eugine krabs

I used to LOVE Spongebob when I was a kid! Here’s a small tribute to my (as well as many others’) childhood! Also a gift to my little brother!

(Small fact: Sandy, Mrs. Puff, Larry, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and Spongebob were intended, but they were scrapped. Also, I’m not sure what’s going on with Squidward’s shirt, but he looks cool!)

Mr. Krabs is a pimp: My Theory

Eugine Krabs was a loving man. He went to church every Sunday, had a beautiful wife named Amanda, was a full time teacher at the prestigious Bikini Bottom academy. He loved his life, and valued it every day. Until just like every other working crab in America, the economy fucked him over.

He lost his job. But was still thankful for his life until his wife left him. Something about “she needed a crab who could support her.” And she took everything. Mr. Krabs became bitter. They didn’t lie when they said money was the root to all evil.

Because he was so hurt, he decided if he can’t have any, he’ll have all. So Eugine decided to do anything he can to get a check. He even adopted a baby whale. But it still wasn’t enough. One day, he realized that being underwater was doing him no good, so he went to land to search for quick ways to make money.