eunice wangari

African American Hair: Essential Hair Care Tips, Braiding & Styling for Black Women

Eunice Wangari

Top stylist Eunice Wangari reveals everything you could possibly need to know about Afro American hair, styling and braiding.

• Understanding Afro American Hair Structure
• Common Myths Debunked
• Essential Hair Care Tips
• Going Natural with Healthy Hair Products
• How to Maintain Clean, Healthy Hair
• How to Avoid Hair Loss
• All About Braiding and Maintenance

In “African American Hair – New Edition” Not only will you discover how to care and manage your hair in tip top condition, you will also learn how to avoid the increasing epidemic of loss and thinning hair in African American women by switching to simple methods and using natural products.
Love braids? Like to swap styles and looks? Learn the correct basics by taking advantage of the full benefit of Eunice’s own firsthand experience of working with all types of styles and braids for over 15 years.