Language Of Gods Maths And Hinduism

Language Of Gods Maths And Hinduism

I have read an interesting academic paper on Mathematics involving Higher Mathematics of Numbers and was struck by its findings and the Truths expressed in hinduism Five Thousand years ago intuitively.


First let me state something about relevant numerical in Indian thought.

Ekam-1  Brahman

Dwi-2. Purusha and Prakriti

Thrini-3.Sattva, Rajas,Tamas; Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra.

Shasti-6.Six sense…

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Personal Statement

This is my personal statement. It is a pretty personal thing and so cringy to read, but I’ve had a lot of asks about it so I figured if it could help any of you. As a note though, an admissions tutor from Cambridge told me they don’t even read them for maths, except a quick glance before the interview.

My father was the first person to introduce me to extracurricular maths, and show me the worldly applications of what I learned as a young child. Together we connected over the subject, much like the connections maths makes between theory and life. My initial attraction to the subject was the way it inspired me to question everything and to engage with my surroundings. The rigorous proofs provided by classical mathematicians such as Euclid and Pythagoras satisfy my need for a logical explanation, and capture what I find fascinating about the subject.

The way mathematics branches into separate fields yet maintains a connection throughout is one of the most intriguing things I’ve encountered. I enjoy the way Euler’s theorem encompasses so many seemingly unrelated aspects of mathematics and combines them in such an elegant manner. This interconnectedness encourages holistic learning and the ability to reach new conclusions based on prior knowledge appeals to me.  

My knowledge of maths is continually growing as I attempt to understand and build on the fundamental principles which define modern mathematics. The ability for realistic estimations using mathematical models astounds me and the endless possibilities for mathematical research and analysis are my motivation. An area of maths which particularly interests me is the study of topology, as its wider applications throughout mathematics amaze me due to its generality and assumed simplicity, and as such I’ve found and read books including Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Ian Stewart and Five Golden Rules by John L. Casti in order to learn more.

Through my experiences of the UKMT maths challenges I’ve developed my problem solving skills and ability to think logically about unseen problems, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to find a well posed solution. I have done these challenges since Year 8 and have achieved mostly gold awards with one silver award. I enjoy the way maths challenges ask for a different approach and the ability to adapt your thought process to cater to the unusual problem set.

Having attended Eton College Universities Summer School, I was given the opportunity to attend higher level maths lessons with other adept mathematicians and to expand on areas the A level syllabus merely skims. This in depth material and the academic atmosphere prompted a stronger desire to investigate the new areas of maths as it gave me a different perspective in terms of problem solving and provided me with different methods for solving familiar problems.

In the summer of year 12, I attended a STEM Summer School at Cambridge University where I experienced tuition by the university professors and lectures about the real applications of maths; for example, the use of the four colour theorem in terms of radio communications. The applications of maths in other fields appeals to me as the future is truly dependent on the work of mathematicians, ensuring calculations are done accurately.

During year 12, I was awarded badges in mathematics and chemistry, which shows my dedication to learning. Outside of school, I dedicate the majority of my time to working part-time, four evenings a week. I’ve been working at my current job since I was fourteen and this shows my commitment and ability to manage my time effectively. As part of a school enterprise scheme I helped to set up and run a small business which raised over £300 for charity, designing and creating our own product taking production costs and profits into account.

Degree level mathematics greatly appeals to me as I feel it will enable me to continue my pursuit for knowledge at a higher level. The diversity and complexity that maths entails ensures that I can continue to learn for the rest of my life, as new areas of study are constantly unveiled. I enjoy the endeavour of learning and discovery, especially in the field of maths, and the way abstract maths can be applied to our lives is astonishing.


Just a quick note: the personal statements are checked for plagiarism and anything that is copied will be found by the UCAS plagiarism machine!!! Use others’ personal statements for inspiration! 

July 26, 2015

I spent the majority of my evening trying to understand Euler’s Great Theorem; the proof is tricky since it requires the application of Newton-Girard formula. Anyways, this is Euler’s Great Theorem, in which he managed to prove that

This is astounding because somehow the series which contains squared numbers results in an answer that’s associated with Pi. 

The irrelevance excites me a whole lot, because I remember also feeling mind-blown when I read about Fermat’s Last Theorem proof a while ago. Obviously my then knowledge refrained me from truly gasping the beauty of Andrew Wiles’ work. Nonetheless, the fact that his proof for:

requires proving the Modularity Theorem for Elliptic Curves just never fails to amaze me. 

Math is just so unexpected, and that’s really the beauty of it.