eugine and rapunzel

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1) favourite overall disney character?

2) Favourite villain?

3) Favourite fairy?

4) Favourite mermaid?

5) Favourite disney movie?

6) Favourite Pixar movie?

7) Favourite Princess?

8) Favourite Disney male?

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11) Favourite outfit?

12) Character you most relate to?

13) First disney movie you ever watched?

14) who would your best friend be?

15) which Prince/Princess do you want to marry?

16) Who do you look the most like?

17) Are you a dreamer or a realist?

18) What is your dream job?

19) Which Disney castle/home do you want to live in?

20) beach, city or countryside?


“I find it interesting how Mother Gothel and Eugene interact with Rapunzel’s hair. Throughout the movie, Mother Gothel pushed Rapunzel’s hair into her face, making her hair and not a person. Eugene on the other hand, every chance he got, smooth her hot out of her face, eventually cutting it off. He set her free and saw her as a person, rather than hair.”