i was replaying the ending and chose a prompto selfie for the photo part and he called me out :////

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With Phara Jedi I have a pressing question, would she break the rule of nowhere relationships for mercy and would she question being a part of the Jedi order constantly?

Yes. You’re on point. But at the same time, Angela kind of keeps her from turning to the dark side c:

Resplendence is literally the most terrifying Bayonetta enemy and you dont even actually fight it in game (thANK FUCKING GOD)

look at this fucking thing





Brian decided to go on a Instagram rant today…
I am in a mood so I am going to rant at him (I will be saying “you” in reference to him, and not the submitter, because its easier for me to word it like that)
“I have dedicated my life to wildlife” 
You own a massive facility full of captive bred snakes, in tiny cages with nothing to do, breeding them in mass for money. The only ‘wildlife’ experience you have is in that venom hunters show or whatever it is called, and you show an incredible amount of ignorance and lack of respect for said venomous animals. Everything you do is for money, and not for the good of wildlife. 
“You have never seen the daily sacrifice I make for these animals and the betterment of the reptile hobby”
What sacrifice?? You make a shit ton of money by owning a giant ass snake mill. You hire people to do the work for you, all you do is go in and pull out random snakes for your shitty webshow, which you get paid for. You have not bettered the hobby, your way of keeping smears our name because it looks like, and is, animal abuse and neglect. People look at your facility and immediately think “Wow do all reptile owners do that? That is awful!” And smear the reptile community more. You have done nothing to improve it.
“I will happily keep blocking you and surround myself with people that believe in looking at the good and not searching for the negative and bad” 
So basically you are saying “I don’t care if I am taking bad care of my animals, I have some people that support my shitty practices because its an easy way to keep and no one wants to admit that its neglect, plus I’m making more money this way” This is an awful way of thinking, as it is selfish and stupid to not admit you’re at fault for something. Its basically sticking your fingers in your ears and going “Lalalala I can’t hear you!” like a child. I quote a good friend of mine @wheremyscalesslither  “Your pride is not more important than your animals”. 
Accept that you are wrong, change your ways, and become humble. THAT is what will change the reptile community for the better. Or you can actually donate money to USARK instead of hoarding all of it, ya know.

(Apologies to the OP submitter, I went on a rant there lol).

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this ones a bit silly but how would the sans (UT, UF, US) react to an s/o that can universe hop + showed them outertale's universe to see the stars up close?


Wow. That’s something alright. He’s not really sure how to react to it, that’s how starstruck he is (pun definitely intended). There’s nothing brighter to him in that moment than you, nothing he could wish for more. He’s happy just having you by his side, & he doesn’t know what he did in a past Reset to make him so lucky this time around.


He’s…well…damn.  Damn, that’s–that’s incredible. For once he’s at a loss for words. You can do somethin’ like this, & the first thing you do is think of what he’d like? You go through all this trouble for someone like him? He’s never been more in love with you than he is at that moment–hell, you’re better than all the stars in the sky, in his eyes.


Holy moly!!! You are one of the most unique, interesting people he’s ever met, & he feels so lucky to have you as his date-mate! For a while he’s worried about your safety, since the last time he checked, humans couldn’t live in space without need of air (he is just lucky that skeletons are superior in this way & do not!!), but after the worry fades, he just spends time admiring it all (while trying to cover up his excitement by pegging it on “how excited Papyrus will be” once he finds out).