Let’s just summarized chaeki’s relationship as to why this both should really end up together/ or why they are already together then.

Coincidence or fate?

1: 2011 kbs popularity award they met, sjk was mentioned in mcw speech, why of all the things that was said, sjk words caught her attn the most.

2: mcw n mgy won best couple, yoo ah in n sjk won best couple.

3:sjk BFF is kwang soo n mcw is mgy.

4: sharing of scripts most probably because chae won’s script has a lot of beneficial notes

5: sharing of hot packs like its the only One on set.

6: favourite scene, aomori kiss !!

7: sjk gets shy around mcw unlike how he usually behaves with other co star. Mcw instead is the more touchy one. Ehem ehem cue( back hug bts in ep 17, bts pic in the hospital where she lean on his shoulder when camera is obviously not rolling, smacking sjk in bts ep 17 n the angry scene)

8: both seems to want to settle down before turning 40.

9: both are happy filming nice guy n needed time to get out of their respective characters.

10: mcw keeps mentioning sjk name n chakkan namja every now n then in interview, speech. Sjk refrain frm mentioning mcw unless it’s partnered with someone’s else’s name. Even during the award, her name got partnered with psy n kwang soo, whereas chae won single him out as his partner

Well they do say opposite attracts;)

11: couple award, both wants it

12: they are the only ones who did not bow to each other, n pretty much informal, only when ppl are close enough with each other they can do that.

13: chae won wants someone who has a single eyelid, n sjk someone with gorgeous legs.

14: both take their acting seriously n passionately.

15: they are the only couple who switch their trophy n bouquet.

16: they got the couple,netizen and excellence award together. I think what makes it special than the one mcw won with psh is that, this time mcw actually gave the award to sjk.( argh and the fact that they look at each other n shake each other hands n smiling so sweetly makes my heart burst!)

17: mcw look into the audience when she said my partner sjk, n the fact that sjk made it in time to hear that is just so much love, he can actually compose himself backstage n not try to go back to his sit until he is calmed down, it even looks like he actually rush to be there on time to hear mcw speech.

18: both have not manage to give a convincing denial on their relationship when asked, don’t know if there will be one like pby in future, but I hope it never happens so that this ship probability of being real will remain.

19: mcw gushes n gets all embarrassed upon hearing sjk name, sjk getting all flustered ard mcw.

20;both ever held their Samsung note upside down! ( credit this to kgrl n mulberry9 at the chaeki thread in soompi for noticing)

20: both trying to pretend they are nothing to each other but failing tremendously.

Another coincidences on this two is their obvious Telepathic gestures, during the couple award, we can see how both of them tilt their heads in sync at one point, then they was a part they laugh covering their mouth, mcw pucker her lips when watching the kissing scene afterwards it was sjk turn.

During the fancam we can totally see how both them just stood there with their hands clasping. If that’s not telepathy I don’t want what is. If someone spent too much time with someone everything that do seems to be in sync

And the raising of eyebrow when talking, there was this bts scene where sjk raised his eyebrow while talking to mcw at the dining table, n during an interview I’ll provide the gifs but I don’t know how haha, but I think all of us here have seen it that it’s embedded in our memory, then mcw also raised her eyebrow when answering the question during the couple award, n also in the fancam we can see her doing it also well maybe this is kinda of irrelevant but I just think that the similarities are just so obvious we can’t really ignore it.

I don’t know if I left anything out, but I think this is pretty much what makes them so compatible with one another .

I know I sound just like a delusional chaekier but I can’t help it with this two, if they don’t end up together it’s like going against fate.

Oh n I know this is kinda nonsensical haha but I like the fact that during the beginning of script reading of ng, mcw wore a striped shirt, then during the end party it was sjk wearing striped shirt tho not the same color, however I did noticed sjk also have that black and white striped shirt, maybe perhaps they even have a thing for stripe shirt Haha.

Ppl say opposite attracts but with this two there a bit of opposites n similarities that makes it like they really are meant for each other.

It’s with the help of other burning toast in soompi chaeki thread, that i’m able to write this summary, some of the things that happened I wouldn’t have notice if they haven’t pointed it out.;)

Credit to eunmaru qoute for the pic;)

I think this should be my last post on this two.or maybe until 2013 kbs award that is. Haha I should just conclude to myself that this two are already dating.

ok fine let me be delusional. Chaeki is real until proven otherwise. ;p