eunice pound

ooc irrelevant post on Eunice because I love her

//I know it contradicts canon, but I mean she is a teenage girl in high school, so who’s to say she can’t change her viewpoints and stuff as she ages and stuff.

But like, how fucking cool would it be if instead of being all insecure and self-loathing about her weight and body, Eunice instead just embraced it.  If she was like “yes, I’m fat.  And I’m beautiful, and if you don’t see that, that’s really your problem, not mine.” She doesn’t feel unworthy about what the scale tells her.  And it’s not like she’s shown as delusional or something (because I hate how that happens so often, that it’s a punchline if a fat person, particularly a fat woman, thinks they’re beautiful, because HAR HAR CLEARLY SHE CAN’T BE BEAUTIFUL SHE’S FAT).  Or excessively narcissistic.  But wouldn’t it be pretty cool if she had a positive body image?  If she took unapologetic selfies and flirted and dressed however she wanted (fuck flattering).  If she grew out of the awkward of adolescence, and realized that things getting better, and becoming beautiful, has nothing to do with losing weight at all.  

I mean, just, like, wouldn’t it be cool if Eunice Pound didn’t have to be a punchline to everyone in Bullworth, including herself?  I think that’d be pretty cool.