Spent a fair while yesterday talking to Sina. Must’ve wandered up while I was having a little bit of a nap, sitting ‘round outside. Can’t quite remember how we got onto that topic, but asked her if she’d put any thought into bringing Rurik through to Draenor, now that we know things’re a little more stable this side of the portals than we’d thought to start off. Said she’s waiting until things over in Talador’ve calmed down a little, mentioned something about planning on settling down there. As it turns out, she’s not actually planning on coming back to Azeroth any time soon. Not permanently, at least. Sounds like she’s banking on either being able to hop back and forth through the portals whenever there’s anything much going on back on Azeroth or us setting up some kind of branch of the Sigil on Draenor. Guess I couldn’t say for certain without talking to Agnes, but doubt the latter’s gonna be a happening thing. Having seen the way things’ve gone on Azeroth with the Sigil since most people left, doubt splitting people up’s likely to do much for our effectiveness. As for the former…I don’t know. Not easy to get back and forth through the portals now. Don’t know whether it’s likely to get easier once the military doesn’t need them anymore, or if they’ll even keep them open at that stage. Not exactly pleasant to think about what the situation’d be if they didn’t…not like Sina doesn’t care about Azeroth or anything, doesn’t care about the Sigil, but Draenor’s more her home than Azeroth ever could’ve been. Maybe not this Draenor, but one that’s pretty similar. Her family’s here, or something close to it. Even if it meant never seeing the Sigil again, don’t know she could bear to leave them. Guess there’s some consolation in thinking it’s gonna be a fair while yet until the situation Draenor’s been dealt with, ‘til people do start looking at packing up and heading home.

Would’ve been talking to her for a few hours or so, in the end. We’d just been talking a little about Osbern’s books when this other guy showed up. Turns out she’s never actually sat down and read any of them…strikes me as a little strange, but guess it’s something that’s between the two of them. Anyway, name of the guy who turned up was Tarmikos Fletcher. Paladin of one kind or another. Didn’t say where, exactly, but got the impression he’s been pretty heavily involved in fighting against the Iron Horde since he got to Draenor. Said it’s his purpose to wield a blade in the name of the Light, strike down anybody who’d try do evil, taint the world with darkness. Like a slightly better-mannered version of Stehl, almost. Think he might’ve impressed Eunie a little, way he was talking about it. Don’t know he made quite the same impression on this gnome who was there. Mathen, I think he said his name was. Said something about being a First War observer. Not exactly sure what that means, ‘part from the fact that he was there in some capacity or another, saw enough to get to thinking that there’s no way for war to really be a good thing. Inclined to agree with him on that one, although it’s not like we really have a choice about it a lot of the time. Even if everybody forgot about all the old grudges they’ve got and we didn’t have things between the Horde and Alliance to worry about, still plenty of other people out there looking to cause trouble, groups like the Legion, individuals with a couple screws loose. Lucky for Tarmikos, probably not gonna be a little while until there’s no more need for somebody willing to pick up a weapon to protect people. Spent about ten years now hoping the world’d settle down one of these days. Hasn’t worked yet.

Anyway, that was, uh…not the lightest of conversations. Did get to talking about some slightly more positive stuff after those two left and it was just Eunie and me left out there. She’s apparently been managing to talk to this one Draenei woman lately who seems to’ve taken a fair bit of interest in Gloria. Not the only person around who has. I’ve noticed a few residents taking notice when I’ve been wandering around either carrying her or with her in her pouch. Guess it’s not all that unexpected, considering none of them’ve seen a human baby up until now. Must be interesting.  I mean, guess I didn’t have a parent’s perspective on things back then, but was for me when I first saw a draenei kid. Course, get looks on occasion even when I’m on my own, although not sure I like those ones quite so much. Guess that’s not unexpected either. I mean, not like people adjusted all that quickly to worgen back on Azeroth, and druids’d already been wandering around changing forms all over the place for a few years by then. Like Eunie said, isn’t really anything on Draenor for worgen to get compared to. Guess as long as people’re still willing to have us around, talk to us here and there, could be worse. Anyway, story with the woman Eunie’d been talking to is that she’s something a little like a combination between a teacher and a nanny. Said she’d be willing to take care of Gloria for us for a little while, if ever we need it, I guess on account of being curious about her. Figured it might not be all that bad of an idea to take her up on that. Like Eunie said, it’s good for everybody. She gets to spend a little time with a human kid and the two of us get to take some time off, spend an evening together, maybe take a trip somewhere. Think Eunie’s pretty keen on heading west one of these days, seeing what Karabor’s like. Figure there are plenty of worse ways than that to spend a day.