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The Kennedy Family, one of the most famous political family in America;

Joseph “Joe” Patrick Kennedy Sr, (1888-1969) married Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890-1995) on 1914, with whom he had nine children, including former US President JFK, Senators RFK & Ted Kennedy.

Their nine children:

1. Joseph “Joe” Patrick Kennedy Jr. (1915-1944), died on a naval airplane explosion during Operation Aphrodite.
2. John “Jack” Fitzgerald Kennedy/JFK (1917-1963), was a Member of US Representatives from Massachusetts (1947-1953), Senator of Massachusetts (1953-1960), and later the 35th President of the United States (1961-1963) until his assassination in Dallas, Texas.
3. Rose Marie “Rosemary” Kennedy (1918-2005), had behavioral problems leading to her father’s decision to prefrontal lobotomies, although it failed and left her incapacitated permanently.
4. Kathleen “Kick” Agnes Kennedy (1920-1948), became Marchioness of Hartington upon marrying William Cavendish, Marquess of Harrington on 1944. She died from an airplane crash.
5. Eunice Mary Kennedy (1921-2009), she married Sargent Shriver, US Ambassador to France (under LBJ’s presidency) on 1953. She was the founder of Special Olympics.
6. Patricia “Pat” Helen Kennedy (1924-2006), married English actor Peter Lawford in 1954, but divorced in 1966.
7. Robert “Bobby” Francis Kennedy/RFK (1925-1968), was 64th Attorney General (under his brother JFK’s presidency) (1961-1963), then later US Senator of New York (1965-1968). In 1968, he was the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, however he was assassinated in that same year in Los Angeles, California.
8. Jean Ann Kennedy (1928-), became US Ambassador to Ireland (1993-1998). She married Stephen Smith, a financial analyst and political strategist on 1956. She’s the only surviving child of Joe Kennedy Sr. and Rose Kennedy’s immediate family.
9. Edward “Ted” Moore Kennedy (1932-2009), was US Senator of Massachusetts (1962-2009), and was the 1980 candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, only resulting to loss to President Carter.


President John F. Kennedy addresses the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City on September 25, 1961. Pictured in the audience are: (front row, L-R) unidentified person, Jackie Kennedy, Jean Kennedy, Eunice Shriver, Patricia Lawford, (second row, L-R) Pierre Salinger, Ethel Kennedy, unidentified person and Eleanor Roosevelt. Jackie is wearing a gray tweed suit designed by Givenchy but made by American designer Chez Ninon.


The Kennedys were shaped by their culture, the Kennedys were shaped by their religion, and for them that meant embracing the crowd. They were part of the fabric of the city.” - Chris Kennedy
Michelle Obama honors late Eunice Kennedy Shriver at 2017 ESPYs
One of the most emotional moments at the 2017 ESPYs was when former First Lady Michelle Obama honored the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.
By ABC News

Michael Rothman at ABC News: 

One of the most emotional moments at the 2017 ESPYs was when former First Lady Michelle Obama honored the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Shriver founded the Special Olympics in 1968 and the organization now stands as the world’s largest sports organization for millions of children and adults living with intellectual disabilities in more than 100 countries.

Obama came out to a standing ovation and then said, “I am here tonight to honor a remarkable woman.”

“Through her passionate service, she made the world more welcoming and fair,” she said. “Alongside heroes like Jackie Robinson … Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe, there’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver.”

A heartfelt video then played, featuring children sharing their first-person stories of how their intellectual disabilities negatively affected their lives. Children spoke about “getting shoved in lockers” at school, just because they were different.

Shriver, who died in 2009, was also mother to Maria Shriver and sister of the late President John F. Kennedy. She was inspired to start the Special Olympics because her sister Rosemary was born with intellectual disabilities.

The video explained how at the time when she began her crusade for acceptance, those with intellectual disabilities were institutionalized and marginalized. First, she began Camp Shriver in 1960 as a place for all types of children to compete, then as it grew, she dreamed of something bigger – the Special Olympics.

1960, The first family prepares to pose for the cameras


I would say of all the Kennedy kids, Bobby was the most Irish. He seems to be pretty at home in Ireland and he seems to have sorbed his national identity more than the others because you know to be a young Kennedy was to overcome being Irish. Bobby seemed to actually have fun in these movies, something that he didn’t always have as a little kid. But he had an impish, playful side to him, and it comes through in these movies. Some of his charm, you can see it there as he’s doffing his cap.”  –Evan Thomas in The Lost Kennedy Home Movies


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The Kennedy family in the south of France in the summer of 1939. They lived ina nearby villa but rented a beach cabana at the Hotel Cap d’Antibes, where this photo was taken. Bobby and Jean are in the front row: Jack, Eunice, Joe Sr., and Pat in the middle; Kick, Joe Jr., Rosemary, Rose, and Teddy in the back.