[UNPOPULAR OPINION] About Bunny Style sub-units...

I won’t comment on each of their singles anymore since all are equally okay. Each has its own charisma and plus points so yeah. The sub-units are what I’m quite concerned about.

I liked Soyeon and Areum Sub-unit’s Sign the most. Their voices blended well and it was a great combination for a ballad :) No question about that. I kept repeating the song over and over again. There’s just something in the song that kept me hooked to it.

Qri and Boram Sub-unit’s Soap Bubbles was fun to listen to. The melody is really refreshing and so entertaining. It’s like their voices were really meant for this song!  It was an okay combination as well.

This sub-unit was what I anticipated the most but it turned out that their special stage Choo choo train (x) was even more appealing than Dangerous love. I don’t know what went wrong with Dangerous love but I’m a little disappointed with how the song turned out to be. I’m a fan of EunJiMin (in fact, choo choo train was really daebak; how I wished they had a studio version of it) but the chorus part of Dangerous love made me cringe so much, or maybe it’s just me, actually the verses were okay but the chorus really ruined the song; I don’t know for you but I just don’t fancy it.