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Plan Man Episode 09 ❖ 160724

Eun JiWon: Do u have any plan to appear on plan man together with BEG?
JeA: That’d be really nice but I don’t think oppa can handle (us).
Eun JiWon: Why, why?
JeA: (self-diss) We’re all crazy.
Eun JiWon: Well, I know Narsha and Miryo 
JeA: But really our combination are the best. It’s seriously the best when we diss each other.
Eun JiWon: To each other? But then you guys can be together for 11 years? 
JeA: That’s why we can. Honestly, you can’t diss each other if ur not close. 
Eun JiWon: Do u guys never fight? 
JeA: We did fight. But even if we fight, we’ll be fine again. Also because we can’t stand the awkward atmosphere by not talking to each other, so I'd just be like ‘Hey, let’s go!’ as if nothing happened.
Eun JiWon: So who was the one who’s good at solving the fight? 
JeA: It’s me.
Eun JiWon: Got something to say to the members? 
JeA: Actually we’re an 11 years group now. And it’s not like we never have any crisis (to our group). The relationship between members are solid but because of our company, there were hard times. But even during those time the members are working hard to stay together and I was thankful for that as a leader.

Translation by Ste_gOsH

[NEWS] 120430 - Seo Ingook-Eun Jiwon, Shin Wonho PD's sitcom's sudden casting

The singers Seo Ingook and Eun Jiwon, A-Pink’s Eunji and Infinite’s Hoya suddenly got casted in the sitcom Shin Wonho PD directs.

Following the broadcast staff, Seo Ingook and Eun Jiwon, Eunji, Hoya, Seong Dongil, got casted in the cable channel tvN’s sitcom ‘Reply 1997(Working title)’ directed by 'The Qualities of a Man’s Shin Wonho PD.

tvN’s 'Reply 1997 (Working title) is a sitcom drama depicting the entertainment world in the 90’s. The production crew and the members of the cast are getting known by finishing to read the script in a peaceful mood.

It’s garnering attention among the broadcast representatives as 'Reply 1997’ is going to be 'The Qualities of a Man’’s Shin Wonho PD’s first work after transfering from KBS to CJ E&M last year. Shin Wonho PD has experienced directing KBS 2TV’s sitcom 'Old Miss Diary’ with Kim Seokyoon PD, he came back prepared for this work on the foundation of the know-how he accumulated then.

This sitcom is catching the attention because of the star-studded casting it’s going to have as it’s happening in the 90’s entertainment industry.

Seo Ingook is getting good acting reviews from the KBS drama 'Love Rain’ airing now on Monday and Tuesday, he got selected again as the main role and gets to challenge acting again. Infinite’s Hoya and A-Pink’s Eunji are joining the popular idol group’s members being 'Acting-dols’, Eun Jiwon is expected to show real sitcom acting. With the movie’s supporting actor Seong Dongil, it makes a robust team.

The tvN sitcom 'Reply 1997 (Working title)’ is planned to air in June.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; joynews ; take out with full credits