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 Ep 1-2 Epilogue

The epilogue depicts a taekwondo competition where Bong Hee’s voice over explains that she was originally a taekwondo black belt gold medallist. You can see there’s one thing that doesn’t change. Her bad eyesight.

Ep 3-4 Epilogue

Okay so she has encountered a flasher in the park and the old dude said: “Is this your first time seeing this? It’s okay, everyone is like that for the first time. Don’t think too much” (something along the line). Well obviously this dude is asking for a leg slap, and he got it.

Ep 5-6 Epilogue

Bong Hee and her mother went to the police station to report the flasher. Turns out the old dude is a JUDGE (biggest wtf). So the police officers obviously didn’t believe her words at all, leaving the poor Bong Hee crying helplessly.

Ep 7-8 Epilogue

Bong Hee is now in a bookstore and that old pervert dude passes by. Still feeling pissed, at the corner of her eyes, she spotted a Law Book, and it sparks her interest.

Ep 9-10 Epilogue

Bong Hee runs towards a group of ahjummas including her mom, and happily announces that she has passed the first round of bar exam. And again, her eyesight fails her, she hugged the wrong mom. But who cares? Everyone is happy for her.

K A I R O S | 05 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Waring: Mild sexual content
Word count: 6.1k
Author’s note: Part 5 is the final chapter, I am discontinuing the series. An ending post with a summarized ending will be posted along with a short explanation as to why I’m discontinuing. Overall, thank you for reading guys!

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (M) |

“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month

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“I’ve never really had a place to return to. It feels strange.”

“This place really feels like home today.”

This is literally how easy it would’ve been to make TaeBi happen.

“Aren’t you going to get rid of that?”  Eun Byul asks Eun Bi, who is playing with the oversized teddy bear from Yi Ahn on her bed.

“Oh.  Yes,” Eun Bi quietly responds.  She puts the bear in a cardboard box and tapes the folds shut.  Eun Byul walks over and leans against the wall, peering down at her sister.

“Dongsaeng, there’s something I’ve wanted to ask you,” Eun Byul tells her sister.

“What is it?”

“Do you like Gong Tae Kwang?”

Eun Bi folds her hands together and lowers her eyes to the floor.

“No,” She answers.

“Ah, really?  Then is it Han Yi Ahn?”  Eun Byul presses.  Eun Bi quickly shakes her head and looks up at her sister.

“Unnie, it’s not like that,” she insists.  Eun Byul grins and climbs on the bed to sit beside her sister.

“Yah, Eun Bi-ah,” she begins, “You’ve only known me for a few weeks and you’re already lying to me?”  She nudges her sister’s shoulder and Eun Bi scoots away. “Which one is it?  Gong Tae Kwang, or Han Yi Ahn?”

Eun Bi looks at the wall in front of her, wishing she could seep into it and escape her Unnie’s questions until she knows the answers.

“I… don’t know,” the younger sister explains.  “I’ve never had this kind of attention before—attention from someone I like.  I don’t know enough about myself to say that for sure that I like either of them.”  Eun Byul wraps her arms around Eun Bi as she begins to cry.  “I’ve already told Tae Kwang I didn’t like him, and I regret it.  Not because I like him, but because I don’t dislike him.”

“Don’t cry, Eun Bi,” Eun Byul soothes.  “It’s ok not to know.”

“And Han Yi Ahn,” Eun Bi continues, “He’s yours, Unnie.”

“He’s not mine,” Eun Byul laughs.  “So if you decide you like him, don’t hold back, ok?  I’d be disappointed in both of you,” she teases.  Eun Bi manages to smile and look at her sister.

“If it comes to that, I won’t,” she chuckles through a smile.  “But for now, I think I’ll put both of them away.  Like I put the teddy bear away.”

“Aigoo, so mature,” Eun Byul comments as she pats the top of her sister’s head.

“What’s up?  Why did you call me here?”  Han Yi Ahn asks with a mile-wide grin.  He leans against the railing of a foot bridge, just a few feet from where she stands, looking out into the river.  “Have you missed me that much?”

“Han Yi Ahn,” Eun Bi states.  “I… have something to tell you.”

Yi Ahn folds his arms together and feels his chest become tight.  The last time she said those words, it was to say that she wasn’t Eun Byul.

“Yi Ahn,” she begins again, “I…  We…  Let’s stop this.”  She continues gazing at the river as deeply as she can; she can’t bear to look at her friend.  “I know you like me.  I thought I liked you, too, but when you were mad and stayed away from me, it gave me time to reflect.”

“Reflect?”  Yi Ahn calmly asks, though he is secretly worried.  Eun Bi nods her head.

“Yes.  Reflect.  You had every right to be mad at me.  I know that.  At that moment, I wasn’t the Eun Byul that you loved.  I was Eun Bi, a stranger to you.  To take advantage of your feelings like that…  is something I can’t do,” she tells him quietly.

“But if I say it’s ok—“

“Han Yi Ahn,” she interrupts.  “I want to learn more about myself.  I want to love myself—as Eun Bi, not Eun Byul.  And before I can think about returning your feelings, I need to find who I am.  What I like.  Who likes me for me.”

Yi Ahn tries to pull her into a hug, but she pushes away.  He laughs, despite his eyes tearing up, and puts his hands on his hips.

“Ok,” he mumbles.  “Ok.  Find yourself, Lee Eun Bi.  I hope the road to who you are brings you back to me someday.”

“Thank you,” Eun Bi whispers as she turns and begins her walk back home.


Tae Kwang is running late for school again, but it doesn’t matter.  His father had a full breakfast with him, and he ran into his old homeroom teacher who was standing outside of Sekang High, reminiscing on the old days.

It is lunch time when he finally gets to school.  As he walks through the doors, he feels a soft buzz in his pocket.  He pulls out his phone and reads the text message that he just received.

“Rooftop” is all it says, and it is from Lee Eun Bi.

This is the first he has heard from Eun Bi since she made it a point to avoid him at her academy (which he transferred out of and back to Sekang because he realized he was bothering her.)  To see the familiar “Rooftop” in a text message from her fills him with joy.  He runs to the roof as fast as he can.

When he opens the door, Eun Bi turns around with a soft smile and happy eyes.  Tae Kwang slowly walks over to her, and then asks the inevitable.  “Lee… Eun Bi?”  He asks.  She shakes her head.

“No,” she firmly says.  He begins to pout and she pinches his chin.  It appears Go Eun Byul has returned.  “It’s Go Eun Bi now,” she laughs.  Tae Kwang excitedly pulls her into a hug, then quickly backs off.

“Sorry, I know you don’t like that,” he sighs.  “It’s just been so long, and—“

“I’ve missed you, Gong Tae Kwang,” Eun Bi interjects.  Tae Kwang looks at her with wide, surprised eyes, and she steps toward him.  “Yah, I said I’ve missed you.  Aren’t you going to say it back?”

“Eun Bi…”

“Aigoo, let me say it differently.  Lee Eun Bi missed you very much.  She has come back as Go Eun Bi, thankful to Tae Kwang for taking care of her in the past.”  She pauses and takes a deep breath.  “Gong Tae Kwang…  Can Go Eun Bi take care of you now?”

cue Sungjae’s song

Daddy-Daughter Date

Request can be found here  for @jackyslittlesally

“A what?” you asked, taking your attention away from the TV and laundry to give your husband, Hoseok, your full attention.

“A daddy-daughter date,” he chuckles, before placing a kiss on your cheek. “You love going on dates with me, so I figured Ha-eun would too.”

“Well that a given,” you snort, causing him to laugh more.

“I do plan the best dates don’t I?” You used the shirt you were folding to smack him, which make him laugh more before giving you another kiss, this time on your lips.

“She has preschool tomorrow though,” you inform him.

“Ha-eun doesn’t have to go, my love.”

“Why does this sound familiar?” you smirk.

“Cause I got you to skip some classes,” he nods his head, “and call in to work a few times.”

“You are a bad influence,” you smile at him before kissing along his jaw line to his ear. “So very bad,” you whisper.

“Is this a yes?” he groans. His hands grip your thighs and move you so you are straddling him. When you continue your kissing assault on his neck instead of answering, Hoseok gently grabs your face and make you look at him. “Jagiya?”

“Only if I get a date too,” you pout.

“You can have as many dates as you want,” he laughs, surging up to kiss your pout away before flipping you onto your back on the couch. “Starting right now, my queen.”


“Are you ready princess?” Hoseok smiles down at his little girl, her mouth open wide as she takes in the Aquarium. When she doesn’t answer he gives the hand he is holding a little shake. “Well Ha-eun, you ready to go in?” his smile grows.

“Go Daddy! We go!” she squeals and begins jumping around.

“Of course princess,” They walk towards the entrance, Hoseok reminding himself to walk slower than he normally did so Ha-eun could easily keep up, especially since she wasn’t so much as walking as it was bouncing. “Mommy was excited when I brought her here too,” he chuckles.

“When did you bring mommy here?” Ha-eun asks.

“Well,” Hoseok picks her up so she can get a look inside the first tank, “it was when we first started dating. I decided to bring her here so she could see all the fishies and I could watch her beautiful face light up like a thousand stars.”

“Daddy watch me too?”

“Of course,” Hoseok points to the tank, “you enjoy seeing them and I’ll watch my princess’s beauty outshine them, just like her mommy did.”

“Okay!” Ha-eun turns her attention away from her daddy and finally to the beautiful rainbow like fish that graced the entrance’s view.


“You’re only supposed to pet the fishes, not swim with them,” Hoseok gently scolds his daughter as he changes her pants, socks and shoes out for one of the spares he had in the backpack.

“But how am I supposed to pet them when they swim away?” Ha-eun pouts.

“You just wait for more to come over.”

“But they take forever!” she whines. Hoseok chuckles as he puts her wet clothes in a plastic bag and stuffs them into the backpack. “They did Daddy!” she whines louder.

“Ok baby,” he smiles, “I believe you.” After putting the backpack back on he picks her up and gives her a kiss on the forehead. “How about we look at the fishes that can swim over our heads?”

“Over our head?!” she squeals.

“Yup, over our heads.” Hoseok walks out the bathroom and heads for the tanks that have a tunnel for observation. “All colorful fishes live there, and even sharks.”

“Sharks?!” Ha-eun gasps.

“Don’t worry, they are nice sharks.” He continues to tell her all about the tanks and the fishes as he makes his way there.

“Close your eyes baby girl,” he tells her as he stops at the entrance to the exhibit.

“Why Daddy?”

“It makes it more magical that way.” Feeling the need to add more he continues. “Mommy even said so.”

“Okay Daddy!” Ha-eun closes her eyes real tight, her face scrunching up as she does.

“When Daddy says to, open your eyes ok?” he kisses her nose and then covers her eyes with his own hand.

Ha-eun’s little hands come up to press his hand further against his face. “Okay!”

“So cute,” he whispers to himself, “just like her mommy.” Hoseok continues into the exhibit and steps onto the conveyor. He watches for when it looks like the tunnel is opening up to uncover her eyes.

“Okay, open your eyes!” Hae-eun’s delightful cry and the clasping of her hands makes Hoseok grin ear to ear and steal a kiss.

“Daddy!” she whines and pushes his face out of her view.

“I stole a kiss from Mommy here too,” he informs her and kisses her again.

“Stealing is bad,” she scolds.

“Mommy didn’t seem to mind,” he snickers. “Mommy loves when I steal kisses.”

Ha-eun’s brows forrow as she takes in the information. Suddenly she kisses Hoseok. His shocked but happy look makes her laugh. “Stealing kisses are fun.”

“Yes,” he cuddles her closer, “but you can only steal them from Mommy and Daddy. Okay?”

“Okay Daddy!” she giggles and turns her attention back to the fishes with a demand to go again since Daddy made her miss them.

“Best daddy-daughter date ever.”



01. Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch

02. My Eyes – 10cm

03. Hush – Lasse Lindh

04. Beautiful – Crush

05. You’re Pretty – Eddy Kim

06. Who Are You – Sam Kim

07. I Miss You – Soyou (Sistar)

08. The First Snow – Jung Joon Il (정준일)

09. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow – Ailee

10. Wish – Urban Zakapa

11. And I’m Here – Kim Kyung Hee

12. Winter Is Coming – Han Soo Ji

13. Stuck In Love – Kim Kyung Hee

Little Trouble Maker (Scarlet Heart Ryeo!)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request:Hi!! I’m so glad you’re back to writing for scarlet heart ryeo again ❤️ Can I get a scenario where some assassins attacked during a festival and the prince’s youngest Sister (reader) gets hurt and the princes were all very worried? Fluffy ending pls! thank you so much in advance!! ❤️

“Stop squirming” your mother, Queen Hwangbo tells as she attempted to fix your hair. A whine left as you pushed her away. You couldn’t expect a 5 year old to stay so still. She sighed as you managed to slip away. “Princess-” the servant who often looked after you spoke as your mother stopped her “she’ll come back then” she informed as the servant nodded watching the little figure slip away. When you were far enough away a smile came across your face and you pulled all the pins from your hair letting it fall down then threw the pins on the ground. You giggled as you took off to explore the palace, mainly disturb your brothers like the good little sister you were.

You played the game where you stepped on every single board of the flooring with one foot and made sure you didn’t get the same foot on the next. Then climbed all over on the fencing, nearly falling you were caught by the mysterious brother Wang So who set you back onto the ground before walking away without saying a word. “Do you want to play with me?” you asked as you grabbed his sleeve. “I have to practice for the ceremony tonight” he spoke softly as your feet stopped “for father?” you asked as he nodded. “I want to watch” you tell him as he stands there for a moment before he sighed and nodded.


You had tried to take a mask from one of the performers at one point to play with before the started practice but he picked it up once he noticed you eyeing it. Then by the end you had ventured down the stairs to your brothers “can I play?” you as trying to take the sword from your brother Baek-ah “you wandered off again?” Wook asked as you smiled trying to take the weapon again but Baek-ah tugged it away. “Did you watch us?” Jung asked drawing your attention from the weapon, you nodded rapidly “big brothers are talented aren’t they?” he asked as you nodded again. After a little bit more of conversations the brothers split up and you were grabbed by Yo. “little one stay by your mother and sister during the ceremony” he spoke calmly “why?” you asked “because I told you too” “but why?” you asked again “can’t you listen?” “I just want to know why” you told him as he picked you up. “You won’t get hurt if you don’t wonder off” he told you as he carried you off.  


Yeon-hwa held onto your hanbok to make sure you didn’t run off but you were listening to your big brother. You watched the performance before people jumped down from the roof. You didn’t remember this part from earlier and astronomer Jimong called to ‘protect the king’ “what’s happening?” you asked your sister who simply held you tighter. Your brain and heart were working so fast to process all the ‘excitement’ that was surrounding you. Adrenaline pumping along with the combination of fear became too much for your little body. 

Everything moved so fast as the men had left and your brothers went after them. One moment you were standing up and the next you were on the ground out cold. Your family thought you were being dramatic until they saw the blood seeping onto the ground from the contact of your head to the ground. 


Your eyes snapped open as you sat up quickly getting a head rush. You recognized your room as you stretched yourself up making sounds as you opened the window above your bed at your brother Wook’s home taking in the fresh air before jumping off. You opened the door to your room and looked around seeing that no one was around and decided to do your normal thing like you hadn’t hurt yourself as bad as you did.

You hid in a random room as you heard voices making a game out of it. You were in his study where he didn’t like you to be in because you made messes everywhere and well you had a short understanding to what he read. But it didn’t stop you from attempting to do it. You picked a random book from a lower shelves, you looked confused at the words within it “in yell-ow sun-li-light on the go-lden r-o-ads I stan-d alone” you read roughly bringing the book closer thinking it would make reading easier. You sighed reaching up to scratch your head where you felt the wrappings on your head. You felt the back of it where you hissed lightly when your fingers touched the wound.

“Y/N” you hear from the outside, it was Wook and you began to panic before long the door slid open “all you do is cause trouble” you hear as you felt a presence above you as you looked up to see your brother Eun looking down at you “I’m reading” you tell him “you can’t read” he told you “in yellow sunlight on the golden roads I stand alone” you read the first two lines again. “I read good” you tell him as he made a sound “what’s it say next?” he asked as you looked back down at it. “Doctor said you should rest still” he says attempting to take the book from you but you held it tight as he tried to pull it away. “This will break if you don’t stop” he says as you held it tight still. 

“Let her have the book, Wook will hurt you if it breaks” Baek-ah calls as he pulls Eun away offering you a hand to help you up. “Your brothers are worried for you” he told you as he picked you up lightly stroking the bandage as he carried you out. “Why?” you asked “you fainted” he says as he brings you out to the others. Your mother, sister, and brothers were there. “Nothing stops her” Won comments as he smiles at you “I have a book” you tell them as Baek-ah puts you down. “I can read” you tell them proudly opening the book. “She can read the first sentence” Eun tells them as you wave him off “in yellow sunlight on golden roads I stand alone” you say for the third time. They smiled as they saw that you were back to your normal self and they didn’t have anything to worry about. “Now you do the rest” you told Won as you passed him the book so he could read to you what the rest said, it was a very cute moment. Nothing would stop you.


If you care for me, find me a boyfriend! The part time job, my aunt’s family and a BOYFRIEND. What kind of guardian are you? My wish never came true!                

Your boyfriend’s right here!

Where? I don’t see him!

Right here in front of you! *Points to himself*

Demure Dalliance pt. 1 (V, Angst)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3  // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6  // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10

Chapter one for my Detective!Taehyung series!!!! Hopefully this is the start of a good series. My dad Stacy @storiesofthirst helped me w/ the title and I love her. PEOPLE WANTED TO BE TAGGED SO @hyongtae, @unpretty-writer, and @infireation!!!! CAM IS PERFECT FOR MAKING ME THIS COVER AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words:  3144

It was very obviously premeditated. No windows broken, or evident struggle to get into the house. Although there was drawers open and clothes strewn about it all seemed…forced. As if murder was the only thing on the mind of the one committing this crime. Taehyung glanced around at everyone in the house, snapping photos of the scene before them. Neighbors left their apartments, wondering just why police scattered around every corner of the floor with their yellow tape.

Taehyung knelt in front of the body, lying on the floor around his own pooling blood. He’d been stabbed multiple times, he knew well enough. It was hard to see the stab wounds from all the blood, but whoever it was left the victim a mess of a person he once was. It was obvious the signature of this murderer was a Chelsea grin, and this was probably the first of many murders, unless they’re caught.

“Wrap him up before he gets too cold.” Taehyung instructed anyone who was listening. He got a languid answer of yes from two men waiting to take the body. He stood, stretching his legs and wafting the air around his nose to drink in some clean air. The body had obviously been dead a good amount of time, from the rank smell filling the home.

Shouting outside the door interrupted Taehyung’s contemplation, so he walked through the cluttered kitchen and toward the front door of the apartment. Taehyung spotted you first, standing outside, arguing and sobbing with a clearly distressed Jungkook who wouldn’t let you spend your last moments with your father, very clearly dead and being concealed away in a body bag for further examination by none other than Seokjin.

“I’m sorry miss…I really can’t let you in there until they’ve done a proper look through. We still need you to come in for questioning…”

“How dare you ask me to come in for questioning when my own dad was murdered!” You cried, hugging yourself. Jungkook looked completely unnerved, but Taehyung didn’t blame him. It was his first real murder case. You were already being difficult and nothing had even happened yet, which was a dread of Taehyung’s.

People were beginning to suspect things, and half of the floor was standing outside with their loved ones safely tucked away behind the doors. It was for their own good, but Taehyung wished they would step up to tell him anything rather than him going to each of their doors separately to question them.

Before it got anymore out of hand, Taehyung was striding to the front door. Pulling the tape up over his head, he made his way toward the both of you. “I’m sorry about my partner, he’s still relatively new and untrained for this sort of thing. You’ll have to excuse the poor manners.”

You glanced over at him, brows slightly furrowing as your bottom lip pouted with a sob. Jungkook didn’t look much different, minus the sobbing part. It would have made Taehyung laugh and poke fun on him, if it weren’t for being on the job and professional mode activated long before stepping on the scene.

“Who are you?” You wondered, crossing your arms tightly over your chest. Taehyung held out a hand, but you didn’t take it. Without much thought, Taehyung dropped his hand to his side.

“Detective Kim Taehyung, I’m head of the case and I will find who murdered your father.” It sounded like more of a threat than anything, but Taehyung didn’t dwell on it too much.

“Isn’t that the point of a detective? To solve crimes?” You blubbered, unable to meet his eyes. Taehyung perked a brow, watching you glance around the halls. If his instinct was correct, you were either nervous because you’d murdered your father, or-


Or waiting for your moral support to arrive. Relieved, you turned to see your friend who was rushing down the hall. Her cheeks were reddened as if she had been running, but it also could’ve been the early morning chill. Taehyung looked away from them, shoving his hands deeply into his trench coat pockets as he backed up toward the yellow tape. Jungkook glanced over at Taehyung, eyes sharp.

“Hyung, where are you going? We need to-”

“Not now, Jungkook.” Taehyung said with unnecessary bite. That shocked Jungkook to silence. Taehyung made a mental note to apologize later, but placed it on the back burner of his mind. “Give her a little time, her father is dead.”

But, Taehyung kept an eye on you, knowing full well that you were a given suspect. You were the main suspect as of yet, but he was still figuring out minor details that could possibly put you off of conviction. Yet, he didn’t feel too good about where you stood in all of this. The very middle.

He went back inside, searching for anything but finding nothing of the sort. It was too perfectly executed, aside from the fact that everything added back up to you. Who else would know their house well enough to set up a crime this well and get away with it, aside from someone living there? What was your motif, though? Taehyung’s head was always dizzy with idea’s as he thought back to everything he had to be on his toes for.
“Get the body back to Seokjin to evaluate. Did anyone find the weapon used yet?”

Taehyung got a unified answer of sluggish no, sir’s from everyone in the room. He sighed, turning his attention back to everything he could possibly see in the house as of where he stood. A picture of a female sat on the living room coffee table, and Taehyung assumed it was your mother. Where was she? Was she even alive?

Taehyung could already tell this was going to be a long case. Unsuccessful if he didn’t get his act together, right this instant. He moved out of the way for the stretcher to allow them to take the body. Taehyung tensed, waiting for what he knew was about to happen.

You screamed from the hall, and a loud thump on the floor confirmed that you were either an amazing actress or completely devastated that the only father you’d ever have was murdered in cold blood. Taehyung sighed, kicking the mismatched floorboard that rattled senselessly. He furrowed his brows, kicking it once more, twice more, and a third-

“-Taehyung? Taehyung!” Jungkook was waving a hand in front of his face, snapping Taehyung out of his riviera. “Are you finished here? We should get back to the station before Yoongi tries to get involved.”

“That won’t happen, I told him to stay out of it unless I asked.”

“Hate to break it to you, asshole, but he’s our boss. Even if you get on your knees and suck his dick he won’t stop himself from looking into it.”

Even if Jungkook was right, he didn’t have to be so crude… Taehyung reached into his pocket, pulling his phone from it. He pressed the first number on speed dial, holding the phone up to his ear.

“Hoseok, I’m going to need you to come pick us up. We have suspect number 1 in our custody and I need to interview her while she’s still emotional and willing to crack under pressure.”

You, on the other hand, finally got picked up off the floor, holding your friend tightly as you sobbed.

“We’ll get through this. There’s no way you’ll be convicted for something you didn’t do. We’ll give your dad a nice service and we can visit him whenever you want” She promised, holding your face against her shoulder. You nodded, trying to level your breathing as she held you.

“Thank you, Ha Eun…” You wiped a few tears off your cheek.

“Will you stay with me until your house is cleaned up? I’ll drive you to work a-” Her voice faltered, her expression souring at the sound of heavy boots clicking against the floor that neared you. You turned your head, merely capturing a glimpse of the mysterious detective from earlier.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry for interrupting.” His deep voice rumbled slowly, speaking every syllable as if it were a word of his own. A faint, harmless smile touched at his lips as he held his hand to you a second time. This time you turned, placing your significantly smaller hand into his and giving a firm shake before pulling away. Ha Eun kept her hands on your shoulders, inching you away from him despite the strides he took to keep close to you.

“Do you mind coming to the station with me for some questioning? I know you’re upset but it’ll be over faster than you know it, and you’ll never be in there again.”

“You’re asking a girl who just lost her father to a murderer to come in and be questioned as if she murdered him?” Ha Eun snapped, attempting to pull you away, but you stopped in your tracks. A good move on your part, Taehyung’s patience was wearing thin already.

“That’s not it at all,” he promised softly, shaking his head. “(Y/N) could give us a clue we may have overlooked to helping find the murderer. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s the rules, Miss. I don’t want to be forceful, but if you keep resisting a professional law enforcer I’ll have to use harsher measures.” He hated using force, but if your friend was going to continue to be a problem he didn’t mind cuffing her and handing her over to Jungkook to deal with. The kid needed someone to bash heads with, anyway. Someone with enough of an attitude was perfect.

“Can’t you just give her some time?” She continued, expression flickering in discomfort at Taehyung’s blatant threat. You felt tired from all the crying, and you stepped out of Ha Eun’s grip.

“I’ll come in for questioning.”

Ha Eun whirled you around to look at her, eyebrows raised to her hairline. “I’m going with you, if you go with him.”

“That’s fine, but you’ll be waiting outside unless you have anything to tell me 1 on 1.” Taehyung checked the black watch on his wrist. Hoseok should be there by now, waiting outside. “My ride is probably here, shall we?” He placed a hand on the small of your back, directing you toward the elevator. Ha Eun placed an arm around your shoulder, pulling you away from Taehyung and standing on the other side of the elevator to evade him. Jungkook had taken the easy way out and left when Taehyung had commanded him too. At least he took orders seriously. Jungkook kept Taehyung’s mind out of unrealistic places and always shot his idea’s down when they sounded more fictional than real world.

Getting downstairs, Taehyung held up a finger to Hoseok, who whipped open the back door of the car for you and Ha Eun. Nodding in delight, Taehyung opened the passenger seat of the car and slid inside. Once you and Ha Eun were in, the car purred to life and was driving at a steady pace down the street.

Taehyung didn’t miss the sideways glances Hoseok was shooting you from the mirror, despite his subtleties. His eyes were cut to thin slits, as they always were when Taehyung had the first suspect. Usually, the first suspects were in fact the only suspects. Taehyung didn’t like to brag, but he’d watched more criminals get put in orange jumpsuits after questioning than leave the interrogation room as a free man or woman. He’d spent days in a room, cracking even the hardest of cases. Nobody denied he was one of the most dedicated men in their sector, obsessed with the greater good of the world over sleeping or eating.

The whole ride there was silent to the point of awkwardness, besides your random outbursts of sobbing, which wasn’t unusual in Taehyung’s cases. Hoseok didn’t pay any mind to it, but Ha Eun was doing her best to shush you as she strained against the tight seat belt. She was doing her best to keep quiet as well, and Taehyung felt a small tightness in his chest at the remorse he felt for threatening her earlier. Yet, he couldn’t be bothered to apologize. It was his job.

Taehyung held the door for you to step out of the police vehicle, leaving Ha Eun in the car to get out herself. He gave her eyes that said don’t-interrupt-anything-or-you’re-in-big-trouble. She visibly gulped excess saliva in her mouth and tipped her head down in acknowledgement. Turning on his heel, Taehyung left her to guide you up the steps to the station and open the doors for you.
“Just down the hall on the right, last door.” He instructed, following you closely. You side stepped the door, allowing him to unlock and open it to let you inside. He held a hand forward, and you walked into the room.

“Sit in either chair, the camera is on right now.” He ordered softly, pulling his jacket off and slinging it onto the back of the chair you didn’t sit in. Placing his hand into his pocket, Taehyung pulled a notebook and simple silver pen free. You sat into the chair, fidgeting with your fingers in your lap as you tried to get comfortable on the cool wood holding your weight.

During the whole time you spoke to him, Taehyung felt as if you were getting nowhere. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but even after you’d evidently had a clear alibi so to say, he still felt like you were leaving things out. He couldn’t fully confirm that you were clear of charge until speaking to witnesses; if there was any.

He pinched his thumb and index finger on the bridge of his nose, taking a deep breath and exhaling for a long moment. 3 hours, stuck in a room with you and you were still so vague Taehyung was almost at a loss of questions. If detectives had a hand book, he’d asked you every question he could and more. There was no way he could let you off, but there was still no reason to keep you in there. If Yoongi was watching right now, Taehyung knew he was going to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter for figuring out nothing.
“(Y/N), I know you’re not telling me something.” Taehyung plainly stated, trying to keep his voice from wavering to the brink of annoyance. He’d been patient for the past 3 hours, from your outbreak of tears to your full on angered shouting.

“What would I not be telling you? I told you, I-”

“I know you said you didn’t kill him. That I can’t confirm with only the evidence you’ve given me.” He sighed, willing himself to not slap the table out of frustration. You were a tough cookie to crack, but he’d get there. Eventually. “Do you know how long it takes to put the criminal behind bars when even 1 measly person doesn’t cooperate with me? Longer than I’m willing to take,

(Y/N). I’m trying to figure out who did kill your father. Who has your dad been hanging out with lately? Is someone at work not getting along with him? How about a girlfriend? Boyfriend?”

Taehyung noted the flicker in your expression at the sound of work being mentioned. You looked down at the plastic water bottle in your hands, gently squeezing it in your grip.

“At work…?” You mumbled, looking up at him through blurred vision. He placed both his notebook and pen down, standing up only to kneel down at your side.
“Don’t be scared to tell me anything.” He murmured quietly, looking up at you.

“I’ll protect you, if someone threatened you. Or-”

“Nobody threatened me.” You promised, letting go of the water bottle onto the table. It was bent bizarrely from how hard you held it.

“So tell me,” he urged you gently, standing up straight. “nobody will hurt you. Not with me here every step of the way.”

“Well, there has been a man at my dad’s work…” You hesitated, voice catching in your throat as a spill of tears fell from your eyes. Taehyung swiveled back to his chair, picking up his pen and scribbling things into it.

“Continue, please.”

“He’s younger… Working at the hotel across the street before my dad. Still, my dad got the job even though he’d been working for it longer.”
“Why did he get that job, (Y/N)?” Taehyung looked up at you, narrowing his eyes slightly in concentration. This was a lot of information for you to be spilling, as if you’d practiced it beforehand.

“My dad had a better record than him? I don’t know…the resume. My dad is older and has been working far longer.”

Record? Does your dad have a criminal record? Did that man you were speaking of have a criminal record? Taehyung would have to check into later. He wrote a little note for it.

“I need a name on this man, (Y/N). Do you know this man’s name? What relationship does he have with your dad?” He was getting closer to knowing things. The familiar itch and anxiousness was returning to Taehyung’s exhausted body when he got closer to knowing significant information to a case.

You exhaled loudly, placing your shaking hands on the table. “His name is Namjoon. I’m sorry, I don’t know his last name. The past few weeks he’s been coming to our apartment and having drinks with my dad. I didn’t really like him…He just seemed so odd.”

“It’s fine,” Taehyung promised, writing as quickly as he could. He tapped the pen on the messy paper, leaving smudges of ink. “I don’t need a last name. Lotte Hotel across the street from your apartment building?”

“Mm, right.” You agreed.

Taehyung wrote down these things, circling hard evidence he’d need and stood abruptly. Your eyes shot up to his, shock freezing you into place.

“Thank you for answering so well.” Taehyung murmured, sliding his arms through his tanned trench coat sleeves. “I have enough information to go on right now. Call me if you think of anything else, alright? Can I trust you to answer my calls if I’ve got questions?”

“…Yes.” You promised, weakly getting to your feet.

“Don’t leave town (Y/N).” Taehyung commanded, gaining a nod from you. He hurried to the door, opening it for you and watching you walk back toward Ha Eun and almost collapse into her arms.

Walking toward his office, Taehyung pulled his phone from his pocket and began to dial a number.

“Lotte Hotel on the line, who’s speaking?”

“This is detective Kim Taehyung from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Do you mind if I come and speak to an employee of yours?”

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Wang Kon (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Eun)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi!! Can I get a scarlet heart ryeo scenario for Wang Eun? (:

Eun eyes were wide as everything at the just born baby “why does the baby look so gross?” he asks. You turned to him out of breath and overly sweaty with glare,‘was that all he had to say?’ you askes yourself, he was disgusted with you baby’s out of womb appearance and he didn’t ask about yours or the baby’s conditions. “I want to be alone” you told him. He looked at you with shock “what? Why?” he asks “leave me alone” you spoke as he was ushered out by the servants who were assisting the doctor. You smiled as you heard the doctor mention you and Eun have a son. You were handed your small son “hello Wang Kon” you spoke taking his light features in as your eyes began to water. 


As soon as he was out he was bombarded by his brothers asking him about the baby “she gave birth then she kicked me out” Eun pouted. “What did you do?” Baek-ah ask “all I did was say was the baby looked gross-” he was hit by his brother “do you even know the gender?” Jung was asked “well no she kicked me out before they brought the baby back” Eun said. “Did you hold her hand?” Won askes “she almost broke my fingers” Eun protested grasping his fingers remembering the pain.

“She was pushing out a baby. I think you should have taken it for her” Wook says. “Hard to believe he’s the first of us to have one of those” Yo says as they all nod. Eun smiled “Y/N and I enjoy our time together” he spoke “you won’t be having that for awhile she’s gonna be taking care of your child” Wook states as Eun’s smile drops. “But we just started” he protests. Your first night as a married couple proved that you two were highly fertile and there was the proof, your first child.

You cooed lightly at the small boy who looked terrified of his new world “I know this world is scary but you have a family to keep you safe” you whisper to Kon running your fingers over his black wisps of hair. Soon you heard the door open “jagi” you heard as you rolled your eyes “Y/N can I come in and meet the baby. You kicked me out before I could know the gender” Eun spoke. “You were too disgusted by your son’s appearance to check” you said as he smiled. “You said son. We have a boy?” he says as he rushes over “Wang Kon” he says as he sits down on the edge of the bed. Kon was the name you discussed for a boy and Choa was the name if you were to have a daughter.

“I’m sorry I’m not useful during your labor. I just didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to screw something up that could be damaging yours and Kon’s health” he tells you as you give him a sad smile. You reach up and grabbed his face as he leans down and gives you a kiss. “Hold your son” you inform as he said “can I hold him?” at the same time. Smiling you sat up and past Kon over to his father. “Welcome home Kon. I’m very glad you’re here” he coos.


“This is my boy” Eun spoke proudly showing his brothers his now two week old. You wanted to show them Kon the day after he was born but Eun wanted you out of bed first. “Ah took you long enough” Jung tells his brother but Eun seemed to ignore the comment “Wang Kon, he’s a happy baby. He really doesn’t cry unless he’s hungry or needs changed” Eun babbled on while you sat behind him listening to him go on. “He also really likes toys. He smiles when I bring him a ball but Y/N usually takes it and tosses it away” Eun pouts “he’s too young” you say as he turns “a boy is never too old or too young to enjoy a ball” he says turning to you.

Kon was soon taken from him by his uncle Wook unknown by Eun who was holding him while the two of you began bickering. “Our son will have toys” he spoke “yes, when he’s older” you tell him “I barely have a say in Kon and I want him to have toys now” he spoke stomping his foot. You gave him a look “I’m standing my ground” he told you slightly scared “next week I will give him a toy and you won’t stop me” he says crossing his arms. Then he realized Kon wasn’t in them and started looking around catching glance of Kon being surrounded by his many uncles.

Kon stared up at them searching for the only male face he knew when he wasn’t able to see it his face changed. “Is he alright?” Won asked only to be startled by the loud cries from Kon. Eun quickly stepped over. Once he came into Kon’s teary vision he stopped crying almost instantly. “He seems to know well who is father is” Baek-ah spoke patting his brother’s shoulder. “Kon knows who I am” Eun mumbles to himself a large smile on his face the whole time. To think two short weeks ago Wang Kon wasn’t as big of an impact on Eun as he is now.

Dead Things Rising (Part One)

The door creaked as Eun Sang peered around the corner.  This hotel room was as horrific as the last: blood dripping from the walls and brain matter oozing from gaping sculls. She wrinkled her nose at the smell. Slipping inside, she did her best not to let her heels drag any bloody prints through the scene.

She nearly stumbled on a fallen meat hook, but managed to hop to the side and brace herself against the low table. Biting her lip, she cursed her clumsiness. She had only one shot at this; they would kill her if she messed anything up now.

She positioned herself in the corner, trying to get the angle just right. She had to capture this moment, for when she was old and would surely forget. The camera she held was the best money could afford and she was duly impressed as it adjusted to the dim lighting.

This was it.  Her imagination, her stories, had come to life for others to see. Nearly everything was as she dreamed it, and where they had changed something, she approved of the interpretation.  Eun Sang allowed herself a small smile.

One of the assistants poked his head around the doorway and she could see him frantically searching through the gloom for her. 

“Noona!  Director-nim is coming up the stairs.  You need to get out now, okay?”

She stepped from the wall and was rewarded with a small shriek. 

“Noonahh,” he whined.  “Don’t do that to me.  You know how these sets are.  Everything looks so real.”

Eun Sang smiled and made her way carefully back to the door. “That’s the point, Kang Na.”

The boy grimaced.  Eun Sang had a soft spot for him; he was barely out of high school and enthusiastic about everything to do with the industry.  Thankfully, that enthusiasm was matched by his talent. She had helped him apply for this internship and hoped it would set his career path in the right direction. She knew from experience the power of someone lending a helping hand at just the right moment.

They made it back to the other side of the set line with moments to spare before the director returned. Despite the set being closed for the evening, he wasn’t alone.  However, the man who accompanied him did look entirely at ease among the film props and artists.  He was tall, all legs and arms, everything well-proportioned to his frame. The director had to actually tilt his head back to meet the younger man’s gaze.

“Of course, of course, seonsaengnim,” the director babbled. “Thank you, thank you for your generosity. It has been a pleasure doing business here.  Anything else you might need for the time being—? No? And everything will be returned?”

“Yes, director,” he bowed slightly and nodded. He caught sight of Eun Sang and grinned. Turning back to the man, he added pointedly, “We’ll talk tomorrow, yes?”

The director looked between the two of them and nodded emphatically. “Oh, yes, yes!  Good night now!  Good night, Eun Sang-sshi!  Kang Na, come with me this instant!”

He dragged Eun Sang’s protégé away, swatting at his head as the boy protested.  When they disappeared into the stairwell at the end of the hall, Choi Young Do turned to face Eun Sang with his crooked smile.

“Did I do good? Yeobo, I kept him away long enough, right?”

Eun Sang wrinkled her nose at the affectionate term.  He loved her reaction, and she knew it.  It was a game they had fallen into early in their relationship. “Yah, Choi Young Do. I was almost caught. You call that doing good? How would you feel if you cost me my job, huh?”

“I could buy the production company,” he offered, looming over her. Eun Sang ducked under his arm and danced down the hallway. She heard him chuckle and his long legs brought him to her side in an instant.

“Wait a second,” he said, all joking gone. She looked back and up—he stood close enough that she too, even wearing heels, had to tilt her head back. But the look he gave her was far from serious. He opened his arms and tilted his head expectantly.

Eun Sang giggled and took the remaining step into his embrace.  The film set may have been in Zeus’ own hotel rooms, but she was working from sun up to sun down every day.  It had been quite a long time since they had seen each other privately.

Even after years together, his arms around her still felt right. There was no pressure or expectation in them.  They embraced her as if that was what they had been made to do.

Her hands unconsciously slid up his back—she vaguely remembered him dressing that morning in his customary collared shirt and pants, but she could now feel how nice and silky they actually were. She wondered if they were new.  She also wondered what it would be like to unbutton them once they got home. Maybe even in the car…


She looked up at him, surprised. “What?”

“Are you trying to feel me up, you shameless woman? There are cameras all around! One might still be on. Not to mention our security cameras. Have you no decency?” His attempt at innocence was not convincing, and she covered her laugh with her hand.

“Well,” she said, once she could control her smile. “You’ve never asked about filming anything like that before…”

He blinked once in surprise before the look was replaced with an evil grin. Teasing each other was their favorite game. Seeing how far he could push her bluffs was something he excelled in.

He loomed over her again, pressing her to the wall.  Not one to be intimidated, Eun Sang slid her hands up his sides under his jacket, the movement untucking his shirt in the front. Biting her lip, she raised her eyes to meet his.

Young Do put his hands against the wall, effectively trapping her. Eun Sang responded by hooking her fingers through his belt and tugging him closer, until her body was pressed between his and the wall. She felt him respond and reached up to drag her lips across his exposed neck.

 “No. No!” he said, taking a step back and putting a hand on his forehead. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily through his nose. “No, I will not be distracted. I had plans.”

“But I like these plans,” she murmured. Young Do peeked at her from under his hand with one eye, sizing her up.

“No! I mean, yes. Yes, I like these plans too.” She had never seen him struggle this much and wondered what he had already planned out for their evening.  It surely had to be amazing if he was resisting her now. He seemed determined though. “I want to take you somewhere first.  Got it?”

She pouted, but contented herself with taking his hand. He smiled down at her and they walked to the elevator.

Hello everyone

I don’t know if anyone still remembers me, But hey I’m Eun.

Sorry I was away for a very long time.

I’m going thro hard times, I’m trying to keep my mind away from everything around me so I’ll not do something stupid.

Hope you all will accept me back.