140306 EunHae Nagoya
  • Hae said he will have kid in 10 years and
  • Hyuk said he want hae's kid to look like him
  • cr : @hyukarmpits
  • Hae : it's okay if i have a kid that looks like hyukjae, that way everyday i can see his face and i'll be happy, if they do not resemble hyukjae it's also okay, i will remember his face and also be happy
  • cr : 韩希羽0604

D&E concert tour talk trans part 2

Hae : when i stare at fans in close distance, there’s a lot of fans who looked so shy and its so cute. also when the fans keep listening to our talks, even with just a small action they still accept all of it. we are so thankful to all the fans who waited for our hardworking figures in such composed state. everything is just so cute. i feel like hugging everyone, cute. in big venues, the fans are pretty even if we see them from long distance. but everyone look cute in short distance.

Hyuk : (laughs) nani ittendayo..(what are you talking about..)

Hae : nanimo ittenai ( i didnt say anything LOL) we also go and watch other artists’ concerts as well but still, going to the venue directly is the most fun thing to do. in our tour this time, there’s alot of highlights from the opening until the ending. we want everyone to enjoy all of them. if we had a chance, i really want to play around in the concert with not only the fans but also everyone who are watching the tv.

Hyuk : in our concert, (i cant read the words sorry). i think having fun with fans is the best highlight in the concert. while touring for the concert, we were introduced to a lot of delicious food in all over japan and really, everything is so delicious. the one that left in my memory is the okonomiyaki and yakisoba we ate in hiroshima. hontouni oishii (really delicious)

Hae : kobe-don is delicious too..the unagi(eel) meal, what is it again ? hitsumabushi is really delicious too. whenever we go, japanese food really suits our mouths(tastes). even when we’re in korea, we thought of eating japanese food too. when we have time, we once thought “i wanna go to japan to eat !”. i think delicious food is everywhere in japan.

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caps by : sapphireblue622


140627 D&E 1st Japan Tour on Fuji TV Next

Hae : hello, I’m donghae. I’m 27 years old. I was born on 15th oct 1986. I was born at home
Hae : my charming point is….eyes. I like to take pictures and walk. I also like to watch people in miserable
Hae : I think the color that suits me is blue. I really like blue
after hae said he was born at home, he said his granny was the one who welcomed(?) him when he was born

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caps by : sapphireblue622 , SJ_kyo_