eunectes notaeus

Roxanne (Yellow Anaconda) and I

I had her out while cage cleaning and she jut hung out with me for about 45 minutes. I haven’t taken a picture with her for awhile so it was time for some snake-selfies!

She’ll be coming out with us tomorrow to the show along with 4 other snakes and two lizards. I’ll be taking some better photos tomorrow of all the animals we are bringing first thing in the morning.

She’s my all time favorite though.

So last week I posted we were going to be starting a new project: We plan to breed Yellow Anacondas. This is a male we picked up last Thursday. He looks terrible now (stuck shed when we got him, possible RI, and skinny), but once he’s feeling better and ready to go we plan on breeding him with our partner’s really nice looking female.
So if you’re in Florida and are looking to get a Yellow Anaconda baby later in the year, let me know!