Eugene Richards, Christopher Wool in his East Village studio, (2006)

“I don’t want my work to feel all sweat-soaked and tortured. I’d like to be like a crooner, effortless seeming, smooth. That doesn’t mean it actually is easy. And it doesn’t mean you don’t have backbone, or even aggression. Like Frank Sinatra or Miles Davis maybe. It’s like magic. I want my things to just appear. Not be painted. Just appear. And that is scary too. It’s not magic like Tinker Bell. It’s more like the writing on the wall.”

-Christopher Wool


Eugene Richards (American, b. 1944, Dorchester, MA, USA, based NYC) - 1: Howe, Nebraska, Dog in Grass, June, 2005  2: Howe, Nebraska, From the Porch, May 2004  3: Near Widener, Arkansas, November 2005  4: South of Wheatley, Arkansas, November, 2005  5: Ancho, New Mexico, Blowing Curtain October, 2007  6: Near Langdon, North Dakota, November, 2006  7: Near Froid, Montana, June, 2007  8: Taiban, New Mexico, February, 2007  9: Near Fortuna, North Dakota, September, 2006  10: Epping, North Dakota, 2006  

‘If you go to ask somebody about the war, you don’t ask them about the war. You ask them about where they came from, who their parents are. The war becomes part of the texture of their life, and then people will tell you about the war.

Since its launch in 2004, the Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography have celebrated and supported independent photojournalism, as evidenced by the many dynamic and compelling projects completed over the years.

In this video, two-time Editorial Grant winner Eugene Richardstakes us on an intensely emotional and powerful journey as he shares his experience working on his grant project “War is Personal.”

The Getty Images Grants are now accepting applications.

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Getty Images Grants Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary: Now accepting applications 

“Imagery is the language of our time and Getty Images is deeply committed to supporting the vision and passions of emerging and established photographers and other artists through our global grants program.” - Jonathan Klein, Getty Images Co-founder and CEO

The stories told and truths unveiled with support from Getty Images address many aspects of the global human experience; from the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and the re-awakening of fascism in Europe to propelling the mission of nonprofits through visual campaigns including “Stop the Cut” to elevate awareness of female genital mutilation in Mali and “Pathways” which was designed to inspire medical professionals to volunteer their expertise and skills to clinics in Northern India.  Supporting photojournalism, creative photography and portraiture, the work enabled by Getty Images grants has left a visual record of the human condition and sparked important dialogues. Apply for this year’s grants.

Read more about the Getty Images grants, and the work that they have supported, on In Focus.

Photos by Grant winners (clockwise from top): Kristen Ashburn, Eugene Richards, Paolo Marchetti, Lynsey Addario