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zero to hero and he's all Jacks

(submitted anonymously)

Anon asks: Modern AU where Hiccup is the scrawny nerd and Jack helplessly in love with him and everyone wonders why the hottie is bothering with the nerd but then Hic hits puberty and everyone’s jaw drops and Jack is like “ahah mine.”

I am pretty sure someone else wrote something like this!

it is right here  i  don’t know their tumblr name but it is an adorable fic!

mod note: this is thesquirrelisonfire uwu

so I am going to try to make it as different as possible! 

;w; i hope you like it 

Jack was begining to believe this was unhealthy.

He smiled at the boy next to him wrapping his arms around the protesting brunntette and nuzzled into his neck pulling and squeezing the now lap occupiant. 

“Jack are you being serious right now?” Hiccup, the lovely boyfriend of Jack Frost, huffed reaching to his old spot and pulling his food and book to where he was. He knew at the moment there was no escaping Jack’s hold.

“I am always serious babe.” Jack smirked kissing Hiccup on the back of his neck.

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