eugene noble

cosmo7710  asked:

I sincerely hope we get an Episode where Eugene's Parents show up and tell him what really happend. We don't have any real proof that Eugene is an orphan. He very well could have been abandoned. What's your thoughts on this?

I’m one of those people who runs with the fan theory behind the meaning of names. Eugene’s name means, “Noble Son of Herbert,” which has given rise to the idea that his father was nobility and his mother a peasant, that Eugene was born out of wedlock, and it was just his mom who died, while his father is still out there somewhere, and that Eugene is the illegitimate son of a nobleman.

While I’m not saying I think this is definitely the case, it’s my favorite theory. And while it might be nice to have his parents show up, I’m also not the sort of person who feels like everything needs to be tied up in a neat little bow all the time. I think we’re more likely to find out who Cassandra’s parents are than Eugene’s. Or perhaps we’ll see a flashback, so that we the audience knows, but Eugene never does.