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Title: A Good Kind of Different

Pairings: Touka/Kaneki

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: None. Touka is just surprised because Kaneki’s unexpectedly hot. Also it’s an AU, so I guess they’ll act a lil different.

Notes: What even is this? I don’t even know. It’s super rusty, so I’m sorry for the bad quality! ;; I just missed writing for Touken, so here I am with a random oneshot ahhh. *gently dies inside* It’s unbeta’d so yea h…

Summary: “His smile was completely opposite of his eyes; while his eyes looked sad, almost brinking on the point of looking empty, his smile was full of genuine warmth. It warmed something inside of Touka, and absently she noted how her heart had begun to speed up the longer he looked at her.”

“He’s…kind of cute”


After months of job hunting in the hopes to help her Uncle Yomo out, Touka Kirishima finally manages to land a job at the well-known cafe of Anteiku. Working there is easy enough, but she’s surprised when she meets her (unexpectedly attractive) co-worker. Slight AU.

[AO3 link here]

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