eugene pack

♔♔   430+ high quality small/medium gifs of the amazingly talented, Jung Yoo Jin
           from her roles in Moorim School and Because It’s the First Time. All of these
           gifs are mine. If you use this gif pack, please like/reblog. Also please don’t
           copy my gifs into another gif hunt. I will be updating periodically. 

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The following GIF pack contains 142 GIFs of musician and actor EUGENE HÜTZ. Hütz was born in 1972, and is of SERVITKA ROMA and WHITE descent. Please cast him accordingly. The following GIFs are all 160 x 160 pixels, and made by me from scratch. Do not use these GIFs if you cannot follow my rules. Thank you, and enjoy.

Name: Eugene Hütz
Date of Birth: 1972
Ethnicity: Servitka Roma, White
Source(s): Various Gogol Bordello music videos
Note(s): As many as 15 of these GIFs may be considered ‘faceless’. The link below redirects to the post on my GIF blog.

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Below, you’ll find #273 gifs of EUGENE LEE YANG. All GIFs were made by me, so please, don’t claim them as your own. Reposting these GIFs is strictly forbidden. All GIFS under 2 MB and are suitable for roleplay use. Please, like or reblog this post if you plan on saving these GIFs, of if you found this helpful in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, and enjoy.

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Keep Me Warm pt. 3 (a Romantic Roleplay with Admiral Freckles)


Eugene reached to the foot of the bed and pulled an extra blanket over Hans. He then went to the bedside tray and poured Hans a cup of hot tea.

“You got beaned in the noggin by the boom, man.” He set the cup of tea on the bed tray. “And you’re not gonna believe this..”

—2 Days Ago—

Elsa watched in slow motioned horror as the blast of wind sent the boom swinging towards her husband’s temple, sending him into the icy fjord. Her hands went up to her face as she let out a blood curdling, ear drum shattering scream.


Her cry could be heard even in the castle. The sailors all turned at their queen'a shriek and made way to the starboard to see the commotion.

“Man overboard!!”

“Where is he?!”

“King Hans!”

Elsa charged towards the side of the ship, vaulting over the starboard rim and dove into the icy depths.


In the water, Elsa struggled to swim due to the weight of her gown and cloak. Her hair floated all around her and she cursed herself for wearing it down as it blocked her peripheral vision.

She spotted bright red under the water. Hans was floating under a ray of light. Elsa struggled to pull off her gloves and used cold blasts of wind to propel her to her husband. She reached out and cradled Hans close to her heart. Holding him close with her right arm, she formed a sheet of ice beneath them, raising them to the surface of the water.

The queen gasped for air as she emerged, clutching Hans tightly to her bosom. She raised her hands and waved frantically for the ship men to reach them. Once they made it to shore, a quartet of guards ran to the harbor and carried Hans inside, wrapping him in a thick blanket.

Eugene had just finished packing all his things and out his final chest in the hallway when he heard voices and a screaming woman. He looked down the hall and saw his best friend unconscious and bleeding from the side of his head.

He also saw Elsa close to hysteria.

“HANS!! SAVE MY HANS!!” She shrieked in a voice that could shatter the sound barrier. A trio of nurses tried to hold her back as a doctor entered Hans’ room.

“My lady! Screaming like this will do nothing!” A nurse tried to calm the queen. She was only greeted by a harsh slap in the face by Elsa.

“I’LL HAVE YOUR HEADS IF HE DIES!!!” The queen once again tried to reach her husband through the nurses. She could see Hans lying in bed through the heads of the nurses.

“Nurse! Restrain Queen Elsa at once!!” The doctor turned and marched to the frantic woman. Before he could get another word in, Elsa scratched at the doctor’s face, cutting his cheek.

“SAVE MY HANS OR YOU ALL DIE!!!” Was her finally threat before the doctor pierced Elsa’s neck with a needle and she dropped in a nurse’s arms.


“You almost died, man.” Eugene raked a hand through his shaggy brown hair. “I’m stuck here, too. That freak storm froze over the whole harbor.”