SNSD at Sukira
  • Hyoyeon: Perhaps, did you guys watch the comeback stage?
  • Leeteuk: Yes, we did!
  • Eunhyuk: We did. Of course we did, Hyoyeon.
  • Eunhyuk: Hyoyeon, I can see you well.
  • Hyoyeon: Did you watch it?
  • Eunhyuk: Yes, I watched it!
  • Of course you can see her well, Hyukkie. She's the only one in your eyes ;)
'Unexpected Visitors' Drabble/idek

Hyoyeon was laying around in the lounge room, mindlessly watching television. She was having a pretty bad day; during the night, her neighbours had stayed up late partying loudly, depriving Hyoyeon of the sleep she desperately needed. The hot water system had stopped working for some unknown reason, causing quite a shock when Hyoyeon tried to her have morning shower.  Hyoyeon moped about her tiny apartment, just short of drowning in her self-pity.

Just as Hyoyeon reached her favourite part of the movie she was watching, the sound of her doorbell sang through her small apartment  Hyoyeon grumbled to herself, hardly in the mood for company. Although she wasn’t really dressed for company, still in her warm pajamas, she was brought to her feet by a voice calling out to her.
“Yah, Kim Hyoyeon! Open the door!”
Although it was muffled, Hyoyeon would be able to recognize that voice from a thousand miles away.

Hyoyeon jumped off the couch and ran through the house, caring not for the almost unmanageable mess that was her hair at that time. Hyoyeon tugged the front door open and threw herself at the man waiting at her door. 
“Hyukjae-ah, you’re back!’ Hyoyeon wrapped her arms around her boyfriends neck and hugged him tightly. Slightly startled, Hyukjae hugged the blonde girl back, and then he chuckled. 
"Miss me much?’ He said with his cheeky grin as Hyoyeon pulled back to stare lovingly up into his eyes. Hyukjae had been away for a month, promoting with Super Junior M in China, and being busy herself, Hyoyeon hadn’t been able to contact him much.

"Duh! What kind of question is that!’ Hyoyeon laughed and ran her fingers through his hair, as if making sure he was actually real. She scrunched up her nose and muttered, ‘you need a haircut though.’

There was a chuckle from somewhere behind Hyukjae, and another male voice said, 'Should you really be commenting on anyone else’s hair Hyoyeon?’

Hyoyeon’s eyes opened wide, and she peered over the shoulder of her boyfriend, who was smiling sheepishly. In her excitement, Hyoyeon had failed to notice that Hyukjae’s members had come to pay her a visit as well… All twelve of them. Henry, Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Yesung, Kangin, Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Donghae and Siwon were all packed in to the lobby outside of Hyoyeon’s appartment, standing a metre or so behind the couple.

'what… the?’ Hyoyeon managed to stammer out. She hadn’t even been expecting one guest, much less the entirety of Super Junior. Hyukjae tugged at Hyoyeon’s hands, forcing her to tear her eyes away from the mass of men standing in her lobby. "Hyoyeon-ah, we all just got back and have nothing to do~~’ he pouted and dropped down to Hyoyeon’s eye level. 'you aren’t mad, riiiiight~?’ She furrowed her eyebrows and pinched Hyukjae’s nose, causing him to yelp in pain.

'YAH! you can’t just invite 12 people over to someones apartment unexpectedly! I don’t have space for everyone… I don’t even have enough snacks for everyone to eat and there’s no hot water and and and-!’ Hyoyeon paused, beginning to fume. She crossed her arms childishly. 

Hyoyeon turned to storm back into her appartment, but Hyukjae gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him. 
"Jagiyaaa~ Don’t be mad, please..’ a genuine look of remorse was painted over Hyukjae’s handsome face, and she felt herself soften.
"Hyuk, I’m sorry… but I’ve been having a really bad day and I just don’t think they’re going to be comfortable in my apartment.’

Just then, a voice piped up from behind them. 'We don’t mind Hyoyeon-ah!’ said Ryeowook.
"yeah~’ agreed Sungmin, who then brought his hands up under his chin, as if he was pleading with her, 'Plleaaasseeee let us come in~~’
'Maybe we can even help make your day better!’ Siwon added, smiling warmly at Hyoyeon.

A commotion started up as all the members of Super Junior began begging to gain entry into Hyoyeon’s apartment. Hyoyeon looked at them all, bewildered, before turning to face her boyfriend. Hyukjae placed a hand on each side of Hyoyeon’s face and looked lovingly into her eyes.

'How could you say no to that?’ Hyukjae leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on Hyoyeon’s lips, and that was the last straw.

'Fiinnnneee!’ Hyoyeon said, turning back towards her apartment and walked back inside, defeated. 

Hey guys :3 This is just a random drabbley thing that I thought up a while ago. It was just sitting on my laptop and i didn’t really want it going to waste, so i tweaked it a bit and now, here it is :)

Hope you all are well ^^

One True Pairing.

Whether Eunhyuk and IU are dating or not, Hyohyuk is my one true pairing. However, If Hyukjae loves IU, good on him! She’s pretty, talented and is a lovely person; Hyukjae deserves someone like her. The thing is, no one but the two of them know the truth. 

I’ll always ship Hyohyuk no matter what! You can still ship people whether they’re in a relationship or not. This ramble possibly doesnt make much sense, but It’s important to understand that I want Hyohyuk to be together just as much as the next person, but i’m not going to be mad if he tries to find happiness with someone else. 

- Admin Amy


however antis so angry but me so happy…..

i know how hyukjae love hyoyeon so much, they bestfriend, they partner dances practice, they always sharing about work and love story, they really like family, and hyukjae always make hyoyeon up at reality show, hyukjae always make hyoyeon speak not only other member, hyukjae always make hyoyeon can see camera, hyukjae like that because he so care.

thats why i like them being couple…. dorky, crazy, good at dancing, and match each other.

"Be glad it happened."

A tear spilled out of Hyoyeon’s eye. “I guess it’s over then,” she said, stifling a sob.

Hyukjae wrapped his arm around her waist. “Ssh,” he whispered, wiping her tear away. “It was good while it lasted.”

Hyoyeon nodded silently. The two had been dating secretly, but somehow, the company had found out, and demanded they end their relationship; “It wouldn’t do for two famous idols to be dating,” they had said. “Hyoyeon will be subject to the hate of Eunhyuk’s fans, and vice versa.” The two had no choice but to end their relationship. Even thinking about it made the tears well up in Hyoyeon’s eyes.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” Hyukjae said soothingly, pulling her into a hug.

“It’s just…hard to leave you,” Hyoyeon whispered.

Hyukjae laid a kiss on her cheek. “It’s hard for me too. But, we had a great time together, so we’re gonna leave her with a smile on our faces instead of tears on our cheeks. There’s a  phrase, what was it again? Oh yeah; don’t be sad it’s over, be glad it happened.”

Hyoyeon nodded and sniffed once before sighing. “Ok. Goodbye, Hyukjae. I need to go.”

“See you later,” Hyukjae said, his heart breaking even though he had a brave face on.

“Maybe,” Hyoyeon said, turning around and leaving the room.


Ok, so this was for the anon that requested a HyoHyuk breakup. It’s very short, sorry about that, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Eunhyuk  - He likes girls who tie their hair up on top, like apple tree, and must show clavicles and he prefers the girl to wear pants than skirt. 

look! her hair up on top! :D

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and as we know that Hyoyeon was boyish back then, so she definity will prefer pants than skirt lol see? as simple as that.

no need any approval, they’re real already<3