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M16 Woes in Vietnam,

Invented by Eugene Stone in 1959, the M16 series and it’s variants serve as the bread and butter infantry weapon of the US Military. Adopted in 1964, it was meant as a replacement of the M14 battle rifle. It had several advantages over the older M14. With its polymer furniture it was much lighter. It fired a much smaller caliber cartridge (5.56 NATO whereas the M14 was 7.62 NATO) allowing the soldier to carry more ammunition. It had a lighter recoil, was easier to control firing in fully automatic mode, was exceptional accurate, had a very high muzzle velocity (3,000+ feet per second) and had good range.

Initial trial runs with special forces and American advisers in Vietnam showed that the M16 preformed well. However, once the M16 was commonly issued to common grunts, serious problems began to emerge. The new rifle gained a reputation for being completely unreliable, and horror stories spread of dead American soldiers being found with jammed rifles or rifles being dismantled in the process of clearing the jam. The most common malfunction was the failure to extract, where the empty casing would remain jammed within the action after firing. Other malfunctions including slam firing, light striking, and excessive wear and breakages of parts.

Due to reports of its unreliability, a Congressional investigation chaired by Rep. Richard Ichord was conducted in 1967 to identify and solve the problem. The investigation found that the M16 in it’s current usage had a malfunction rate of around 2 per 1,000 rounds. During the investigation, a Marine rifleman testified,

We left with 72 men in our platoon and came back with 19, Believe it or not, you know what killed most of us? Our own rifle. Practically every one of our dead was found with his (M16) torn down next to him where he had been trying to fix it.

The Ichord Committee  found several problems with the new M16. At the time US Military small arms had a chrome plated bore to protect it from corrosion, fouling, dirt, mud, and moisture. Chrome plating was a lesson learned in World War II and Korea, and by 1957 was standard military ordnance protocol. However, it was decided not to chrome the M16, the decision made by none other than the staff of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, who micromanaged M16 development and the Vietnam War in general. They reasoned that because the original Stoner design lacked a chromed barrel, it was not necessary.

Originally the M16 was tested using 5.56 NATO cartridges with DuPont IMR8208M stick gunpowder. To increase production of ammunition, Olin Mathieson WC846 ball powder was used instead. This gunpowder caused more residue and fowling, which increased chances of a malfunction.

By far the biggest issue was the erroneous belief  that the M16 was a “self cleaning” rifle which did not require regular cleaning and maintenance. This myth was perpetration by the manufacturer, Colt, by Robert McNamara, and the military.  Soldiers were even told that cleaning was unnecessary. Cleaning kits were not issued as the military actually had no cleaning kits for 5.56 caliber. Some veteran soldiers who saw through the bullshit used .22 caliber cleaning kits commonly used for small game civilian hunting rifles. It is my personal belief that the military and administration didn’t necessarily believe the M16 was such a wonder rifle, but were simply negligent, rolling the dice and hoping that nothing bad would happen due to the lack of cleaning kits.

The results of the Ichord Committee brought about several changes.  First, several improvements were made to the M16, resulting in the M16A1.  The M16A1 featured a chromed bore and chamber, as well as a forward assist to aid the user in clearing a jam.  More importantly, appropriate cleaning kits were issued, and soldiers were trained in how to properly maintain their rifles. Special comic books were even printed making the process easy to understand.

As a result, the incidence of malfunctions dropped dramatically, and the M16 earned a reputation as a reliable weapon. A survey conducted by the military in 1968 found that 85% of combat troops preferred the M16 over the M14.  The rest is military history.

Center Stone by @alyseofwonderland

In every person there is a core, the center of who they are. The reality of their self.

Some people are air at their center, light and fair. These people have the natural talent to lift others up. Guys like Luz who could make any moment seem bright and fun. Lip who knew how to get every guy up and running on a bad day.

Some people have fire at their center, passion and anger. These people could make crowds do their bidding and write poetry that would move a thousand hearts. Toye, who could never keep his temper but had more friends in the regiment than any other man put together. Winters who seemed so calm at the surface but gave more than a damn about everyone and everything, who inspired loyalty just by breathing.

Some people were water at their center, ebbs and depths. They moved between emotions like the tides and could sink into themselves with ease. Buck who lived in either a manic kind of happiness and joy, or the steely cold of battle. Malarkey with his moods and his leadership.

Others had a center of stone, strength and calm. They couldn’t be shaken when they didn’t want to be. They could carry the world if they felt so inclined.

Eugene Roe had a stone center.

Somebody else (pt. 1)

Prompt: The reader is working on a project with Eugene when he goes missing. While at the church, she overhears a conversation between Cassidy and Tulip she would much rather forget. 

A/N: I am so sorry @mrvdocks. I know i have been pushing this off for like a week but i promise it’s worth it. Also y’all should go check her somebody else cause it’s beautiful.

Warnings: None

Pairing: Reader x Cassidy (eventually)

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This is Eugene Root’s phone. Leave a mess- 

You sigh and end the call before the voicemail message finishes. Before the incident with Tracy Loach, Eugene was so stoned out of his mind that he would forget to check his voicemail and after he was smart enough to delete them without listening to them. Fuckers called themselves “Christians” but leaving detailed death threats on a teenage boys phone didn’t seem very holy to you. 

You put your phone down and started editing the video you and Eugene had started working on a few weeks ago. You still had so much to do and still no word from him. Most likely, you were being paranoid and had no real reason to worry about Eugene. He usually stayed late after church service to talk to Jesse or helped Emily clean the pews once the congregation had filed out. Shit maybe he was talking to some homely churchgoer who felt pity for him and wanted to play the Good Samaritan. Sometimes you had to remind yourself that he was a teenage boy and would rather spend his time playing video games or masturbating to internet porn than work on a silly project with you. 

Still, a unsettling feeling rested in your gut as you closed your laptop, removed the small USB drive you and Eugene traded off and waited impatiently on your couch. Midnight, tonight was the submission deadline for the Austin Music Video Competition. This left exactly eleven hours, thirty eight minutes and twelve seconds-no eleven-wait ten seconds to make the final adjustments and submitting your collaboration. After he was finished with church, Eugene was supposed to text you that he was on his way over to help you make the final cuts. Usually, you would be calm and collected, letting Eugene take as much time as he needed but today was important. After almost pacing a whole in your living room carpet, you decide to head over to All Saints’ to see what the big hold up was. 

When arriving at All Saints’ Church, you combed the thin crowd outside for his distinct face but couldn’t find him. The nervousness grew every minute you didn’t see him. You entered the church, slipping through a few elderly parishioners before scouring the foyer and the chapel front. You searched the balcony for his sandy blonde hair. You double checked everywhere on the blessed grounds but nothing. Eugene wasn’t anywhere. 

Frustrated, you  walk to the edge of the alter and sit down. You lean over and bury your face in your hands before letting out a defeated sigh and pull the small USB drive from your pocket. You feel tears form behind your eyelids and you squeezed them tighter to prevent them from falling. This was it. This electronic chip held your heart in it. Every sleepless night trying to write the right words, every tired day waiting to get the right shot, every minute spent on the project was all for nothing. Eugene blew you off and all of your hard work was in the toilet. Your lower lip started to quiver as a thousand negative thoughts started to fill your head. 

“You alright?” You heard a familiar voice interrupt the negativity swelling in your soul.

You look up to find it was none other than the Preacher himself, Jesse Custer. He stood there in all his bad-boy-gone-to-jesus glory and you smiled at him bitterly as you shook your head softly to tell him no. You twirl the USB drive in your fingers and let out a shaky sigh. He sat down beside you and placed his hand on your shoulder softly. 

“Would you like to talk about it?” He asks as you look over into his dark eyes. He looked so concerned that you stifled a laugh. He was using his reverend voice he used on many his flock and it sounded so odd to you after all these years knowing the real Jesse.

“No, I’m fine. Just my future imploding in front of my eyes,” You comment bitterly and hold up the flash drive for him to see. He takes his hand off of your shoulder and takes it out of your hand. Jesse smiles at you. He examines the small rectangle before turning back to you and putting it in your hand.

“What’s on it?”  He asks.

“Oh you know. The usual,” You snort and press the thing between your palms. 

“Recipes? Passwords? Porn?” Jesse suggests and you laugh at his silliness. 

“All of the above?” You retort and it’s his turn to laugh.

A moment of silence passes between you two and you sigh once more.

 “Actually it’s something Eugene and I have been working on but I can’t seem to find him. We’re doing this video contest and i need him to fix a few things for me. It sounds dumb but it’s really important to me. He isn’t answering his phone. Have you seen him? I can’t seem to find him anywhere.“ 

A coldness washed over Jesse. His torso stiffens like stone and he clenches his jaw. He unconsciously shifts away from you and a shadow flashes across his features before he regains control.

"No I haven’t. Maybe go ask Cassidy. Your boyfriend is in the kitchen.” He suggested before standing up and waltz to the entrance of the church. At the suggestion of speaking with Cassidy, your heart sped up tremendously and rolled your eyes at Jesse. You had the biggest crush on Cassidy and Jesse had always teased you about it. 

Before he entered the foyer, Jesse turned around and shot a determined stare at you.

“I’ll get Eugene for you,” He says. “Anything is possible with God.”

Your face contorts with confusion as a mixture of concern and surprise. What in the hell was he talking about?

You hadn’t mean to eavesdrop but you had gotten sidetracked by a photo of Jesse and Tulip on the small bookshelf right before the kitchen. It was from when they were younger and you could see the love between them. You traced their little faces, only half hearing the conversation between Tulip and Cassidy in the kitchen until something Cassidy said caught your full attention.

“I didn’t tell him, by the way.” Cassidy’s voice drifts into the hallway.

“Tell who what?” Tulips asks him curtly.

“Jesse..” Cassidy answers and his voice goes softer, “about..” 

“Well that’s good,” Tulip comments. “Cause he’d probably kill ya.”

“He won’t kill me. I’m his best friend.” Cassidy argues. 

You take a quiet step forward until you are hidden against the wall closest to the kitchen entrance. A feeling of dread started to fill your stomach. Something happened and he didn’t tell Jesse. It could be anything though. They could be planning a birthday party but Jesse’s birthday was two months ago. Cassidy could have eaten all of Mrs Cooper’s infamous banana pudding. It could be anything really but you knew better than that.

“And I’m his girlfriend. It doesn’t mean I tell him everything,” Tulip remarks and moves something around the kitchen. 

“Oh really well if yer his girlfriend- why did ya-” Cassidy studders. 

“Why did I what?” Tulip questions. 

“Why did you” Cassidy sighs, “Why did ye make love to me the other night?” 

Oh God no please. Anything but this. A tear rolls down your cheek as the information you heard completely sinks in. To stop your knees from giving out, you press your back into the yellow wallpaper and try to calm the storm of agony inside of your heart. Tulip and Cassidy. Together. Tulip and Cassidy had “made love” in his eyes. You slowly slide to the floor and you think of how wrong you have been over the last few weeks. Cassidy didn’t like you. He wasn’t interested in you. He would never love you.

You press your hands over your mouth to smother a silent sob, leaving the small flash drive on the floor next to you. An iron fist of anguish gripped your heart and lungs making it impossible to breathe. A small movement flashed from the direction and you see two blurry figures.

“______?” Emily asks softly, seeing your form crumpled on the floor. 

Hearing your name jolted some sense into you and you stood up quickly before running out the door. You ran out of the church and started your car. You fishtailed out of the parking lot and drove twenty miles over the speed limit on the way home. You needed to get out of there. You couldn’t be anywhere near them. The contest and Eugene had been forgotten. Your world was knocked off it’s access and was going to be the same ever again. 


“Wha’ was that t’all about?” Cassidy asks Jesse and Emily after walking into the common room.

“I’m not sure,” Jesse says.

“Yeah we just came in and she was on the floor,” Emily agrees and points to the spot on the floor your body had just occupied moments before. 

Cassidy looks over and sees something glint on the floor. He leans down and picks up the object. Its about an inch and a half long and rectangular in shape. It takes him a second to realize what it is. She forgot her thumbdrive.

What I’m Reading - Week 4

ahhhhh hi friends!!! sorry I missed last week, but hey! at least we have twice the fic recs! hooray! 

Bright Star by @gendryw4ters

author summary: an au in which babe is the sun and gene is the moon

word count: 1,033

status: complete 

my thoughts: I’m in love with this concept tbqh, and when you add a little bit of poetry in with it, boooooy am I there. beautifully written, very unique, all around a wonderful read, especially for poetry lovers. 

An Anchor Is A Place Of Rest by @queenofkeys

author summary: Restless, overwhelmed and unable to sleep, Skinny thinks back to how it all began.

word count: 3,731

status: complete 

my thoughts: grant/skinny!!! I repeat y’all, the first grant/skinny to grace ao3!!! this is honestly such a wonderful fic, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m so thrilled that it even exists. Skinny’s perspective is one I’ve often longed for, and boy did this author deliver. Excellently done. 

Center Stone by @alyseofwonderland

author summary: They are the same, at their centers, at their cores. Ronald Speirs has a center of stone and Eugene knows exactly what that feels like.

word count: 11,046

status: complete 

my thoughts: this was such an interesting concept to me. and this pairing, while it’s not one that readily comes to mind for me, I was absolutely taken by them. their dynamic is full of potential, and the author does a great job bringing them to life. 

Not to be Spoken, Nor Sung, Nor Whispered to Anyone by @snowmedics 

author summary: The road from Aldbourne to Bastogne is paved with ghosts from the past, confused smiles, too-long looks, frantic heartbeats, quick steps away, hesitant steps forward, and a quiet patience that breaks at just the right time – or at least, it is for Babe Heffron and Doc Roe.

word count: 11,848

status: WIP - chapters 3/?

my thoughts: canon era baberoe, that starts when Babe first joins the company aka baberoe meeting!!! I have so often wanted this, so when I started reading I had myself a bit of a freakout tbh. this is wonderfully written, as can always be expected from this author. I’ve only gotten a chapter in at this point, but I cannot wait to continue. 

last night put my heart on a platter by @mjolll

author summary: Julian’s just a fucking kid.

word count: 554

status: complete 

my thoughts: a sweet little snippet of a moment, shared between Babe and Julian in Bastogne, without angst anywhere in sight. I adore this. it was actually written at my request, and the author blew me away. god bless this fic. 

take my hand (take my whole life too) by @gendryw4ters

author summary: Babe snatched up his hand in a heartbeat, as though worried that Gene might change his mind. He peered at it closely, pulling all of the right faces and making all of the right “mm"s and "ah"s and "oh"s as he traced the faint bloodied lines of Gene’s skin with the lightest of touches. Gene’s breath hitched in his throat at the feel of it.

word count: 2,431

status: complete 

my thoughts: sweet sweet canon era baberoe, cute foxhole conversations, flirting, and maybe even a little palm-reading. I love this a lot. a great little fic to make you smile. 

The Dogfight by @joesphjtoye 

author summary: "You know the rules?” Asked Joe. “Yeah, the Marine with the worst date in any way, shape, or form wins the pot!”

word count: 508

status: WIP - chapters 1/?

my thoughts: this is an AU, centered mostly around Liebgott, although I believe it is going to be a webgott fic. very new, the first chapter only gives us a glimpse, but I’m quite intrigued and looking forward to more! 

there is no end (there’s no goodbye) by @gendryw4ters

author summary: It still felt rather surreal to him, to be there- surrounded by nothing but the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves in the breeze. No screaming, no gunshots, no war. No Julian.

word count: 1,345

status: complete 

my thoughts: this is my favorite fic of all time. not kidding. it’s a ‘fix it’ fic for Babe/Julian, canon era, but our sweet sweet Julian lives and there’s a reunion and it is a blessing

i’ll be seeing you by @renelemaires

author summary: Julian is warm, in a place where Babe has almost stopped believing that warmth exists.

word count: 2,139

status: complete 

my thoughts: a sweet moment between our boys, in a foxhole in Bastogne. this is very well done and it had me smiling until the last paragraph. (and then I cried.) fair warning, it’s fluff until you see a dividing line. the last bit is sweet agony. 

anonymous asked:

I love Cassandra and Rapunzel's friendship but that's all it will ever be a friendship. Rapunzel and Eugene are set in stone (getting to their wedding and the problems they face years before it are the base of this series) Rapunzel will always love Cassandra but it's a Friendship love not a relationship love...

*changes your “relationship love” to “platonic love” because every repeated interaction a person has with another person is their relationship with them* 

Preach it.

5 stages of grief of a Fitzsimmons fangirl after watching AoS S2 finale

1. Denial and Isolation: No no no no no it’s all a dream, Simmons is ok, Fitz is ok, they’re going on a dinner date, my life is ok leave me alone!

2. Anger: WTF IS WRONG with you writers??? They suffered enough. Leave the science babies alone or i s2g I’ll kill a bitch! AAAAAAARGHHHH

3. Bargaining: ok maybe it’s a nice stone… Eugene (the stone) is nice, I’m sure he’s going to give her a make up and a nice dress and haircut and tips for the dinner date, yep. pls Eugene I’ll do whatever you want!

4. Depression: omg they were going on a date, he was so happy and in love with his stupid lovely face and heart eyes and she was so happy and in love with her stupid lovely smile after all what happened in season 1 and 2 omg my life is a mess I can’t wait 4 months leave me here to die *dying whale noises*

5. Acceptance: Ok, Simmons is trapped inside that stone, but I’m sure Fitz will do everything to save her because now he’s her boyfriend! I believe in Fitz! And I believe in Simmons! They’re going to fix this, together!