So recently I’ve been getting into Korean Dramas.  I started off with Cinderella and the Four Knights

And then I watched Scarlet Heart: Reyo

And that’s how I felt about that ending.  So here’s a fic that gives us closer and hopefully a much happier feeling about all the pain and agony that happened in that series.  Enjoy!

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The Final episode of Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The ending, wow…The ending was BRILLIANT! I cannot describe how pleased I am with the ending, and yes it was INSANELY sad but…it fit so well with the whole storyline and everything…the writers went along with the story and did not care what the fans wanted and that MAKES A FANTASTIC DRAMA!

First of all, I have no idea why this fandom was so angry and so upset about the ending. I saw posts here and there talking about their disappointment and how the ending was terrible…well that is indeed your opinion and this is mine. THE ENDING WAS WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

If you followed along with the ACTUAL storyline, paid attention to the conversations, to each characters part throughout all of this and stopped putting all your ATTENTION on the Wang So and Hae Soo ship, you would be satisfied and understanding of it all. THIS WAS NOT SOME CLICHE NORMAL DRAMA WHERE THE MAIN LEAD GETS THE GIRL, THIS WAS A TRAGEDY AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TRAGIC LOVE STORY. If anyone has read Shakespeare you can handle a tragic love story.

A word of advice for anyone who is going to start this drama now that it is over: WATCH THE SHOW FOR THE SHOW. DO NOT FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON SOME CUTE LITTLE HAPPY COUPLE. Watch the show as it is! Pay attention, listen to the stories, listen to the conversations, and you will be satisfied.

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overlordofawesomeness  asked:

I am a die hard Add x Ain shipper, but right now, I want to have some Time Tracer and Eun fluff, please? (If you think about it, they're actually the closest ones to canon if you read Time Trouble.)

The first thing Add does when he wakes up is spit up a wad of fox fur.

“Eun,” he complains, “can you stop sticking your tails in my… Oh.”

The kumiho turns over, her tails flickering as she snores softly. Something in Add’s heart twinges as he watches her nose twitch and a contented smile spread across her face.

It’s already time to get up, but Add doesn’t have the heart to wake Eun up, not while she’s sleeping so soundly.

So he lays down again, lets her fluffy tails smother him in warmth, and drifts off into the void of sleep again.

In an effort to preserve the language of my ancestry, a language that is rapidly losing speakers and has little to no people who only speak it, I am trying to teach myself Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig). Today I was looking up some stuff in a dictionary because, well, I want to have the proper vocabulary, and… 

My people

They understand me

I’m crying a little bit that this was one of the dictionary results for dinosaur

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The El gang and Rose discover that Ara's clumsiness vanishes completely when she plays the REALLY rough sports (i.e. anything that allows tackling of some sort) and/or when she's asked to spar without her spear. Turns out that Eun mostly helps out for the magic-intensive stuff, since Ara does in fact LIFT.

There wasn’t anyone who could beat Elesis in arm wrestling.

Well, Raven could, but he had a metal arm, so it didn’t count.  Other than that, Elesis reigned supreme – until Ara challenged her.

The two girls sat down, Elesis with a cocky grin, Ara with her normal almost-shy stare.  The Elgang crowded around, watching in trepidation as the two clasped hands and put their elbows firmly on the surface.

Elsword counted down.  No sooner had he said “go” than did Elesis’ hand smack to the table.  Upon the disbelief of the Elgang, Ara repeated the feat – twice.

Both shock and amazement filled the Guild Hall.  And that was just the beginning.

Ara excelled at football.  Soccer.  Dodgeball.  Wrestling.  Bare-hands sparring.  Eun was on the sidelines, cackling, “Did you guys not know she’s a fucking martial artist​?” Apparently, the only thing Ara was bad at was magic – which, of course, was where having a celestial guardian animal of the moon helped her out.

Rose, spying on the Elgang, made a note to never tangle with this black-haired, giggly fox-girl.

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[not the same anon] what happen after elgang+solace found glitter at their body cause glave prank? Did they know it's glave?

(Previous ask here!)

The Elgang wakes the next morning in sparkles, screams, and sneezes.

Glitter is everywhere. People track it into the halls, Raven’s Arm is congested with the stuff, Eve can barely move for all the glitter stuck in her joints. Elsword forgot to wash his hair gel out the night before, so there’s glitter encrusting his hair.  Eun is not happy about her hairpin being defiled with glitter.

The intial suspect, of course, is Elesis – she’s pulled elaborate pranks before, of course.  She manages to convince everyone that she didn’t do it by reminding them there’s no way she could have gotten the sheer quantities of glitter. It’s a solid argument, but then, who pulled the prank?  Nobody knows.

Zero teases Rose when she wakes up.  Rose spends hours trying to wash the glitter off.  It doesn’t work.

Solace is still an edgelord, just a sparkly one.  He’s so not happy about having to pause his work on the Diceon generator for fear of getting glitter all over it.  He has a sneaking suspicion that Glave has something to do with this.

Glave, meanwhile, is getting scolded by Luto for interfering.  Whatever.  It was so worth it.

  • Rena: Ara, where's Chung??
  • Ara(Eun): Probably stuck inside my tails again.
  • Rena: Hold on. *goes behind Ara and scurries into her tails*
  • Rena: *pulls out a pillow, a wrench, a sword, a lollipop, and Add's earphones* Really??
  • Ara(Eun): Sorry, my tail sometimes gets unnecessary stuff, mufufu~
  • Rena: *finally pulls out Chung* Ah, there he is.
  • Chung: *gasps for air* FINALLY I CAN BREATHE!!
  • Rena: Why does your tails even hold so much stuff??
  • Ara(Eun): For safe keeping.