140306 EunHae Nagoya
  • Hae said he will have kid in 10 years and
  • Hyuk said he want hae's kid to look like him
  • cr :@hyukarmpits
  • Hae :it's okay if i have a kid that looks like hyukjae, that way everyday i can see his face and i'll be happy, if they do not resemble hyukjae it's also okay, i will remember his face and also be happy
  • cr :韩希羽0604
0412 Kobe day 2 fanacc trans
  • hyuk:donghae what's the meaning of haru in your ID ?
  • hae:it's a Japanese word. "haru" (spring in Japanese)
  • hyuk:really ? so it's not korean meaning one day ?
  • hae:it's actually a name I wanna put on my future kid
  • hyuk:what if I put it first on my kid ? lee haru kkk
  • hae:I will hit you
  • donghae's kid's name also will be lee haru TTTTT I'm cry again TTTTT
  • cr:chocojaeee via hyukarmpits