SK Broadcast 2010: [Hyoyeon DJ arrives when Teuk is gone]

EH: “Firstly, Leeteuk is not feeling well today so he’s not here." K.Will: "But why is your expression so bright like this, Eunhyuk?" EH: *laughs* I’m really not happy about it-this is because we are live broadcasting, I’m trying not to show it.” HY: *laughs* Oh, that doesn’t seem like the truth!“

SNSD at Sukira
  • Hyoyeon:Perhaps, did you guys watch the comeback stage?
  • Leeteuk:Yes, we did!
  • Eunhyuk:We did. Of course we did, Hyoyeon.
  • Eunhyuk:Hyoyeon, I can see you well.
  • Hyoyeon:Did you watch it?
  • Eunhyuk:Yes, I watched it!
  • Of course you can see her well, Hyukkie. She's the only one in your eyes ;)

Hyoyeon: I personally think positively all the time. Thanks to the sunbaes, I was always able to practice dancing and singing in a good environment.

Eunhyuk: Hyoyeon was such a great dancer that among the 100 or so trainees, male or female dancers, she stood out the most. Even after practices, everyone would go to ask her for advice.

Hyoyeon: Even Hyukjae came to learn from me….

Eunhyuk: He did, Hyukjae did.

MC: But eunyuk is doing well?

Eunhyuk: Hyukjae wasn’t as good as Hyoyeon but Eunhyuk is doing ok

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