inside the door, along with Jungkook’s soft voice.

You froze in your tracks.

No. He couldn’t.

You chuckled softly to yourself, resting your hand over the golden doorknob.

Taking a deep breath in, you pushed the door open, only to freeze as the sight beholded in front of you.

Tears ran down your face no matter how much his voice rang in your ears.

It’s not like you didn’t suspect it.

Kang Gyuri.

She was Jungkook’s best friend.

He had told you they were only friends from day one, but you had always knew that there was definitely something more between the two.

Whether it was the gazes that lingered quite too long for comfort, or the brushes skin against skin, he would always act up and stare at her.

She was physically striking, with her black hair that hung just under her shoulder, and her baby face that looked just like Jungkook’s. Her legs were long and beautiful, her figure not as slim as yours, but somehow enough to compete with.

They had been childhood friends, Seokjin had informed you that day, and you were a fool to have believed it.

Cliché as it sounds, you felt distant from Jungkook after the six months of busy schedules.

Fans spammed your Twitter and Instagram everyday with cute fanarts and messages.You loved them, of course, but Jungkook would refrain from even taking as to one glance at them.

You knew that love wasn’t always going to turn out like the fairytales as you believed when you were five and paranoid. You understood the struggles of having a family. Your parents had fights during your younger days, but they eventually made up. Maybe that’s what encouraged you to keep holding on.

But you knew that your relationship wasn’t going to last forever.

So there you were, staring at your boyfriend of six months with his lips pressed onto another’s.

They both looked like deers caught in headlights as they saw you standing at the door.

You covered your mouth, hoping to drown out the muffled sobs pouring out from your colour-drained lips. He stood up, walking towards you slowly and cupping your cold cheeks from the harsh winter weather.

“Y-Y/N. Ju-”

You ran.

You ran as fast as your thin legs could take you, completely ignoring the muffled screams from Jungkook behind you. Your feet were bare, possibly leaving marks that would definitely stay forever in the memory of the day.


Stay Away! Annyeonghaseyo! Sonyeo Imnida!

“Sonyeo is back on Weekly Idol, for the second time with since Doni was sick and they blew up within the music industry!” Coni announced cheerfully, throwing strands of confetti into the air. The four of you giggled at the older man’s actions, clapping along with him.

“So, now it is the new year of 2016, Sonyeo, what are your New Years resolutions?” Doni asked.

“Well, Sonyeo’s New Years resolution this year is to attend more entertainment shows and to do better for our fans. Saranghae~” Johyun said, making love heart shapes with her hands.

“Aigoo~ Don’t be so modest! Y/N-ah will be turning nineteen this year, almost an adult! How are you feeling?” Coni asked, wriggling his eyebrows at you.

“Well, I wan’t to learn how to play the piano this year.” you shrugged casually. Doni an Coni nodded their heads, making ‘ahh’ sounds.

“I see. So, Sonyeo is coming back with their new song, Joy Ride! Please tell us what it is about.”

“Well, Joy Ride is a song about the ups and downs of being in love and relationships and it shows that love isn’t always what you would expect it to be. It’s a fun song that makes you want to dance and jump!” Eunsae explained.

“Now it is time for the Weekly Idol Special segment! Random Dance Play! Music please!” Doni announced, backing up with Coni as the four of you began to dance.


“Unnie, I don’t need help going to the bathroom. I’m not fourteen anymore!” you whined, stomping your feet as you and Johyun exited the Weekly Idol stage. She snorted at your remark, fixing her snapback onto her head.

“Try telling that to the time you got lost in the auditorium during our America tour.” you scoffed at her comment, putting a hand over your chest and gasping.

“That was once! When I was sixteen!” you hissed at the older girl. Rolling your eyes at her, you pointed over your shoulder towards the are of the bathroom. “I’m going now. And don’t try to follow me.”

And with that you made your way towards the women’s room.

Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be, making you walk around the maze of a building for a solid five minutes.

You sighed, exasperated, walking around another corner, only to collide with a bigger figure.

“Jeosonghabnida.” you apologized before walking further down the hallway. To your luck, the sign for the women’s room was just around the corner.

The boy looked over his shoulder, squinting his eyes at the familiar figure when a voice boomed down the halls.

“WAIT! Y/N-AH! YOU LEFT YOUR PHONE OPEN WITH THIS REALLY HANDSOME IDOL’S PICTURE! WAIT!” Johyun screamed hysterically, brushing past the boy and towards the women’s room.

“Y/N…” he whispered under his breath, nodding softly to himself.




딜라잇 (Delight) - 학교종이 땡땡땡 (Teaser 1) 


Mega Yak blindfolded dance practice