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I saw your comment about pro israeli or neutral... Tell me one thing though, I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, do you know that Hamas fires rockets each month, even during ceasefires, at Israeli and Palestinian civilians? Now I'm not condoning the killing of children, or anyone for that matter, but do you really think that it is ok for Hamas to target civilians each and every time they fire their rockets into Israel?

you definitely are trying to start a fight.

israeli deaths from hamas rockets during the entire history of the conflict, as of 2012: 26 individuals [citation, Modoweiss]

palestinian casualties in the past ten days: 291 individuals, most of them civilians [citation, Reuters]. update from today, 7/19/14: 342 [citation, SF Gate]

hamas rockets, which are usually one of the several “qassam” models, are crude projectiles assembled by hand in backyards and garages, aren’t very accurate (although newer models, post-2006, are a little moreso) and while they are capable of killing people (at a success rate of <0.217% [citation: Mondoweiss]), they are in no way comparable to israel and the IDF, which are fed an IV drip of cash and armament from the United States military industrial complex, at a much-touted rate of around 8 million us dollars per day [citation, PolitiFact, skeptical/fact-checking website—considers this an “accurate estimate”].

firing trash rockets indiscriminately into Israel is definitely a shitty thing to do. it is also not the apocalyptic threat that israel and pro-israel propaganda (most of it headed by evangelical christians in the USA, who have a vested interest in getting Israel squared away so the Rapture can happen. i’m not making this up, although, hilariously, israel’s behavior is starting to alienate even these die-hards) say it is.

reminder also that the IDF is blithely targeting fleeing children for missile strikes and then justifying it by calling them “human shields”. in front of dozens of international journalists [link contains multiple citations as well as descriptions of child death, warning]. some of the more militant cells in Palestine also claim to target civilians, so any claim of moral superiority by Israel is demonstrably ridiculous. what were these kids “shielding”, exactly? who knows man

the majority of Palestinian civilians polled in 2013 did not agree with attacking Israel. most in the same poll supported “nonviolent resistance”.

the majority of Israelis polled in 2014 support a two-state solution, but “almost a quarter are happy to sanction a binational state in which the Palestinians lack full rights.”

israel is so far up its own ass at this point that far-right Israeli protesters in Tel-Aviv are showing up in white supremacist/nazi t-shirts with stars of david replacing the iron cross motifs [Haaretz]. this particular gang of winners beat up some peace demonstrators, sending one guy to the hospital, before calling it a night.

that’s not even getting into the Israeli eugenics programs [Forbes]. or the fact that Israel adheres to the legal, technical definition of an apartheid state [LA Times]. but then, so does the United States (Jim Crow, First Nations genocide, and lol if you think this stuff is “over”)

lmao “self defense”