for some reason when i cant draw anything drawing myself fixes it so here’s a random ass gif of how i’ve looked from 7th grade til now euhhhhhh ( 7th grade is the one with super smudged eyeliner lol)  im sorry i was just so bored and wanted to draw

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Oh my gosh! I’m trying so hard to not get my hopes up for episode 6 in season 13 because I don’t want to be disappointed with the Destiel in that reunion but at the same time, all I can think about is how they can make Destiel canon in that episode. Especially with it looking like it will be a romcom

euhhhhhh please dont get your hopes up!!!!!! always remain cautious so as not to be disappointed.

tbh I am super destiel positive and i really dont hope for it to be canon in 06… just wait and see what 01 gives us first and go from there, don’t get your hopes up before the season even starts!! :D 

I think it’s not for me
it’s for you, too, yeah?

it’s for the sickening drip in my veins
like syrup.
I want to throw up.

I forget that sometimes people
get torn up
I must, too.
I crave lots and lots and it’s a lost cause
because I forget to give
I’m sorry.
Let’s watch one fall into three.

I can’t flip switches
to things that make me most comfortable
when I’m burning out lights on either side.
Soon you’ll both be darkened.

I want to frost them over with my breath.
I want to freeze his flying home,
her angry red paints,
the vines of prose dripping from mouths.
I want them to be mine to unthaw as I need them.

I’m really sorry I don’t know how this works?
I haven’t had very good examples, maybe.
I know that leaving
or falling into bad habits
or subtle anger or fiery hands and yelling
and dagger words and loneliness
isn’t how others feel love
or show love.
I could get hit by a car.
(not a blue pinto, right? that’s not for me)

I feel bad and I want us to be warm a lot.
I need to say lots of things to lots of people-
I must have run out of stamps.

I don’t know when
“I love you”
became something I needed an answer to.