WHY YOU SHOULD L❤VE SUPER JUNIOR ? : with funny quotes  (¬‿¬)

EunHae: I wanna love you, I can’t live without you~ *singing*
Kyuhyun: I wanna kick you, I cannot live with you~

MC: “Was it hard to learn Chinese?”
SiWon:“It was hard.”
DongHae: “It was VERY hard.”
RyeoWook: “It was INCREDIBLY hard.”
KyuHyun: “I Don’t have any words left.”

Siwon: Donghae-ya, try to listen this song. Really nice.. 
Donghae: From Adele? Siwon-a, you have a good sense of music!
Eunhyuk: Donghae-ya, how about OPPA-OPPA??

Eunhyuk was jealous with Kyuhyun’s nickname “Magnae on Top” so he named himself “Treasure on Top”.

Yesung: Baby annyeong, ireon malhajima *singing Monalisa* (don’t say good bye)
Kyuhyun: Then I’m the one who’ll say that to hyung.

RyeoWook: “Hello, I’m SJ’s Ryeowook.”
KyuHyun: “I’m SJ’s strong man Kyuhyun (Usually this is Kangin Intro)”
KangIn: “I’m the cute magnae, Kangin.”

Heechul: “Am I handsome enough?”
Kyuhyun: “Weird enough? Yes hyung”^^

Yesung: Ddangkoma-ya, sincerely I’m in bad mood :”(
Kyuhyun: Because of Ryeowook hyung??
Ryeowook: YA!

Leeteuk: Thank’s for working hard members!! Especially..
Kyuhyun: Especially for the most handsome maknae, named Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun: I can do this kind of rap. JERK JERK JERK!!
Eunhyuk: YA, what kind of lyric is that??
Kyuhyun: Why, hyung? It’s just Joyful and Elegant Rapper-Kyuhyun.

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-a happy birthday.
Eunhyuk: Then hyung should treat me!
Leeteuk: My pocket is kept by Heechul. Ask from him.
Eunhyuk: Ehm.. Then I will just ask from Donghae…

ELF: Oppa, what should I do so that I can be success in my exam? 
Kyuhyun: Keep thinking about me.

ELF: Sick enough to die :(
Kyuhyun: *smell Hyuk’s foot* Smells bad enough to die.

Sungmin: SS4 PARIS (^ㅇ^)// We need to learn the language!
Voice: I know! Gracias?
Kyuhyun: It has to be Donghae hyung’s voice!

*singing Marry U* 
Sungmin: Pyeongsaeng gyeothe isseulke, I do..
Kyuhyun: I do <3
Ryeowook: Neol saranghaneungeol, I do…
Kyuhyun: I do not. (I can’t kkk xd)

Leeteuk: Should I pluck a star? *singing Superman*
Kyuhyun: Just pluck me a milkshake, hyung. I’m thirsty.

Donghae: Oppa-oppa Japanese version^^
Kyuhyun: Do you know what is “oppa oppa” in Japanese, hyung? 
Donghae: Ehm..

Kyuhyun: *tweet* Oh SHIT!
ELF: Why, oppa??
Kyuhyun: Sorry, my twitter got hacked.

ELF: Oppa, ddangkoma is really lovable!!
Yesung: But I’m more lovable than him!

Ryeowook: Hyung, I cooked this for you. :D
Yesung: Thank you^^
Kyuhyun: Are u sure that this is a HUMAN FOOD?

ELF: Oppa, if I got to WHYSTYLE, can I meet you?
Yesung: If you spend around 500,000 won to shop there, maybe you can.

Ryeowook: I will do fintness regularly so that ELF will love my abs..
Henry: Hyung wanna go to gym? Then let me borrow your iPhone.
Ryeowook: Ehm, I need the camera.. *shy*
Henry: Selca.. AGAIN??

ELF: Oppa, am I pretty enough to be your girlfriend?
Hangeng: You should be prettier than Heesica to be my girlfriend.

Fan: “I love you my Prince Charming, Siwon oppa~”
KyuHyun: “He’s Pastor, not prince charming.”

Eunhyuk: Donghae-ya saranghae! 
Donghae: Eunhyuk-a saranghae!
Ryeowook: Yesung hyung saranghae!
Yesung: Ddangkoma-ya saranghae! *poor Wookie*

MC: “There are 3 members who sing best.Yesung and..”
Kyuhyun: “Ryeowook.”
MC: “Ryeowook and..”
Kyuhyun: “Me.”

ELF: Oppa, your acting in SKIP BEAT were amazing!
Siwon: Thank you 
Donghae: With love from SiHae^^
Eunhyuk: -_- Junsu-ya, gaja!!

Leeteuk: During military service, I think Donghae should be the leader. Kyuhyun: I think I should be the leader of SJ-M and SJ-KRY.

Ryeowook: I’m now watching Skip Beat.
Siwon: I’m now watching BBC channel.
Kyuhyun: And I’m watching Jumong.

Donghae: Heebum is awesome!
Kyuhyun: Donghae hyung, don’t you think that he is more handsome than the owner?

KangIn: “SungMin sleeps with his mouth hanging wide open.”
KyuHyun: “We poured water there once.”
SungMin: “REALLY?”
KyuHyun: “And he still wouldn’t wake up. Amazing.”

Leeteuk: So please welcome our newest couple named HyukSu
Donghae: Then please welcome nicely this SIHAE!

Siwon: U-KISS Is Our Everything on TTWW!
Kyuhyun: ELF let’s change it become Kyuhyun Is Our Everything^^

Leeteuk: Did ELF just said that SUJU is the king of KPOP?? *touched*
Kyuhyun: And I’m the king of maknae… (this kid :) )

Sungmin: “Hello, I’m good looking Sungmin.”
Kyuhyun: “Hello, I’m ugly-Kyuhyun.”
Kangin: “So modest.”

Leeteuk was the worst driver but at least you will survive with Leeteuk, but if DONGHAE was driving, don’t ever hope you’ll survive!!! Donghae is the worst driver according to Eunhyuk and Leeteuk.

Donghae: You know ELF, I’m not perfect. But I’ll try to do my best for you all.
Kyuhyun: I like your first sentence, hyung.

Fan: “Do you want to become my boyfriend?”
SungMin: “Heebum-ah~ they’re calling you!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” *Heebum: Heechul’s cat*

TOP LIST Kyuhyun’s Favorite Bullied Hyung: Ryeowook, Kangin and Yesung.

KyuHyun:“Because there are 13 members, there are many different personalities. But those can become one and show a beautiful harmonization.”
KangIn: “I think all the 13 are good looking, except for the 13th member.”

Siwon: *following TTWW* RIP BIG..
Kyuhyun: RIP Kyuhyun haters.

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